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I am Eiji the Plushie, Eiji the Destructor. I am the bringer of new ideas, and the destroyer with divine flame.

The flames are rising.

The Rest of It[edit]

Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: Unknown
Status: Evolving
Editing: None
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  • "Is it really considered murder if it's also a war crime?" - Ganteka
  • "Music can make a man do terrible things Eiji. Russian death metal could easily turn a man LG." - Tarkisflux
  • "I realized I have a party to go to tomorrow, which I did remember, but then it hit me "OH WAIT WE'RE DRESSING FANCY LIKE GROWN-UPS" and even my snazziest tshirt and classiest cargo shorts were not going to cut it. I did the mad dash to Goodwill, and they were all "we're closing" and I'm all GIVE ME A SUIT JACKET AND SOME PANTS and they're like sir please put down that burning baby and I was all LET ME SHOP OR ALL YOUR BABIES ARE NEXT and they're all like we're calling the police and I'm all WHERE DO YOU THINK I GOT THIS BABY THAT I SET ON FIRE and they're all why would the police have baby and I was all TOO MANY QUESTIONS but by that point I had a jacket and vest and pants that kind of fit." -Spanambula, now with 1d6 babyfire a round.
  • "We use logic here."- Green Dragon.
"We use ratings here."- Undead Knave.
It's days like these I'm glad we have standards.
  • It used to be that unicorns loved young beautiful maidens who were pure of heart (meaning virgins, making the unicorn the first mythological slut-shamer)... -- Span, now in Lemon and Grape flavors.
  • "Drink some tea. It has the power of leaves, which is basically like absorbed sunlight, which is like converted space fire." -- Ganteka, Words of Wisdom on the Internets
When you get presents, your mom makes you write thank-you notes.
When you have to write thank-you notes, you feel like you're being punished.
When you feel like you're being punished, you start to think about how you could have escaped punishment.
When you think about escaping punishment, you plan the perfect crime.
When you plan the perfect crime, you try to commit the perfect crime.
When you try to commit the perfect crime, it turns out to be not-so-perfect.
When it turns out to be not-so-perfect, you die in a hail of FBI gunfire.
Don't write thank-you notes because you'll die in a hail of gunfire.


  • Turbo bed, Turbo Bed, makes your consciousness turbo-dead.
Catches dreams,
Muffles your screams
into sighs
Here comes the Turbo-beeeeed
  • Rocks deployed. Engaging Fox. Fox Rocks engaging, adding socks. Fox in socks with rocks at maximum, charging box. Box of Rocks for Fox in socks enabled. Require clocks for Fox Sock's box of rocks. Clocks received at docks by Jacques in smock, now loading clocks in box with rocks for fox socks. Jacques forms blocks from clocks rocks boxes to protect from incoming pox hawk flocks.... pox hawk flocks blocked by clock rocks box blocks, squawk! Require transport from docks for clock rock box armed socks fox. Talked to Jacques at docks, providing ox. Ox locked! Jacques Casts knock to flummox ox locks. Ox at docks, loading clocks rocks box for socks fox. Loading complete, ox walks, socks fox must defend against croc. Croc shocked, fried like wok. Sock Fox proceeding with ox with blocks of clock rock box. Additional reinforcements required. Deploying jocks.
Jocks deployed. Engaging Fox jocks. Fox jocks engaging, adding chalks...


Ignore my steamed space for now.


Make an Alicanto and Adamastor.

Make an Elder Evil based on SCP-1682 - Solar Parasite.

Make a lycanicorn. A unicorn werewolf.



Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
Row 1 Stuff More Stuff Still More Stuff ...
Row 2 Stuff More Stuff Still More Stuff ...


“Something that allows him to approach non-combat tasks the way he approaches combat. He will nearly die baking that cake, but heaven help us if it isn’t the most kickass cake ever.”

You ask for a hamburger, I give you a hamburger. You raise it to your lips and take a bite. Your eye twitches involuntarily. Across the street a father of three falls down the stairs. You swallow and look down at the hamburger in your hands. I give you a hamburger. You swallow and look down at the hamburger in your hands. You cannot swallow. There are children at the top of the stairs. A pickle shifts uneasily under the bun. I give you a hamburger. You look at my face, and I am pleading with you. The children are crying now. You raise the hamburger to your lips, tears stream down your face as you take a bite. I give you a hamburger. You are on your knees. You plead with me to go across the street. I hear only children's laughter. I give you a hamburger. You are screaming as you fall down the stairs. I am your child. You cannot see anything. You take a bite of the hamburger. The concrete rushes up to meet you. You awake with a start in your own bed. Your eye twitches involuntarily. I give you a hamburger. As you kill me, I do not make a sound. I give you a hamburger. You asked me for a hamburger, and I gave you a raccoon. You asked me for a hamburger, but it turns out I don't really exist. Where I was originally standing, a picture of a hamburger rests on the ground. You awake as a hamburger. You start screaming only to have special sauce fly from your lips. The world is in sepia. Why are we speaking German? A mime cries softly as he cradles a young cow. Your grandfather stares at you as the cow falls apart into patties. You look down only to see me with pickles for eyes, I am singing the song that gives birth to the universe.

What is wrong with Eiji? Eiji is sitting there, naked. He is too thin. His mouth hangs slightly open as his eyes stare through everything, pitch black. Eiji is something wrong. What is wrong? You are too thin. Eiji's eyes stare through you. The room is damp. Eiji stares into the distance. His mouth is hanging slightly open. His mouth is pitch black. You are too thin. What are you looking at? Eiji is staring into the pitch black. You are too damp. The pitch black looks back at you. Who are we? Can't close your mouth. You see black. The air is damp. The room is small. How thin are you? Are you thirsty? The water is pitch black. The eyes are leaking. Who are we? You twitch.

Complete Eiji[edit]

This is a complex version of my Nav-Box.

