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Taking Stock[edit]

Author: Ghostwheel (talk)
Date Created: November 24, 2009
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Taking Stock[edit]

On the battlefield, you always see people look around for a moment, take stock of the situation, and continue on slightly better than before. The creatures have time to get a better view of the battlefield, build up their aggression, or pinpoint a fatal flaw in an opponent's defense. Some examples might be a barbarian beating a shield to pump themselves up, a wizard gathering arcane energy around themselves, or a rogue psyching themselves up while observing just where to stab someone.


Taking Stock is a standard action. The user immediately gains one of the following benefits (which last until the end of their next round, unless otherwise noted), including in-game examples that may flavor your action:

  • Add +1 to the DC of spells cast or abilities used.
A wizard gathering arcane energy.
A cleric whispering a plea to their god.
A Druid touching the earth and feeling its pain.
A Warlock screeching the name of their unholy patron.
  • Gain a number of temporary HP equal to your HD. The use of this ability lasts for three rounds and doesn't stack with temporary HP from any other source or with itself.
A Barbarian cheering at an enemy's defeat.
A paladin sobered and determined not to let any more of his allies fall.
A Cleric rejuvenated after smiting a heretic into the dirt.
  • Gain +2 to damage on all attacks. This amount increases by another two at levels 5, 9, 13, and 17.
A Barbarian beating their chest or weapons.
A Ranger howling in fury at his favored enemies.
A Rogue reveling in bloodshed and eager to spill more.
  • Gain +1 to attack on all attack rolls.
A ranger carefully aiming at the goblin who is busy cheering over killing the ranger's companion.
A Wizard continuing his barrage of fiery bolts with glee every time an orc is reduced to ash.
  • Gain +1 Dodge bonus to AC.
A wizard redoubling his efforts not to get hit by a giant's club after his ally is smashed by it.
A Fighter throwing up his shield to block a barrage of arrows that just took his friend.
  • If there is an unwanted effect upon you whose duration is measured in rounds, immediately make another saving throw against the effect to remove it if it originally granted a save.
Shaking your head to clear the fog of confusion.
Gritting your teeth against the effects of the slow spell.
Ripping free from the entanglement.

Special: You may only use this ability once; further use (recharging it) requires either a short rest of one minute, or the death of an enemy or ally.

Note: If you are using the Healing Surges variant, you may use a healing surge when taking stock as per the limitations in the linked variant rule; this is known as using your Second Wind.

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