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War Captain's Companion
System: Dungeons and Dragons 2e 
Abbreviation: — 
Author: Dale "Slade" Henson 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 1072 
Publication Date: 1992 
Format: Boxed set 
ISBN-10: 1-56076-343-4
Product Blurb

The worlds of fantasy space are legion. Not all are friendly. The spider-like Neogi slavers, the cold and calculating Mind Flayers, the savage Scro, and others all build great ships of war to catch the magical currents of space. Now YOU can face the perils of deadly combat in the depths of the void. This game accessory gives you the chance to storm enemy ships or brave a barrage of wizard spells that could tear your ship apart. This latest boxed set, the War Captain's Companion (sequel to the earlier SPELLJAMMER boxed set, Adventures in Space) contains the following:

Ship-to-Ship game: Tactical ship rules and two 22" x 31" mapsheets with an extra-large hex grid.

Three complete books: Over 190 pages of vital information designed to expand your SPELLJAMMER campaign setting.

Additional game cards: 6 full-sized 8½" x 11" cards: player aid cards, game markers, and three new color ship cards.

Colorful playing pieces: 6 sheets of full-color 3-D ship pieces, over 30 ships in all.

War Captain's Guide 96 pages

  • New role-playing rules, including new character skills and magical items.
  • New section allows creative players to design their own ships.
  • War fleet and shipyard bases for our major campaign worlds!

Ship Recognition Manual 64 pages

  • Updated and expanded information on all existing ship types.
  • Each ship in this book is accompanied by a detailed line illustration.
  • Introduces over a dozen ship types for the first time anywhere!

Combat Among the Stars 32 pages

  • Easy-to-learn ship-to-ship rules that will give hours of enjoyment.
  • Includes ramming, boarding actions, magic use, and much more.
  • Optional rules feature 3-D movement and advanced weapons and equipment!
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War Captain's Companion is a boxed set for the Spelljammer Campaign Setting.

War Captain's Guide[edit]

War Captain's Guide is the name of the first book in the War Captain's Companion boxed set.

It provides additional role-playing rules for player characters who own their own ships, gives information about ship-building companies and provides details about some of the larger fleets of ships found in arcane space.[1]


Ship Recognition Manual[edit]

Ship Recognition Manual is the name of the second book in the War Captain's Companion boxed set.


Combat Among the Stars[edit]

Combat Among the Stars is the name of the third book in the War Captain's Companion boxed set.





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ISBN1-56076-343-4 +
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Publication Date1992 +
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