SANDBOXES: Askastic Knight, God of Courage "Gilgaigar", Not-Spelljammer, Complete Transportation, Robots


Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Base Classes Adversary of Faith, Astromancer, Autoplate Pilot, Autoplate Pilot, Variant, Ba Summoner, Barrier Mage, Battle Shinigami, Battlesmith, Biomancer, Biotechnician, Bloodletter, Bloodline Warlock, Boneblade, Brave Fighter, Butter Paladin, Chemist, Clockwork Knight, Codex Roboticist, Combatant, Commander, Constructor, Death Knight, Death Magus, Deva Champion, Divine Soul, Dragonblooded, Dragoon, Dreamer, Duelist, Farmer, Flammenwerfer, Forsaker, Fortune, Gate Knight, Gearblade, Geopsyche, Hairbinder, Hairbinder, Variant, Hexknight, Hopeful, Houndlord, Iaijutsu Master, Ideal Armsman, Jaunter, Juggernaut, Ki Master, Kido Shinigami, Magelock, Magic Rogue, Marksman, Metal Slug, Mimic, Monster Trainer, Mystic Cenobite, Mystic Sniper, Mystic Spellthief, Paladin of the Sublime Way, Patriot, Patron Witch, Picaroon, Pie Mage, Proteus, Psycheblade, Psychic Agent, Pyromaniac, Pyromaniac - variant, Pyropsyche, Raycaster, Red Magus, Savant, Scoundrel, Scrollcaster, Shadowknife, Shinigami, Shinobi, Skycutter, Slipmind, Sniper Wizard, Soul Reaver, Soulblade, Specialist Mage, Stone Mage, Sublime Knight, Sublime Samurai, Sublime Shinobi, Temporal Adept, Time Mage, Transforming Hero, Transmogrifier, True Archer, Trueblood Dragon, Truenamer, Rebuild, Wandering Hero, War Cook, Whiskey Witch, White Magus, Wildblade, Wildshaper, Worldseer, Wrathmind... further results
Prestige Classes Aboleth Disciple, Air Cutter, Airship Pilot, Angel Disciple, Animal Soul, Arcane Trickmaster, Archblade, Archkineticist, Archpsion, Battle Chemist, Battle Robot, Beholder Aspirant, Black Knight, Cacophonous Knight, Capnomancer, Capra Spawn, Chainlord, Chasseur, Cheerleader, Church Hunter, Clairvoyant, Colossus Knight, Crimson Corsair, Cyborg Ninja, Darkwraith Assassin, Direfrost Knight, Divine Ascendant, Doombinder, Dracolichbound, Dwarven Defender, Dwarven Destroyer, Earth Breaker, Eatshaper, Edgemaster, Eldritch Necromancer, Eldritch Weaver, False Prophet, Fang of the Four Winds, Farspawn Scion, Fencer, Fighter Elite, Flare Buster, Force Missile Specialist, Gambler, God, God Fist, Gray Monk, Hiveplague Savant, Imago Quori, Ironclad Knight, King of Racers, Knight of the Broken Halo, Lichbound, Livemetal Adept, Luchador, Mage Knight, Martial Mage, Mechwarrior, Meditant of Still Winter, Merciful, Mysterious Rose, Mystic Demiurge, Nataraja, Nekomancer, Oozebound, Pale Master, Rebuild, Portalist, Precognosis Adept, Psicrystal Savant, Radiant Wave Monk, Ragecaster, Raging Crasher, Revenant Pursuer, Runeblade, Schismsoul, Shieldmaster, Siege Master, Slider, Speaker of the Forbidden Tongue, Spellborg Adept, Spellstriker, Spirit Artist, Spirit of Vengeance, Starspawn Host, Stone Sentinel, Survivor, Thrasher of the Thunderbat, Token Master, True Thief, Tumbler, Umbral Assassin, Vivacious Rager, Wall Knight, War Breakdancer, Way of the Walker, Wildshaper, Wrathblade, Yin-Yang Channeler, Zodiac Knight
Racial Paragon Classes Ambiko Paragon, Arane Paragon, Catertaur Metamorphosis, Daeijine Illithid, Dread Vampire, Eijilund Plushie Paragon, Fey Paragon, Gokiburi Paragon, Gorgoneion Paragon, Half-Outsider Hybrid, Kitsune Paragon, Lesser Displacer Beast Paragon, Lesser Hound Archon Paragon, Lesser Pseudodragon Paragon, Natalupe Paragon, Pingu Paragon, Wergard Paragon
Racial Substitution Levels Aquatic Wergard, Plushie Barbarian, Plushie Bard, Plushie Cleric, Plushie Druid, Plushie Fighter, Plushie Monk, Plushie Paladin, Plushie Ranger, Plushie Rogue, Plushie Sorcerer, Plushie Wizard, Tall Kitsune
Alternate Class Features Adamantine Monk, Adventuring Fighter, Armored Monk, Backstabbing Bard, Bardic Familiar, Bonded Object, Bookish Sorcerer, Classic Healer, Cloud Dancer Monk, Combat Stylist, Deadwood Druid, Dedicated Manifester Wilder, Expanded Unique Powers, Expanded Variant Paladins, Feat Sorcerer, Fleshbender, Flurry Monk, Gunkata Monk, Jousting Paladin, Knight of the Wood, Logical Paladin, Mage Hunter, Martial Ranger, Masterwork Monk, Mountain Barbarian, Performing Wizard, Psionic Bard, Psionic Champion, Psychic Hexblade, Psychic Wellspring Warrior, Rage Monk, Runecaster, Sage Wizard, Science Wizard, Shadow Companion, Soundblaster Bard, Spellweave Monk, Spirit of Psychomachia, Staff Fighting Monk, Superstitious Barbarian, Talented Barbarian, Third Eye Psion, Unholy Regeneration, Variant Elemental Flammenwerfer, Wild Rager, Wildshape Monk, Wirefighting Monk
NPC Classes Augur, Builder, Courier, Crafter, Cult Member, Farmhand, Fortune Teller, Invocator, Miner, Naturalist, Partisan, Performer, Prestidigitator, Sailor, Sneak, Tribal

Races, Monsters, Templates, and Types[edit]

Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Races Aethra, Airu, Ambiko, Apiz, Aquiter Kobolds, Arane, Athar Homunculus, Awakened Chocobo, Awakened Horse, Baisuzhe, Bakka, Balareion, Balemorph, Baluška, Brachyura, Carib, Catertaur, Cecaella, Daeijine Illithids, Dawn Plushie, Deinonych, Dire Orc, Dodaem, Doppledasein, Eijilund Plushie, Eirene, Elf, Salvator, Emeth Golem, Endoh, Esquirels, Flavor Elf, Flumph, Frydai, Fullangr, Gemynd, Ghede, Gigas, Gnoll Corgi, Gnoll, Spotted, Goblin, Coggleborn, Goblin, Filcher, Goblin, Flintspark, Goblin, Orckin, Gokiburi, Golden One, Gorgoneion, Grey Vampire, Half-Kreen, Half-Malboro, Half-Orq, Half-Pangoloid, Half-Sphinx, Hamham, Hekatonped, Heuco, Hevier, Hudeer, Huldra, Kaldan, Kerbal, Khazâd, Kitsune, Kobold, Greatscale, Kobold, Skyfeather, Kopikos, Krachtdwerg, Kremen, Kuklop, Kundali, Kyton, Lesser, Kyuki, Lago, Leode, Lesser Centaur, Lesser Displacer Beast, Lesser Elemental, Lesser Hound Archon, Lesser Pseudodragon, Lesser Scorpionfolk, Lesser Thri-Kreen, Living Armor, Lizardfolk, Nile, Lugaru, Magnes, Makekineko, Malakh, Manu, Merlings, Mineralscale Dragon, Mooncursed, Moosu, Mousa, Myosines, Myrmidon, Nagual, Natalupe, Natureborn, Needlemus, Nightsprite, Nocturne Elf... further results
Monsters Abyssal Marauder, Accel XLV-5 Autocycle, Adamantine Devil, Admin, Inevitable, Air Elemental Tiny, Aker-Oros, Algollied, Almond Cow, Amarok AL-04a Attack Hound, Anenekro, Antemagus, Aran-388 Hunter Starship, Arch-vile, Argus Sheep, Armaboulder, Arsenal Titan, Arson Gremlin, Asabikeshiinh, Asclepius-1928 Medibot, Ashgeist Ultra Trooper, Assimilated Legionnaire, Athanas-1923 Autonomous Bulldozer, Atma Weapon, Aubergine Lizard, Automag Armor Glint, Automag Armor Goliath, Automag Armor Zmeu, Auxiliel, Avatar of Consumption, Azter, Baatorian Enslaver - Edolicentia, Battlemind Docent, Bee Dragon, Bee Swarm, Beeholder, Beheliter Gargoyle, Belatucadros, Bifrovs, BigDog-2005 Robotic Mule, Binesi AL-05a Drone Fighter, Blanket Golem, Blattodea, Blind King Statue, Blood Dragon, Bloodstorm Devil, Bobcat, Boneswarm, Boredom Dragon, Boubaball, Brainlick, Bronzeform Clanker, Buster MW-10 Ride Armor, Butter Golem, Canolacat, Capgras Demon, Capra Demon, Catoblepas ATW-225 Armored Walker, Cave Demon Crab, Ceiling Knight, Centipedeshark Tornadoman, Cepholathe, Champa, Chaos Knight, Chef Homunculus, Chelamazikin, Cibatel, Clockwork Assassin, Clothling, Drifter, Clothling, Flagbird, Clothling, Stormbird, Cloudrail Golem, Collector Homunculus, Color Thief, Colossal Ruin, Compost Bear, Cooler Homunculus, Corgi Archon, Crimping Crawler, Crossbow Scorpion, Crying Owl, Cynoduat, Daeijine Illithid, Daggerling, Dancing Dead, Dancing Wildstraw, Dark Pygmy, Dark Spirit Plush, Darkhood, Darksylph, Dartpuff Flowerbed, Dazreth, Dead Hand, Dead Iron Golem, Deathclaw, Deep Blue-Ringed Octopus, Dekarabia, Demon Chicken, Demon Core, Demon Wall, Destradoloth... further results
Templates Agarican, Android Warforged, Assimilated, Assimilator, Behemothian, Bio-Ascendant, Biozombie, Birdemic, Blood Creature, Botforged, Brilliant Enemy, Clockwork, Corpseblood Gel, Corrupted Blood, Darksign Undead, Disruptive, Divine Might, Giant Robot, Gigant, Gildencursed, Godspark, Green Lich, Half-Pot, Hellapeno Spider, Highlander, Humanblood, Hyperdimensional, Insightful, Kitten That Walks, Lesser Paragon, Lightning Powered, Lootbound, Low-Power Lycanthrope, Mantle of the Creator, Mantle of the Destroyer, Mantle of the Preserver, Mer, Mist Phantom, Mob, Multiheaded, Mutant, Nephilim, Petitioner, Phantasmal Echo, Plaguehive, Pseudolich, Psylinked, Radiant Touched, Rage Lich, Rampage, Reborn Hero, Reverse Tauric, Shadowmorph, Shrekken Touched, Simple Skeleton, Simple Zombie, Skydancer, Skyfish, Soulbound, Spellborg, Swanmay, Swarmhost, Telekinetic Paragon, Thinking, Trench Creature, Underborn, Unreal, Vampiric Dragon, Variant Lycanthrope, Vitageist, Zeitgeist
Types None
Subtypes Anthro, Clockwork, Dreamborn, Eldritch, Kaiju, Legacy, Living Dead, Logos, Maita, Menos, Plushie, Xenoblooded
NPCs Aubrey the Black Knight, Beowulf Dron, Black Widow, Captain Jack Lanius, Cirno, Darklord Ruthven, Dwarven Pyropsyche, Dwarven White Magus, Emperor Mundus, Fearcaster, Generic Fatman Pilot, Ghost of Ianthe, Grendel Gronti, Ianthe the Threefold Death, Irons, King Iscariot Raum de Elmdore, Lizardfolk Least Ranger, Macavity, Mercedes Powers, Military Melee Unit, Military Ranged Unit, Military Warmage Blaster, Miluda Quivira, Moonside EB-3, Omerta Endecha, Orq Least Assassin, Orq Least Gate Knight, Orq Lesser Assassin, Shale Dhole, Sorrowswamp Mage, Sphinggo the Gatekeeper, Vrajitor Battlecaster, Vrajitor Soldier, White Dragon, Zmeya Tsarsiber

Gods & Extraplanar Beings[edit]

Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Deities Ammuu, Anahita, Angra, Anomos, Ariel, Arpanel, Asase Ya, At Tawwab, Azreal, Baal Adramelech, Bardo Atman, Belatucadros, Ben-Elaba, Benu, Charmeine, Choronzon, Colocolo, Ein Sof, Fumbles Hystrix, Gar, Geburah, Ghora-Fatum, Hamaliel, Heirarque, Hypezokos, Iphigenia, Ireul, Iskandar, Israfel, Ixtab, Kukulkan, Lemniscate, Liwet, Lord Eiji, Machidiel, Makatiel, Malazter, Mayahuel, Mefathiel, Merlotogik, Necoc Yaotl, Noosphere, Oan, Oiwa, OneNode, Orifiel, Parelion, Pesta, Pho-Matris, Pho-Sator, Pho-Tener, Pho-Vetus, Poros, Qandisa, Rampel, Raum, Razakel, Renatus, Rhadamanthus, Sabazios, Seir, Sheep The Head, Sol Invictus, Spira, Sputnik, Sraosha, Sthag Thak, Svalinn, The Purple One, Tlazolli, Trishna, Vargulf, Vaul du Daith, Volhov, World Crystal, Xaphan, Xolotl, Yemaya, Ylem-Soth, Zacharael, Zeruel
Vestiges Aion of the Everstorm, Anomy, the Unborn Despair, Ashla, the Illuminated Force, Baz-Tien the Eternal Sleeper, Biblos, the Missing Page, Bogan, the Tumultuous Force, Cenobites of the Rail, Consumption the Everwyrm, Crying Owl the Wroth, Curse Eater Quelaan, Dadorabaal the Unmoving, Deludere, the Ghost Fox, Drop of Deep Violet, Esko the Drowning One, Exodus of NOPE, Fourfold Experts of the Infinite, He of Jealousy, King of Card Games Akhenaten, Left Hand of Darkness, Legion of 5000, Master of the Living Light, Melusine, the Oroboros of Time, Nachash, the Crawling Serpent, Nihilith the Endless End, Nikolaas, The Laughing Saint, Pants, the Guardian of God's Junk, Philomactous the Forbidden Disciple, Phizbirro the Blasphemous, Phos, The First and Last Light, Pinhound the Creeping Dark, Poros the Watchful Eye, Raps, Guardian of the Diamond Crown, Right Hand of Darkness, Roué the Deathwheel, Shift the Inevitable Justice, Sibyl, the Unblinking Abyss, Sol-Eiji the Lunatic Sun, Terios the Controller of Chaos, Tezra the Sterilizing Starlight, The Black Beast of Chaos, The Cloven Soul, The Entombed Soulmaster, The Salty One, The Wanderer in the Dark, Whitechapel, the Blinded Truth, Yseam the Maintainer, Yskayar, the Unmade Monk
Elder Evils Algollied, Azter, Cronenrith of the Old Flesh, Dream Eater Asabikeshiinh, Extheoria, Hylozoth the Green Wrath, Infernal Train, Lagomaluschai the Everlasting Thirst, Metadeus, Zalgo
- None
- None
- None

Environments, Settings, and Rules[edit]

Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Locations Altar of the Old Ones, Ancestral Roots, Arena of Blood, Brightlands, Dead Man's Drink, Death's Door, Elemental Plane of Chaos, Elemental Plane of Order, Infinite Blade Fields, Memory Flame, Mobius of the Shining Shore, Mont Tage Training Grounds, Mrityulok, Mutagen Pit, Nostos, Pale Hunter's Vale, Planet Gokia, Planet Sepiida, Realm of Yath, Rigo Thule, Scar Plane, Shadowroot Tree, Skillful Aspect, The Battlegrounds, Thunder Plains
New Skills Craft Cooking, Heal - Advanced Medical, Knowledge Math & Physics, Knowledge Xeno, Profession Pilot
Supplemental Variant Rules Additional Combat Special Attacks, Additional Epic Spell Factors, Advanced Wars, All Ability Skills, Blood Magic, Catalyst Magic, Chariot, Dark Insight, Expanded Psicrystal Personalities, Expanded Size Categories, Graze Damage, Hellfrost, Non-Combat Confusion, Proficiency Purchase, Quasi-gestalt, Researching Spells, Sniping Skills, Spell Chains, Stone Dragon Errata, Training for Skills, Variant Combat Maneuver Checks
Transformational Variant Rules All Ability Skills, Alternate Confusion, Cosmic Damage Type, Critical Resistance, Delayed Spellcasting, Dying 3.75 Edition, Expanded Weapon Size Damage, Fortitude Dying Resistance, Functional Craft Item Rule, Functional Craft Trap, Functional Weapons of Legacy, Knowledge DC Variant, Nerfed Death, Non-Combat Confusion, Nonliving Critical, Refresh Spellcasting, Researching Spells, Scaling Benefits, Superior DR/Magic, Truespeak Fix
Uncategorized Variant Rules All Ability Skills, Non-Combat Confusion
Other 100 Far Realm Occurrences, Expanded Languages, Expanded Slimes, Molds, and Fungi, Lumichorion


Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Mundane Weapons Advanced Cannon, Advanced Heavy Ballista, Advanced Light Ballista, Antler Mace, Arch Blade, Balance Spear, Ball & Chain, Baroqueblade, Baton, Battle Book, Battle Ram, Battle Shears, Battle Sling, Battlegolf Club, Bee Sting, Bladed Fan, Bladelance, Bladeracket, Blowpipe, Body Weights, Bonesaw, Boomerang, Chain Longhook, Chainclaw, Claw Ring, Combat Cane, Combat Parasol, Combat Shovel, Combat Spade, Conscript Sword, Corpse, Crab Claw, Crop, Derringer Crossbow, Dervishblade Scimitar, Dice, Double Greatsword, Double Scythe, Double Wave Axe, Dragon Claws, Drillcaster Crossbow, Dwarven Guardbow, Estoc, Fang Axe, Firedrake, Firewyrm, Flagstaff, Flamberge, Flayknife, Flying Guillotine, Furnace Hammer, Garrote, Giant Blade, Gigas Hammer, Gigas Mace, Gigas Sword, Glitterblade, Gorkha Kukri, Grand Piano, Great Boomerang, Great Cleaver, Great Mace, Great Macuahuitl, Great Morningstar, Great Sickle, Gutknife, Heavy Ball, Heavy Bottle, Heavy Gauntlet, Hexabow, Horn Helmet, Iconoclub, Illithid Parasite, Instrumental Razorbow, Ironjaw, Jackhammer Shield, Jian, Karambit, Lancet, Long Halberd, Long Pike, Macuahuitl, Man-Portable Ballista, Meteor Hammer, Meteor Pole, Military Heavy Mace, Military Light Mace, Naginata, Nail Bat, Nerf Bat, Nunchucks, Ore Fist, Parrying Dagger, Pendulum, Pom-Pom, Pricklepear Club, Quickening Katana, Rapid Fire Crossbow, Razor Hat, Reflector Ray... further results
Mundane Armor & Shields Armored Collar, Fullhide, Greathide, Greatshield, Hard Light Shield, Heavy Coat, Heavy Leather, Heavy Pressure Suit, Heavy Scatterscale, Hook Shield, Horn Helmet, Hydraulic Plate, Jackhammer Shield, Light Plate, Light Pressure Suit, Light Scatterscale, Medium Scatterscale, Mobile Wall, Riding Plate, Shield Bands, Shield Crossbow, Sweater Armor, Tattered Leather, Throwing Shield, Heavy, Throwing Shield, Light, Turtle Armor
Materials Achiralium, Aemulus, Aerosilk, Anechoic Steel, Aqueous Slipskin, Atmawater, Balsa de Piedad, Brysten Glass, Ceramite, Cursewood, Dark Platinum, Darklight, Dead Iron, Deadwood, Detonium, Dilatantoplastic, Displacine Thread, Dordweave, Dreamstone, Drowsilk, Drystone, Duraleather, Duskwood, Dwarven Bread, Dwarvenbeard, Eccosteel, Emberwood, Filthskin, Flintsteel, Geometrium, Goldspark Alloy, Gravsteel, Hardlight, Ionite Alloy, Kelp Reed, Kevlarium, Kinesicrystal, Lavellium, Mercurite Alloy, Midnight Steel, Moonstone, Mundiron, Netherack, Neutralite, Neutralium, Nighthide, Obsidian, Ocanthus, Onyx, Oxidium, Pixieglass, Prismlight, Redstone, Resistite, Saltstone, Scorched Iron, Spellshocked Wood, Spoopwood, Stygian Steel, Sulfopatinate Alloy, Suncryst, Thermatite, Thinaun Fiber, Thrudstone, Thunderbronze, Twistseal Iron, Urukke Steel, Vampiric Steel, Varian Steel, Vibric Zectron, Vile Platinum, Vilebone, Vitalized Livemetal, Weavebone, Weresteel, Wildbone, Winter Wolf Pelt, Witchlight Silver, Wizardbeard, Wood, Airbound, Wood, Earthbound, Wood, Firebound, Wood, Waterbound, Ylemwater
Mundane Items 3D Maneuver Gear, Aboleth Pustule, Aeon Parchment, Alchemical Hellfire, Alchemical Lava, Alchemical Pumpkin Spice, Alchemical Saltanium, Alchemist Robe, Ankheg Paddies, Astral Dewfrost, Ballpoint Pen, Biosteel, Blight Grenade, Blindcap Mushroom, Blood Pin Hilt, Blue Snowflake Resin, Breathing Mask, Brewed Span, Bulette Steak, Cane, Clothing Bindings, Coffee, Coffin, Coldstone, Crude Oil Pot, Cultist Robes, Darklight Ore, Datura Weed, Death Beads, Delayed Explosive, Depleted Darklight Ore, Dilatantoplastic Tube, Displacer Steak, Dwarven Pancake, Endothermic Extinguisher, Eternal Icebox, Ethereal Ooze Resin, Eyeburn Spray, Eyepatch, Blackened, Filth Clot, Fire Hummus, Flash Gun, Flashbang, Fried Darkmantle, Gamblegrog, Glowcap Mushrooms, Gold Ferrous Resin, Golem Heart, Green Nettle Resin, Haribo Beans, Hazmat Suit, Hetap NEON, Hetap Soda, Hookshot, Hot Ice, Ignition Smoke, Indestructible Koal, Irritant Spray, Jet Jack, Jetpack, Jingly Jangly Suit, Lenstone, Liquid Nitrogen, Luciferiplasm, Magnetic Grapple, Masterwork Ability Tools, Masterwork Toolbag, Moonshimmer Sand, Opibiotic Cream, Ornate Pauldron, Painkiller, Paperclip, Plad Discs, Planesignet Ring, Plasmite, Prism Stone, Protective Headphones, Pumpkin Bomblet, Pungent Wax, Purple Rot Resin, Red Charcoal Resin, Red Eye Flower, Refined Darklight Rod, Saddle Ladder, Sanitizing Wipes, Sapper Shrooms, Sashimono, Screwdriver, Scuba Wetsuit, Silent Bellflower, Silverleaf Tea, Skin Suit, Solar Eaters, Spice Case, Spider Pot, Splinterscab Tonic, Spookfruit, Studded Harness, Swim Flippers, Thick Blood Resin... further results
Magical Weapons Anti-Bio Beam Cannon, Arrow of Bob's Bane, Arrow of Dragonsight, Arrowpiercer Bow, Axe of Grinding, Baby Flail, Beam Sabre, Berserker Torch, Binary Nova, Blade of the Elfinesse, Blazing Column, Blessed Battle Book, Blightsteel, Bloodbiter, Bloody Razor, Bow of Celestial Light, Bow of Guilt, Brainchucks, Cane of the High North, Chimera Lance, Coward's Blade, Cryostasis Gun, Cursed Chillblade, Cursed Sacrificial Dagger, Cursed Throwing Battleaxe, Dark Hand, Derpblade, Dorple Sword, Double Edged Sword, Dragonstrike Bow, Eldritch Blade, Eldritch Laser, Eldritch Shotgun, Eldritch Sniper Rifle, Eros Kiss, Freedom Caster, Gaea Siegebow, Gauntlets of the Dark Abyss, God's Mercy, Gutdrinker, Halfway Shortbow, Hammer of Stopped Time, Hand Cannon, Harvester Knife, Heartstinger, Heavencrush, Howl of the Sky, ICBD, Jet Sheathe, Judge's Greatblade, Judgment Star, Kaleidoscope Crossbow, Lasbow, Legionslayer Axe, Lunar Cry, Lunar Sun Blade, Magic Leaf, Maw & Chain, Meteoric Javelin, Mimic Blade, Molten Demon Blade, Nataraja, Necroscythe, Nyoi-bo Staff, Plush Shot, Prince of Blades, Proton Pistol, Quickening Blade, Raptor Edge, Runic Blade, Sap of Death, Scarlet Fang, Scattershot Arrow, Scourge of Tiamat, Sheathed Statue Sword, Shining Shadow, Silverlight Blade, Snapdragon Sword, Spear of Infinite Velocity, Springpole Spear, Staff of Nightmares, Staff of Slat Draoi, Sunseeker, Sword of Hakkenslass, Sword of Kings, Sword of Six Swings, The Golden Palm, Thief Dagger, Cursed, Thunder God Blade, Tower Drop Bow, Trainbow, Truegold Whip, Trumpet Cannon, Tyra Blade, Unicorn Sword, Vitae Dagger, Vulcanus Arm Cannon, Warp Arrow, Wyrmvolt Spear, Your Eternal Reward
Magical Armor & Shields Angel Wing Shield, Armor of Obedience, Armor of the Cat, Bastion Shield, Crystal Ring Shield, Daybreak, Defensive Robes, Drill Breaker Shield, Eijilund Softshield, Guardian Wall, Leaf Shield, Palefrost Plate, Palladium of Vitality, Pharaoh Plate, Portal Shield, Raptor Armor, Recording Buckler, Shadowbloom Armor, Shield of Insanity, Shield of Sacrifice, Shield of Sanctuary, Shield of the Cursed Eye, Shield of the Practiced Spellcaster, Shifting Shadowshield, Silver Mirror Greatshield, Stag Beetle Hero Shell, Starsign Shield, Tower of Fire, Twitch Suit, Wake Barrier
Magical Items 50/50 Coin, Ace Feathered Crest, Air Hike Boots, Alchemical Quiver, Amplifying Horn, Amulet of Armor Skin, Amulet of Devilbane, Amulet of Elemental Summons, Amulet of Mediocre Health, Analysis Helm, Anima Channeling Belt, Apocrypha Engine, Apparatus of the Lobster, Artificer Battery Pack, Astral Escape Vest, Atmosphere Helmet, Attunement Staff, Autoscribe, Backcar, Bag of Magic Spikes, Bag of Minions, Beaked Mask, Beam Sabre, Bell Rod, Bell of Tranquility, Belt of Mediocre Strength, Belt of Octopus Tentacles, Biohazard Rod, Bird of Determined Lift, Black Nimbus Belt, Blindfold of Ignorance, Bloody Fang Mask, Bloody Trophy Belt, Blue Tearstone Ring, Book Cover, Card, Book Cover, Cliffnotes, Book Cover, Deceptive, Book Cover, Hardened, Book Cover, Teleporting, Book of Knowledge, Boots of Dwarvenkind, Boots of Floating, Boots of Twisting and Turning, Boots of Wallrunning, Boots of the Charging Crab, Boots of the Steed Strider, Boots of the Tireless Runner, Broom of Flying, Variant, Burrowing Visor, Calamity Ring, Cape of the Star Knight, Carbunkle Staff, Cardboard Box, Chalk of Binding, Clean Tent, Cloak of Mediocre Charisma, Cloak of a Thousand Daggers, Cloranthy Ring, Cocoon Silk Robes, Coffin of Blood, Coffin of Hidden Chambers, Coffin of Temporary Termination, Coffin, Spider, Compressed Spellbook, Covetous Wyrm Skull, Covfefe, Crown of Concentration, Crown of Regal Transformation, Crown of the Battle Queen, Crown of the Cursed King, Crumb Butler, Crystal of Armor Mobility, Crystal of Disguises, Crystal of Mastery, Crystal of Nimbleness, Crystal of Venom, Cursed Bag of Tricks, Cursed Boots of Rushing Speed, Cursed Eyepatch, Damp Ruby Ribbon, Dancing Goddess Bracelets, Dark Wood Grain Ring, Deadman's Switch, Deathspeaker Mask, Decanter of Water Elemental, Decoy Suit, Deep Worm Ring, Defensive Robes, Demon Goat Mask, Devoted Base Staff, Dimensional Bear Trap, Distress Beacon, Door Opener, Dragon Head Stone, Dragon Torso Stone, Dragonfang Gauntlets, Duct Tape of Air Dominion, Editing Book, Eggrolls of Consideration, Eiji of Equivalent Exchange... further results

Grafts, Artifacts, Cursed, Poisons, And Traps[edit]

Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Grafts Arcana Fundamentum, Arcane Buster, Automail Graft, Beholder Eyestalk, Bloodforged Limb, Chain Fist, Death Blood, Dragonspit Organ, Energized Heart, Etherweave Arms, Etherweave Legs, Etherweave Spine, Etherweave Torso, Etherweave Wings, Ettercap Mandibles, Gargoyle Hide, Hidden Body Compartment, Humanoid Face Graft, Humanoid Heart Graft, Humanoid Mind Graft, Humanoid Skin Graft, Humanoid Tendon Graft, Laser Eyes, Lifeforge Heart, Lifting Frame, Magical Eye Graft, Manticore Tail, Mini Wings, Mutant Dire Ape Arm, Opposable Thumb, Prehensile Tail, Psychic Buster, Radioactive Blood, Rocket Legs, Silver Hoof, Steamcog Wings, Trog Skin, Unicorn Horn, Visage of Fear, Void Wings, Xorn Stomach, Yrthak Throat
Artifacts Amulet of the Everlasting, Anvil of the Dwarvish Lords, Arm of Rokuromanes, Armor of Mammon, Atma Weapon, Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, Character Sheet, Coldsteel the Edgesword, Death Tear, Divinity Gem, Earthsoul Crossbow, Eiji's Creation Chaos Engine, Elemental Gate Rods, Energized Eye Orb, Energized Soapstone, Fascade of Destrudo, Freeshooter Bullet Case, Hammer of Reforging, Hammer of the Dwarvish Lords, Heart of Air, Heart of Earth, Heart of Fire, Heart of Void, Heart of Water, Horn of Harmony, Kafkaite, Legionblood Fang, Mask of the Forgotten, Murderborn, Nightmare Blade, Paragon Exoskeleton, Restorative Timestone, Sanctified Bone, Soulbite, Soulflame Candle, Superior Orb of Clear Air, Sword of Ego Death, Tome of Sublime Insight, Wailing Dark
Cursed Items Armor of Obedience, Arrow of Bob's Bane, Boots of Twisting and Turning, Bow of Guilt, Calamity Ring, Coffin of Blood, Covfefe, Crown of Regal Transformation, Crown of the Cursed King, Cursed Bag of Tricks, Cursed Boots of Rushing Speed, Cursed Chillblade, Cursed Sacrificial Dagger, Cursed Throwing Battleaxe, Damp Ruby Ribbon, Decanter of Water Elemental, Demon Goat Mask, Dorple Sword, Double Edged Sword, Eye-Catching Toast, Figurine of Limestone Lapcat, Frustrating Plant, Hamburder, Indestructible Koal, Legionslayer Axe, Magic Pot, Mirrored Ring of Revival, Palefrost Plate, Rags of Rot, Ring of Gray Life, Ring of Life and Death, Ring of Vengeful Death, Robe of Useless Items, Robes of Fell Insight, Rod of the Shadowmaster, Sanguiobelic Mask, Shield of the Cursed Eye, Shifting Rag, Statuette of the Eternal Watcher, Tattletale Coin, Thief Dagger, Cursed, Tissues of Inconvenience, Wings of Forever Flying
Poisons Acute Heavy Metal Poisoning, Brittlebone Powder, Chloramine Gas, Dream Haze, Ghost Tears, Limpbile, Local Anesthetic, Myofasciotic Serum, Squalid Ambrosia, Sunvenom, Tiny Viper Poison, Truth Serum, Zed Ichor
Traps Dork In A Bottle, Get Over Here!, Magic Door, Man-Eating Grass, Rolling Pin Tunnel, Slip And Slide And Burn, Surprise Inside Door, Timed Floor of Death, Window of Defenestration
- None

Feats and Flaws[edit]

Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Feats 100 Fists, 3D Maneuver Gear Proficiency, 50/50, Ablative Armor, Absorb Ally, Accelerate Initiative, Accelerated Progression, Access Divine Spell-Likes, Acquire Skill, Adamantine Stomach, Adamantine Tracery, Additional Spirit Bond, Adept of the Horological Mysteries, Advanced Companion, Advanced Dark Companion, Advanced Heal, Advanced Summoning, Advanced Sword Technique, Advanced Whip Tactics, Aged Well, Aiming, Air Juggle, Airship Improvement, Alchemical Extract, Alignment Alteration, Alignment Heritage, All Range Style, Alter Form, Alter Reality, Alter Size, Alternative Tradition, Always Skillful, Ambidextrous, Angel's Blessing, Angled Arrow, Anima Toughness, Animal Whisperer, Annihilating Strike, Arcane Mastery, Archon's Blessing, Area Divine Shield, Armed Deflect Arrows, Armed Grip, Armor Channeling, Armor of Chaos, Armorborn, Armorforged Body, Art of Flying Daggers, As Young As You Feel, Ascetic Artist, Ascetic Priest, Ascetic Sage, Assassin Casting Greater, Assassin Casting Least, Assassin Casting Lesser, Assassin Casting Superior, Augment Sacrifice, Augmented Alchemy-CE, Aura Pressure, Aura of Decay, Aura of Life, Autolife, Average Initiative, Average Out, Awaken Core, Axe King, Axe Mastery Variant, Bag Full of Knick Knacks, Banestrike, Basic Hairstyle, Batman In Plain Sight, Battlesense, Blazing Hadoken, Bleeding Strike, Blockout, Blood Rally, Body and Soul Style, Body of Iron, Bonus Spell Slot, Born Psionic, Born Sorcerer, Born Tough, Born Wizard, Bottoms Up, Bound Castle, Breath Weapon Substitution, Breath of the Dragon, Bulky Build, Bulwark of Defense-CE, Burning Rage, Burrowing Spell, Cacophonous Spell, Call Creatures, Cantrip Master, Careful Somatic Casting, Cast Blood Rune, Caster Focus, Catfall, Changeling Blooded, Chaos Warp... further results
Scaling Feats Advanced Familiar, All Terrain Wheels, Avenger, Backup System, Breath of the Dragon, Cheerleader, Demon Summoner, Dhampir Blood, Divine Defender, Dragon Disciple, Eater of Souls, Edgelord, Einhander, Exalted Combat Style, Exalted Warrior, Fabulous Bizarre Spirit, Greenblooded, Greentongue, Hammer and Sickle Style, Inherent Initiator, Iron Ram, Mad Scientist, Outdoorsman, Overland Rush, Pose Expertise, Power Core, Scaling Spell Focus, Secrets of the Word, Sister of Battle, Soul of Entropy, Street Punk, Stunt Driver, Super Fighting Robot, Tome Cleave, Unflappable, Unstoppable Object, Weapon Focus Eiji Variant, Wirework Fighter, Wrapped in Scars, Zen Warrior Variant
Flaw Addiction, Almost Dead, Anchored Object, Anger Issues, Animal Head, Badly Drawn, Baneful Wound, Blood Rejection, Claustrophobia, Coughing Fit, Damage Magnet, Dangerous Allergy, Demanding Circadian Clock, Disease Prone, EMP Vulnerable, Energy Vulnerability, Excessive Bleeding, Fear of Needles, Flammable, Floor is Lava, Friendly Fire, Frozen Reflexes, Garbledegoop, Glass Jaw, Go Last, Haunted, Heavyweight, High Pressure Blood, Hopeless Flirt, Hungry, Incomprehensible Foe, Kiss the Floor, Light Vulnerability, Loquacious, Lost Past, Low Gravity Frame, Metafailure, Missing Chakra, Monologuer, Mute, Narcolepsy, Nobody Tells Me What To Do, Not Good Enough, Obvious Signature, Old Wound, One-Arm, Ooo Shiny, Out of Shape, Overly Focused, Overspecialized, Paranoia, Persistent Misfortune, Persistent Theme Music, Poor Immune System, Poor Save, Power Cosmic, Pride, Seasickness, Slightly Hands, Slow Recovery, Smoke Adverse, Squeamish, Stubborn Pride, Sympathetic Death, The Barkening, The Meek Hulk, Traumatic Flashback, Two Left Feet, Uncontrollable Laser Vision, Unfavored Enemy, Unfocused Caster, Unorganized, Vain, Wracked with Pain
- None
- None
- None

Magic and Stuff[edit]

Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Spells Ablative Jacket, Absorb Undead, Acceleration Ring, Adipose Armor, Agony Pin, Airtight Architecture, Albedo Armor, Alhazarde Lance, Alhazarde's Sword, Alien Limb, Aligned Water Bomb, Alter Gravity, Alter Memory, Altimeter, Analyze Event, Analyze Object, Animal Convoking, Apocalyptic Swarm, Aqua Snake, Arcane Grace, Arcane Psionics, Arcane Space Program, Area Teleport, Arms of the Tyrant Lizard, Art of the Lilliputian, Assassin's Escape, Astral Assistance, Astral Fugue, Astral Invader, Astral Protector, Atmospheric Press, Atmospheric Visualizer, Aura of Doom, Authoritative Word, Awaken Construct, Variant, Awaken Warrior Spirit, Awesome Light, Babble, Backup Construct, Bang Rounds, Bearpocalypse, Bel's Ambush, Belladone's Curse of Inconvenience, Belladone's Curse of Stolen Boons, Belladone's Death Curse of Snakes, Belladone's Fiendish Defender, Belladone's Shared Fortune/Misfortune, Belladone's Spore Wind, Bio, Bio, Mass, Biogel Mimic, Black Blood Chains, Blood Jorum, Blood Melt, Bolster Spirit, Bolster Spirit, Greater, Bone Shape, Bone Spurs, Bonetitan Frame, Boomshine, Bot Interface, Boulder Cannon, Brambleroot, Brand of the Dark Sigil, Break Morale, Brick Break, Bubble Shield, Burden of Sin, Bury the Dead, Call Minion, Call from Afar, Came Back Wrong, Cat Pile, Chantry of Goog, Chaos Beam Blossom, Chaos Dimension, Chaos Spinner, Chapalu's Desert Control, Clockstopper, Clothes Swap, Cold Comfort, Cold Intolerance, Collect Humidity, Color Spray, Eiji, Command Will of the Forest, Commune with Spirits, Communication Transmission, Concealing Sphere, Concussive Blast, Condemning Smite, Conductor of Storms, Cone of Rubble, Cone of Steam, Conjure Anvil, Conjure Tools, Constant Lightning, Constant Lightning Storm, Contagious Fireball, Continual Shade, Cook... further results
Domains Aberration Hunter, Aegis, Afterlife, Agony, Architecture, Atheism, Avarice, Bee, Bird, Birth, Bone, Business, Cat, Caves, Communication, Computer, Construct, Coward, Cube, Culinary, Curse, Deathbane, Decay, Devouring, Eiji, Electricity, Fabulousness, Fleshcraft, Harming, Harvest, Heavens, History, Intellect, Judgement, Locomotive, Meteor, Misfortune, Mummy, Murder, Ooze, Party, Plans, Plushie, Police Officer, Radioactivity, Redemption, Revenge, Screwball, Shadowcraft, Shapeshifter, Shark, Sheep, Sneak, Solar, Solid Walls, Song, Space, Spectrum, Stillness, Summons, Alternative, Terraforming, Theft, Time Warp, Toast, Toxic, Train, Wings, Word
Powers Adaptive Shell, Alternate Future, Angles of Tintalos, Anhydrous Shell, Astral Mount, Astral Phantom, Astral Tentacles, Aura of Poison, Autoimmune Reactor, Awaken the Chaos, Biotic Inversion, Birth Brain Worm, Bliss Overload, Blood Iron, Blood of the Werewolf, Brain Extraction, Brainstorm, Cervical Break, Chainsaw Arms, Chakra Purification, Charged Bubbler, Complete Cognizance, Countermand, Crystal Frightful Blow, Crystal Gutwrenching Blow, Crystal Knockdown Strike, Crystal Maneuver, Crystal Rocket, Crystal Spindizzy Strike, Crystal Strike, Crystal Stunning Strike, Crystallize Memory, Death Impulse, Delayed Recognition, Detect Tracks, Device Synchronization, Dimension Slip, Discover Weak Spot, Disrupt Psionics, Doppelganger, Ecto Bubble, Ectoplasmic Bridge, Ectoplasmic Catapult, Ectoplasmic Scuttler, Ego Shield, Eldritch Augur, Electromagnetic Shield, Energy Bomb, Enlightenment of Yith, Ethereal Permeation, Ethereal Smoke, Evade Danger, Experience the Infinite, Eye of Future Sight, Fast Travel, Force Eruption, Forced Maglev, Foresee Weakness, Gauss Whip, Global Awareness, Greater False Sensory Input, Hostile Schism, Hysterical Contagion, Image of Fear, Imagined Copy, Imbue Intelligence, Infuse Anima, Inhibiting Strike, Instant Calculation, Isolation Lock, Jitterbug, Just as Planned, Kinetic Rending, Lethologica, Magnetic Armor, Magnetic Oscillation, Manifest Flayer, Manifest Trap, Mantle Ego, Marathon, Memorize Ability, Memory Lock, Mental Denial, Mental Ping, Mental Trap, Mental Watchguard, Meteologic Aport, Mind Fusion, Mindshock, Monopole, Nuclear Transmutation, Old Becomes New, Other Memory, Penetrating Vision, Perfect Skill, Predict Disaster, Prophetic Dream, Psi Kick, Psionic Feeblemind, Psionic Geas... further results
Martial Disciplines Aerial Ace, Anima River, Blighted Serpent, Blood Feast, Crazy Gadget, Dancing Goddess, Golem Heart, Occult Sovereignty, Thousand Daggers, Wild Moon
Maneuvers & Stances Ablative Gel, Absolute Maneuver Mastery, Absolute Resistance, Absorbing Vial, Accelerated Decay, Adaptive Skin, Adrenaline Injection, Aerial Evasion, Aerial Mines, Agni's Blades of Destruction, Aim for the Core, Air Axe Scramble, Aldrenaline Burst, All for One, Allied Alert, Anger Overwhelming, Anima Blast, Anima Explosion, Anima Wave, Antigen Serum, Arcane Bastion, Arcane Consumption Strike, Argentum Scourge, Armored Wing Stance, Arms of the Guardian, Aura of the Despoiler, Authorized User, Automed Injector, Awe-Inspiring Performance, Backlash Wind, Baneful Light, Barrel Roll, Berserk Soul, Binding of the Earth Spirit, Biological Decomposition, Black Beast Blood, Black Bladestorm Wave, Black Widow's Expertise, Bladewraith Storm, Blessed Journey, Blinding Spray, Blood Mark, Blood Melt, Blood Moon Frenzy, Blood Puppet, Blood Sacrifice, Blood Seek, Blood Walk, Blood of Cain, Bloodhound, Bloodthirst, Blue Blood, Body of Adamantine, Body of Iron, Body of Stone, Body of the Golem, Body of the Spirit, Bond of Antaios, Booster Escape, Breath of Long Winter, Breath of Squalid Death, Breath of the Carrion Flower, Breath of the Squalid Worm, Breath of the Swamp Wyrm, Bristling Blade, Broken Step, Burning Bile Blade, Call Airstrike, Certain Aim, