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Monster Statistics by CR
CR Hit Points Armor Class High Attack Low Attack High Average Damage Low Average Damage Primary Ability DC Secondary Ability DC Good Save Poor Save
1/2 10 11 1 0 4 3 11 8 3 0
1 15 12 2 1 7 5 12 9 4 1
2 20 14 4 3 10 7 13 9 5 1
3 30 15 6 4 13 9 14 10 6 2
4 40 17 8 6 16 12 15 10 7 3
5 55 18 10 7 20 15 15 11 8 4
6 70 19 12 8 25 18 16 11 9 5
7 85 20 13 10 30 22 17 12 10 6
8 100 21 15 11 35 26 18 12 11 7
9 115 23 17 12 40 30 19 13 12 8
10 130 24 18 13 45 33 20 13 13 9
11 145 25 19 14 50 37 21 14 14 10
12 160 27 21 15 55 41 22 15 15 11
13 180 28 22 16 60 45 22 15 16 12
14 200 29 23 17 65 48 23 16 17 12
15 220 30 24 18 70 52 24 16 18 13
16 240 31 26 19 80 60 25 17 19 14
17 270 32 27 20 90 67 26 18 20 15
18 300 33 28 21 100 75 27 18 20 16
19 330 34 29 22 110 82 28 19 21 16
20 370 36 30 23 120 90 29 20 22 17
21 400 37 31 24 130 98 31 20 23 18
22 440 39 32 25 140 105 32 21 23 18
23 480 40 33 26 150 113 33 22 24 19
24 520 42 35 27 165 124 34 22 25 20
25 560 43 36 28 180 135 35 23 26 21
26 610 44 37 29 195 146 36 24 26 21
27 670 45 38 30 210 157 37 24 27 22
28 720 46 39 31 225 168 38 25 28 23
29 870 49 40 32 240 181 39 26 29 24
30 920 51 41 33 255 194 40 26 30 24
31 980 52 42 34 270 207 41 27 31 25
32 1040 53 44 35 295 220 42 28 32 26
33 1100 54 45 36 315 233 43 28 33 27
34 1160 55 46 37 335 246 44 29 34 27
35 1220 57 47 38 355 261 45 30 35 28
36 1290 58 48 39 375 266 46 30 36 29
37 1360 59 49 40 395 271 47 31 37 30
38 1430 60 50 41 415 276 48 32 38 31
39 1500 61 51 42 435 281 49 32 39 32
40 1570 63 53 43 455 286 50 33 40 33

Need to rebuild the ENTIRE Epic Monster selection. High level monsters (Balors, Pit Fiends, etc) are the new Goblins, Kobolds, and Bugbears. You fight tons of them and actively reshape major things such as the Blood War, becoming equal to an entire army of mooks.

Estimatated requests for 10 CR21s, 9 CR22s, 9 CR23s, 9 CR24s, 8 CR25s, 8 CR26s, 8 CR27s, 7 CR28s, 7 CR29s, 7 CR30s, 6 CR31s, 6 CR32s, 6 CR33s, 5 CR34s, 5 CR35s, 5 CR36s, 4 CR37s, 4 CR38s, 4 CR39s, 3 CR40s, 3 CR41s, 3 CR42s, 2 CR43s, 2 CR44s, 2 CR45s.

20-Behemoth Eagle, Behemoth Gorilla
21-Divine Wolf^, Divine Horse^, Divine Shark^, Hulk types^, Doomspeaker^, Toxic Waste Monster^, Pseudonatural Troll, Mu Spore, Mithral Golem*, Chichimec, 1st sign of Quasi-Dieties/Abominations
22-Aberration World Fey^, Nephwracks the Bodaks of Divine Sparks^, Living Bulletstorm Cannon^, Dhole^, Thorciasid, Ha-Naga, Anaxim, Sound of Silence Abomination^
23-Sentient Disease^, Ancient Baatorians^, Jabberwocky^, Comet Dyrad^, Winterwight, Ruin Swarm, Lavawight, Adamantine Golem*, Brachyurus
24-X-77 Wyvern Flying Golem^, Demilich, Quirk*, Vemiurge, Sarap*, Sirrush, Tayella, Stone Colossus, Manifestation of Natural Disasters^, 1st sign of Demigods
25-Elder Trent, Hunefer, Hoary Hunter and Steed, Uranium Golem*, Lesser Neutronium Golem*, Gloom, Phane, True Tarrasque
26-Truths True Angel^, Hecatonoculus (Beholder)^, Shadow Of The Void, Shape Of Fire, Neh-Thalggu (Brain Collector), Infernal, Worm That Walks, That Which Eats Everything^
27-Cthulhu^, Katamari Ooze^, Dr. Who Angels^, Godforged^, God Maggots eat God Corpses^, Aboleth Overmind^, Uvuudaum, Gibbering Orb
28-Swords True Angel^, The Unshaped Fey^, Excellithid (Illithid)^, Prismasaurus, leShay, Three-Headed Sirrush, Flesh Colossus
29-Erythreon the Vampire Blood God/Ultimate^, Evolution Fey^, Shub-Niggurath^, 2D Animated Sword^, Grails True Angel^, Lesser Godslayer Tyranid^, Hagunemnon (Protean), 1st sign of Lesser Deities
30-Singing LCL Ooze^, FF's Warmachine^, Fleshing Experimenters from the "Outside"^, Death Reaper^, Elder Titan, Genius Loci, Atropal
31-Strangelet Ooze^, Planar Tapeworm^, 1D Cosmic String^, Wraths True Angel^, Hands True Angel^, Dream Larva
32-Negalich the Bodiless Lich^, Weapons of Fire/Water/Air/Earth^, Umbral Blot (Blackball)
33-0D Point of Fire-Starting/Gravity Crushing of Animal Int, Rust Monster for Matter^, Weapons of Life/Death^, Living Vault, Iron Colossus
34-Spirit of a Death World Fey^, Missing No.^, Glories True Angel^, Godslayer Tyranid^, Phaethon
35-Mysteries True Angel^, Four Horsemen War/Pestilence/Famine/Death^
36-All Primal Elementals, Xixecal, 1st sign of Intermediate Dieties
37-Cogent the World Flayer Elder Brain^, Slaadi Lords, Inevitable Lords, Throne True Angel^
38-King of Fire/Water/Air/Earth^
39-Greater Godslayer Tyranid^, King of Life/Death^, Devastation Spider
40-Starchild^, Semilir the Volcano Turtle/Lavos Mini^, Devastation Centipede
41-Cosmic Servitors/Elementals^, Crown True Angel^, Devastation Scorpion
42-Fateweavers who force fate on track^, Universal Macrobe/Galactus^, Devastation Beetle
43-Stareater^, Yog-Sothoth^
44-Neverborn aka Primordial^, Hecatoncheires
45-The Uber Tarrasque Thing^, 1st sign of Greater Dieties

Dragons-Force Dragon, Prismatic Dragon, Olympus Dragons, Lethus Dragons

Templates-True Legendary +20, Demilich, Quasi-Diety, Demigod, Lesser Diety, Intermediate Diety, Greater Diety, Overdiety, Perfected (law), Proteus (chaos), Exalted (good), Vileborn (evil), Worm That Walks, N-Dimensional

Subtypes-Avatar (nature), Abomination, Epic, Diety, Cosmic

Monsters will mostly follow MLET, but I'll relax it a bit for epic, up to 150%.

Introduce the d20, d30, d50, and d100 HDs. These are mainly for monsters. Also make the Extraordinary Health a glossary term as many will need max hp.

PC Alterations[edit]

Minimum saving throw is 1/2 your level, so at 21st you have a +10. Your base save is unchanged and you can't count for feats without the save to back it up. With this you have a roughly 50% success rate on low DCs and a 5% success on high DCs. Though some may be encouraged to "forget your Will save, I'm covered" or the like, it's a bad idea as any compitent caster will own you, and the minimum merely saves you from being destroyed by poor DCs. Sometimes.

BAB is gained as normal, number of attacks are capped at four regardless.

Saves are as normal. As above, you have a minimum save regardless how low your saving throws go.

Pseudo-divine ranks are gained, actual divine ranks are based on the divine templates. In terms of rank vs rank power, 1 real divine rank = 4 fake divine ranks and you start with 1, so level 40 characters have 6 ranks, aka they are Lesser Gods. Its possible through items, artifacts, feats, and the like, to gain a higher rank, which may work in play when having god vs god battles and activating or using certain items.

Class Alterations[edit]

Epic classes are completely rejiggered and BAB and saves are applied.

Spellcasters automatically gain Improved Spell Capacity. Initiators automatically gain Dynamic Potential. Fighters and mundanes get, well, see below.

EITHER: You gain a bonus based on the number of mundane levels + spellcasting levels + initiating levels... OR: The epic levels of base classes gain bonuses appropriate for rebalancing. Wizards get Improved Spell Capacity, ya. Fighters get +20 to deathkill checks, laser eyes, nuclear breath, and quantum distortion armor. The fighters get rewarded for slogging through it all, and in the end, it should end up rogue universally, ideally.

Item Alterations[edit]

The x10 cost is removed. Epic items are instead only able to be used by epic creatures or a sufficient divine rank, or a really high UMD to employ pre-epic. Realistically speaking the only pre-epic use of epic items you can afford will be in stupidly high UMD checks. And I may remove that aspect, making it impossible pre-epic. This restriction is not applied for artifacts, which are DM Fiat anyway.

Probably going to be repricing or replacing a lot of things in general.


21-25: Oh no, goblins balors have stolen the caravan phantom train full of gold petitioners, and the mayor seraphims have called in adventurers to go recover it and stop the evil.

26-30: The princess of the kingdom Goddess of Plot Devices has been kidnapped by the evil dragon Demogorgon. Go save her and save the kingdom upper plane.

31-35: You've uncovered a plot to summon the World of Nightmares into the world the multiverse, which will surely end with disaster. Stop them while figuring out who the spy is in the ranks of the kingdom Gods. In the end you have to kill a balor Asmodeus.

36-40: Godzilla appears H'lysh't the Ender of Worlds appears and is consuming everything. Save the world multiverse or everyone will die.

Fluff and Other[edit]

Becoming epic is a process, much like going super saiyan. You don't merely level up, you earn it. Part of the earning is linking yourself up to something that gives you your epic. A god gives it to you. A plane. The will of the people. Sheer willpower. Etc. Part of this also introduces the Divine Pact, which basically states why gods don't go mucking around in human affairs like they used to. Mucking around gets you attention of Things-Bigger-Than-You, and there's always something bigger. Gods are, after all, the nukes of the world. This does not prevent them from living on the material, but adventures no longer really take place there.

On that note, related factions. The forces of heaven, the forces of hell, the forces of the abyss, the forces of chaos, the forces of order, nature itself, the concept of balance, the far realm forces, the elemental forces (split into 6 groups), the feywild forces (related to the forces of chaos, but... different), and the Universal forces of the Astral and Shadow.

The God-Material, an alternate plane of the material which gods jaunt around. The cities are often nothing compared to the things you find on the God Material. The "material" for epic games. Only gods and epics can access it, and can do so via gates or at higher levels naturally.

God levels are templates, much in the way of Immortals Handbook, but I rejigger it. Actual quasidiety will start off as LA 1 but only able to be taken by epic creatures, with epic based on ECL rather than HD to prevent cheesey use of high RHD creatures, as well as to be fair to those with LA. These "epic templates" might not even run off LA, maybe I'll do it by XP loss like necropoliton. The higher levels are probably expodential... demigod at LA 2, then LA 4, then LA 8, and so forth. Thinking more on the subject later.

Skill modification- DC 50 to UMD things for artifacts, like race.

Epic Spells[edit]

The fate of spells and epic spells to make...

Epic Spell Descriptions

  • Animus Blast- This is just Fell Animate Fireball. Revamp or remove.
  • Animus Blizzard- Same thing, but as an aura. Revamp or remove.
  • Contingent Resurrection- Make the restoration instant. Autolife is a fine epic spell.
  • Create Living Vault (Ritual)- Living vaults should be crafted as normal. Remove.
  • Crown Of Vermin- This was always an interesting if unbalanced effect. Revamp.
  • Damnation- The effect is nonepic but the idea is. Maybe if it was more like Familicide in its effect... Revamp.
  • Demise Unseen- Nonepic crunch, epic fluff. Make it a living being under control hosting a dead spirit so they can go "I'll show you my REAL form" and flip out and kill things. Also, make it stronger. Revamp.
  • Dire Winter- This needs to cause a global catastrophe, not Control Weather. Revamp.
  • Dragon Knight (Ritual)- Redundant with Dragon Strike. Remove.
  • Dragon Strike (Ritual)- Always thought the names were mixed up. Can be good, in the sense of summoning an ARMY of dragons. This is a ritual spell if any though. Revamp.
  • Dreamscape- This is psionic shadow walk. Why is this an epic spell? Remove.
  • Eclipse-Good fluff, bad crunch. I can do better. Revamp.
  • Eidolon-Ripe for abuse. Just use Simulacrum. Remove.
  • Enslave (Ritual)-This is just slow dominate. This should enslave the (weak) minds of nations. Revamp.
  • Epic Counterspell- Pitiful. This should make some auto-counterspelling ward. Revamp.
  • Epic Mage Armor- As much as I like numbers, we can do better than this, and casters don't need more AC. Remove.
  • Epic Repulsion- Name is unfitting, this should blast your opponents X distance away, and keep them there. My inspiration is Deus from Asura's Wrath giving Olga the Divine Backhand of God. Revamp.
  • Epic Spell Reflection- Not bad, needs polish. Revamp.
  • Eternal Freedom-Make nonpermenant and then apply to many more effects. Play up the unable to stop moving juggernaut thing. Revamp.
  • Greater Spell Resistance- You got to be kidding me. Remove.
  • Greater Ruin- Its just disintegrate. Remove.
  • Hellball- This isn't much of a "hell"ball, and not very interesting either. Remove.
  • Kinetic Control-Somehow this seems non-epic, but the idea of physical damage immunity is appealing. Still, probably more trouble to balance than its worth. Consider some sort of DR/resistance granting ability which only applies to things much weaker than you. Remove.
  • Let Go Of Me- Not a bad effect but needs more applications and flash bang beyond just damage. How about blowing the enemy away? Revamp.
  • Living Lightning-Living spells are cool, but this needs help. Revamp.
  • Lord Of Nightmares-Interesting but needs monsters completed first to see its viability. Pending.
  • Mass Frog- Epic casters are far beyond parlor tricks. How about cursing an entire race instead? I'll make that, and kill this. Remove.
  • Momento Mori- Just a SoD. Remove.
  • Mummy Dust- Not enough interesting fluff to maintain. Remove.
  • Nailed To The Sky- This was always awesome. Just needs some better revamping and expanding to all sorts of binding-esque opportunities. Revamp.
  • Origin Of Species: Achaierai- I need to redo the entire origin of species concept, but it will remain. Revamp.
  • Peripety- Good concept, bad execution. Revamp.
  • Pestilence- Another good concept, bad execution. Consider diseases worsening as the casting time continues, ala the approach of some elder evil. Revamp.
  • Rain Of Fire- Terrible. Well, the slow-damage-over-time can be done, but it needs to be done better than this. Turn into some wasteland-creating spell with more malificient effects. Revamp.
  • Raise Island- Terraforming is awesome. This spell is not awesome. I will make it awesome. Revamp.
  • Ruin-A bad disintegrate. Remove.
  • Safe Time-I prefer "character shunted, covered in smoke for 1 round before revealing he survived". Revamp.
  • Soul Dominion-ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL. Acceptable, just polish. Revamp.
  • Soul Scry-It's just Greater Scry. Remove.
  • Spell Worm-Seems to work better as a longer lasting curse with tweaked crunch. Revamp.
  • Summon Behemoth-No, though "Summon Specific X" including Summon Tarrasque should be considered. Remove.
  • Superb Dispelling- Really, Greater Dispel Magic should be uncapped instead, rendering this needless. Remove.
  • Time Duplicate-Too confusing. Remove.
  • Vengeful Gaze Of God-A really strong disintegrate, but still needs more, like a huge area or something of note. This is a orbital death ray after all. Revamp.
  • Verdigris-As a city destroyer, it's ok, but seems more like Druid 9. Revamp or remove.
  • Verdigris Tsunami-As before, but more. Still needs something beyond damage. Keep only this or the former. Revamp or remove.

In addition I'm making my own which include...

  • Mass Interplanetary Travel Options
  • Minor Time Travel, largely for purposes of plot device.
  • Planet Movement. Always knew World Dominators were overpowered bullshit.
  • Summon Elder Evil. For the suicidal.
  • Fatal Supersaiyan. Gain superpowers, die and die for good.
  • Familicide.
  • Always Reincarnate and be impossible to bind for good. You're like Ganon now.
  • Alter Reality, a sort of Mass Wish. Restricted to mostly fluff purposes, as the focus is on wide effect.
  • Animate Land into Genius Loci type thing.
  • Cut the planet in half. For really high level.
  • Cut canyons into the earth. For less high level.
  • Major but more general terraforming. Turn Mars into a garden.
  • Save crystal. Pull off a saved game state. Pricy to keep doing over and over.
  • Summon Specific X, like the Tarrasque.
  • Cursing entire races. Because Mass Frog blows my balls.
  • Crash two planes together, generate mal'X effect.
  • Make a black hole.
  • Make a nuke for a huge explosion (Megaton).
  • Make antimatter for a huger explosion.
  • Destroy a planetary object with a Death Star laser.
  • Voltron Fusion.
  • Infinite Bear Cannon. Just.... infinite bear cannon.

Salient Abilities[edit]

The god archetypes I wish to cover are: Aberrant, Air, Animal, Artifice, Chaos, Charm/Beauty, Civilization/Government, Creation, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Dragon, Earth, Evil, Fire, Freedom, Good, Health/Healing, Knowledge, Law, Life, Light, Luck, Madness, Magic, Moon, Mountains, Ocean, Ooze, Pestilence, Plant, Protection, Psionics, Racial, Secrets, Space, Speed, Strength/Fitness, Sun, Time, Travel, Trickery/Lies, Tyranny, Undeath, Underdark/Caves, Vermin, War, Water, Weather

  • Alter Form- Ignore Alter Size, make it into a mini-wildshape of sorts and synergize with actual wildshape if you have it.
  • Alter Reality- Limit to stupid high level (greater deities), limit to divine realm with a much lesser version for outside. Really, if you want Wish at will, pick up a domain with Wish or Miracle and suck up the xp cost, cause I ain't giving it free.
  • Alter Size- Break into two feats, one for typical tactical size changing, and one for impressive size changes that actually transform you into mobile terrain (a subject for another day) and can pull off some impressive looking but not actually all that powerful stuff. The second feat will have to wait until I flesh out fighting terrains better.
  • Annihilating Strike- Limit to auto-destroying only weak things. Tough things instead get a disintegration effect on death. This is a mook-clearer, and is super-effective on mobs.
  • Arcane Mastery-Acceptable. Needs some tweaking, but "all spells are in your (nonexistant) spellbook" just puts you up to what clerics already had. Needs something for sorcerers though. Perhaps the power to switch out your spells each day, ala Spirit Shaman.
  • Automatic Metamagic-This may be redundant with the Automatic Metamagic feats, so I'm inclined to remove them.
  • Avatar-Redundant now. Remove.
  • Banestrike- Good idea, poor execution. Figure out some sort of epic favored enemy thing going on. Apply it to everything, attacks and spells.
  • Battlesense- This actually seems worth it with no changes needed.
  • Call Creatures-Good idea, bad execution, needs details. Probably act like Summon from a list of beings no more than your CR -5 or something.
  • Clearsight- Weaker than true seeing. At this level, it should GIVE constant true seeing.
  • Command Plants- Weak. The idea of making it several powers in one works, sort of like several domain abilities that are plant-themed. 3 feels right.
  • Control Creatures- And then too strong. ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL has its purpose, but it needs to be curtailed to prevent abuse.
  • Craft Artifact- Redundant. Instead, this is some kind of "Greater Crafting" catch-all ability which allows crafting of anything (with bonuses if you have the feat) and crafting greater amounts of minor/major artifacts, and/or crafting them early.
  • Create Object- Major Creation at will and quickly needs to be bug tested for combat abuse, but the concept is sound.
  • Create Greater Object- Change to make it able to make low-level non-consumable magic items (non-unique/custom). Balance carefully.
  • Divine Air Mastery- This is pretty good, but consider a bonus of half Divine Rank.
  • Divine Archery- Not bad.
  • Divine Armor Mastery- Change to make it where it's like you're wearing no armor, so armored monks are go. Also, your armor auto-magic vestments.
  • Divine Bard- This is... good. Like, really good. Like, several epic feats good. I am thinking I need to break it up, but I kind of don't want to. I need thoughts on this, readers. Comments?
  • Divine Battle Mastery-Choked with pre-reqs, and the effects are done by feats. Revamp somehow.
  • Divine Blast- The classic god-smite. Good, but needs something than d12s. Straight 10s or 5s? 2d6? Figure it out. In essence this is a warlock blast.
  • Divine Blessing- This is dumb. Turning it into Super Animal's Affinity at will can work, but really, at this point everyone will have items of X on anyway. Unsure what to do with it. Maybe "creature has minimum score equal to half your own, aka Cha 40 for you means the blessed mook has cha 20 base if its not higher?"
  • Divine Celerity-Whenever hasted, benefits are doubled and the duration is doubled.
  • Divine Creation-Very high level, combining Minor Creation, Major Creation, Summons without the summon-part, and slow-creation of creatures. The latter can't create unique beings.
  • Divine Dodge-Perfect Dodge for the whole round, but can't spam it, 1d4 cooldown.
  • Divine Druid-Change wildshape ala Shapechange once per round as a swift action.
  • Divine Earth Mastery-Level appropriate buffs (fast healing, DR, etc) but only when on the ground.
  • Divine Fast Healing-Fast Healing, add your divine rank. Stacks, multiple.
  • Divine Fire Mastery-Level appropriate buffs (fast healing, DR, etc) but only when using fire.
  • Divine Glibness-Not sure what to turn this into.
  • Divine Inspiration-Set to go off your Divine Aura, limited to one creature per level at a time.
  • Divine Monk-Unarmed/monk weapon pounce, lossless flurry, non-enhancement speed, damage up a size, foresight.
  • Divine Paladin-Constant smite, aura of good bolsters allies and inhibits evil.
  • Divine Radiance-Ok, but attack becomes Scorching Ray (Light) at will.
  • Divine Rage-Rage up one step and a host of immunities and resistances. Namely, Iron Heart Surge each round.
  • Divine Ranger-SoDs against baned type and ultra detect vs banes. Defenses vs banes as well.
  • Divine Recall-Always roll 20s on knowledge checks. He can know things that would be otherwise impossible to know (such as a persons childhood memories, or something that has happened but hasn't been introduced yet, like the events occurring in another, disconnected universe). Also see Know Secrets.
  • Divine Rogue-Detect Valuables at will. Vs attacks, saves, traps, etc always get a Reflex save to avoid utterly (even if it is another saving throw). DC equal to the damage, to the save, or whatever.
  • Divine Shield-Sulacu's shield effect, for deities.
  • Divine Skill Focus-Always roll 20s on the skill. Can do the skill as a free action.
  • Divine Sneak Attack-SA anyone with a smaller divine rank than them (no rank is -1). Bypass immunity for half. Add DR to SA damage.
  • Divine Spell Focus-+2 DC and mettle/evasion doesn't work on focused spells. Add DR to bypass SR.
  • Divine Spellcasting-Removed.
  • Divine Storm-Make it alignment focused, and give it an action cost, but otherwise an ok idea. It is a Storm of Goodness, Evilness, Law, or Chaos.
  • Divine Water Mastery-Level appropriate buffs (fast healing, DR, etc) but only when in water.
  • Divine Weapon Focus-Take 10 on rolls with the weapon focus'd weapon.
  • Divine Weapon Mastery-Redundant, removed.
  • Divine Weapon Specialization-Divine rank to damage +4.
  • Energy Burst-Instant burst effect based on HD.
  • Energy Storm-Divine Storm, but with energy.
  • Extra Domain-Removed, its irrelevant now.
  • Extra Energy Immunity-Just immunity to one element.
  • Extra Sense Enhancement-Pretty much ok. Adjust the numbers.
  • Footsore-Ok, but can it be worded better?
  • Free Move-Make it as the Travel Domain power. If you have it already, it becomes at will.
  • Frightful Presence-Ok. Name is misleading though.
  • Gift Of Life-Needs a limit on use, but otherwise good.
  • Grow Creature-Silly. Should be an SLA, up to 3+DR creatures a day. Duration is fine.
  • Hand Of Death-Ok, but like Gift of Life needs a limit.
  • Increased Damage Reduction-Just fine.
  • Increased Energy Resistance-Maybe if it applied to everything, but frankly it's growth is too slow. Not sure how to fix yet.
  • Increased Spell Resistance-Removed. Already covered by redone epic feats. As is, broken.
  • Indomitable Strength-Roll 20s on Str checks 3+DR/day.
  • Instant Counterspell-Turn it into an AoO out to divine aura it has LoS to. Otherwise free.
  • Instant Move-Misleading name but fine. Could be the entire move action.
  • Irresistible Blows-This can be done better. Perhaps something to the effect of multiple attacks leave one staggering (thematically, not the condition) resulting in a penalty to subsequent attacks?
  • Irresistible Performance-Not bad, needs polish.
  • Know Death-Remove. This is impossible to achieve in D&D. At the very best all you could tell is the natural lifespan remaining, maybe constant deathwatch, and/or knowing when a being has died that you've marked, and how. That might, MIGHT justify its existance, but it's rather weak.
  • Know Secrets-Currently overlaps with Divine Recall. Perhaps let this one have its effect as it, and Recall would have knowledge of things going on right at this moment?
  • Lay Curse-Just make it bestow curse at will and not touch, and also permit the concept of a dying curse.
  • Lay Quest-Following the spell-granting again, this time for geas, etc etc.
  • Life And Death-Remove. Too strong and adds nothing new.
  • Life Drain-Rejigger its power or raise in level, but the idea is roughly good. Needs polish.
  • Mass Divine Blast-Fix Divine Blast and you fix this.
  • Mass Life And Death-Removed for the same reason as Life and Death. Use Miracles or something instead.
  • Master Crafter-Change to deal with artifact creation, as well as easier creation of lesser objects.
  • Mind Of The Beast-Interesting. Place limits, and we're good.
  • Possess Mortal-Magic Jar unlimited is a high level benefit indeed, and I'll put a harsh cap on what can be possessed (no more CR than DR? Or even HD?) Limit it and slap it on high level gods.
  • Power Of Luck-Gain a luck pool equal to DR, to be used on d20 rolls (max 5 per use). Refreshes per encounter? Effectively, 1-4 times a minute you gain a +1 to +5 bonus on something.
  • Power Of Nature-A fine idea but needs to be done slower. Probably a passive power achievable in the minutes stretch of time. Due to the strength, probably will be high level.
  • Power Of Truth-See below via a vis spell-ness stuff.
  • Rejuvenation-Makes the current rejuvenation offered by the deity better than it currently is.
  • See Magic-See below via a vis spell-ness stuff.
  • Shapechange-This or Shift Form, they're almost the same thing. Keep one, remove the other. Modified wildshape into something of a CR equal to your DR? Your DR +10? I dunno, I'll think of something.
  • Shift Form-This or Shapechange, they're almost the same thing. Keep one, remove the other. Modified wildshape into something of a CR equal to your DR? Your DR +10? I dunno, I'll think of something.
  • Speak With Creatures-Turn into omni-tongues, allowing you to speak to anything, plus one thing without a language (animals, plants, or rocks).
  • Spontaneous Wizard Spells-Rather unclear what this is supposed to do. Remove?
  • Stride-Double the speed, not subject to D&D doubling. At a certain point, becomes Luminal, then Superluminal.
  • Sunder And Disjoin-NO! ITEMS!! EVER!!! I suppose if I made it pathfinder disjunction combined with some kind of break effect, yeah, this can work. Will need serious polish though.
  • Supreme Initiative-Act First, with the one bonus of divine rank wins. Though, surely something more interesting could be had.
  • True Knowledge-Redundant now with earlier knowledge powers.
  • True Shapechange-Redundant with Shift Form.
  • Undead Mastery-Add DR to effective cleric turning/rebuking level.
  • Undead Qualities-Redundant, since gods can be undead now.
  • Wave Of Chaos-Needs a better name, but see below via a vis effects.
  • Wound Enemy-Bleed damage equal to DR + something maybe?

When it comes to the granting of spells, consider (demi) the first 3 levels at will ok, and higher levels limited to 3/day to 6th and 1/day to 9th. As the god rises in rank (lesser) this changes to first 3 levels constant, next three at will, and last three 3/day. (Intermediate) has constant-constant-will and (greater) has all constants.