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Unofficial DRAFT: Like a rough gemstone, this waits to be polished. Hell, I had to retrieve it Out of the Abyss itself (also from where it original lived: The major ideas are "stubbed" out, though, and the game mechanics are based on solid theory from the soul itself, even if untested in gameplay. --Cedric the Bard

Warning: The subject matter in a few of the articles is controversial to some (hint: the kind of people that think the D&D campaign of "Tall Tales of the Wee Falk" is also a racist program). That is why it is on a wiki: people can edit the articles and add their opinion to the discussion pages, so that everyone benefits. A lot of it is new material for a possible merger of AD&D and D&D as it was made within the soul itself. Make no mistake, however -- the material combined with the expansive experience of existing D&D is quite possibly perfect. --Mark

Since there has been a disagreement in the soul, I, MARCOS, am stepping in to intervene. I am the circle that united the characters below to create a quad-class player in the universe-at-large. I do not consent to any removal from User pages. These are potentially important items for understanding deep soul mechanics and arcana that will help players perfect themselves across a broader range of potential races. PLEASE STOP harassing users, using admin rights to censor and smear other users, and violating wiki culture.

Hello. I am Xavier Askaban (formerly Xavier Istvalen). I am a LVL25 Dragonborn. I write this from the future on behalf of the user noted above who emerged out of the Abyss as a Neutral-Good grey wizard of the plains. I come to thee, not from adventuring in D&D, but from the adventures I've taken in the outer lands (what you call the "real world"), where I (nay, I) reached a LVL100 pinnacle -- enough to perfect several LVL50 campaigns into complete game-playing satisfaction.
Some of you may know me as Nicholas (or Nicolas as some spell it) Flamel. Do to various circumstances which revolve around the journey of the Abyss (hence my name meaning "flame"), I am immortal. It is Cedric who collects all these codes of the soul which suggest new mechanics are available to make your game simulation more complete and realistic.

I have several well-intentioned, re-design suggestions for the wiki which makes me a bit chaotic-good here. Truth be told, this materal is coming from work over at the where you can find TONS of material if you look for it to make a complete and play-testable package. It is NOT official D&D game material AND SHOULD IN NO WAY BE INTERPRETED AS SUCH (although it MIGHT be useable AD&D material, Muhahaha!), merely homebrew as of yet. It is offered under the Creative Commons license (of this site): Attribution, Share-Alike, non-Commercial, yet for any commercial use of significant material (I'll trust the WotC judgement), please contact me. I can be reached at dreamingforward<at>gmail[dot]com (replace angle-bracketed material with an at sign and square-bracketed material with a period).

The purpose of these materials is to form a basis for an extra-curricular alternative to athletics in high-schools and college. Regional play can compete for rare items and other scores. Magic, the gathering, cards can be re-made into tradable cards. Teachers can create campaigns, etc. And, just like sport-teams, each team can have a name for their group, "The Inquisitors" or "the Defenders", "Spinning Arms of Chthulhu", etc.

Drizz't, now a shard of the high-level octo-class that the Christians called "god" and I called Marcos, but semi-resurrected, and telling you "how to do it" from the AD&D master. The outcome of that death led to the discovery of the eight stats to make the ultimate version of RPGs, like D&D (at least until we can create a larger magical world) and is codified below in the new [8] class system, corresponding to the 8 stats. The other two abilities were missed previously, because they came from the gods/goddesses: PER (relating to the eye) and ASM (relating to the reproductive organs). This fixes issues with rangers, makes it easier for fey characters who don't care so much on the normal stats, opens up epic classes for women, druids, and alchemists (if you really knew how to build one anyway). Grok it and be enlightened.

Some philosophical differences I have with existing canon of D&D and mechanics motivating a merger of AD&D and D&D to create Ultimate D&D.

  • XP is the real measure of wisdom, not the WIS attribute (which should be changed to PTY -- the PCs dedication to higher ideals and/or gods (every race but elves)). A non-cleric player, for example, with a WIS score of 18, but with no eXPerience is hardly wise.
  • Mana is an important companion to HP and gives you better service than spell-slots.
  • There are 8 possible attributes that make up an individual: at any given time, only four are dominant at most (quad class), and the remaining four others, subordinate traits. Classes should start from a strong foundation: these 8 stats.

CAREFUL: The material here, despite the headings of "DM' or "Player" Material are not cross-checked and may reveal too much. Players should try not to spoil the fun and collapse their chance to live out the epic adventurer`s life, even if vicariously.


Be aware that there is MAJOR articles that have not yet been transferred from!


  • Neophyte: [1,2) --> Getting people to get to their first level advancement
  • Underling: [2,5) --> Next milestone: getting people familiar with the character.
  • Paragon: [5,15) --> Then, becoming comfortable in the game, coming of age.
  • Hero: [15,35) --> Now, entering the game as a bona fide member of the realms.
  • Legendary: [35,50). --> Legendary deeds make changes in the realms.
  • Epic: [50,100). --> No one can touch you.
  • Deific and Dragon: [100+. --> The sky's no limit.

Game Play[edit]

Section for game mechanics. A game mechanic is a recipe for calculating the outcome of a game event. It could be the eating of an herb, swinging a weapon, talking to a guard.


Section for playing, rather than calculating.



For most situations, the MM is good enough. But there are some new, interesting game mechanics adopted and integrated here...

Player Material[edit]

Player-specific homeworks.



Classes, prestige equipment, movie list:[edit]

Main ability score must be above 10 to qualify:


Other Stats:[edit]



Dungeon Master Material[edit]

special equipment[edit]


Play can be broken-down into 4 major areas + 1 meta area:

  • Player abilities: PHB
    • Your character for life.
    • Intro to races
      • <list of races>
    • Intro to classes
      • <list of classes>
    • <Class listing>
    • Playing the game, playing your character
      • role-play, making your class epic
      • encountering others
      • discovering and dungeoneering
      • dealing with magic
  • Land and interactions: various campaigns
  • Deities and demi-gods + interactions: User:Cedric/DaD
    • So you want to be a god.
    • Abilities of gods
    • Statistics of gods
    • Current gods with whom you'll be competing
  • Other NPCs: MM
  • Managing it all: DMG
    • Building a universe--landscapes, food, animals
    • Creating adventures
    • Populating your universe--equipment, people, NPCs
    • Managing player-characters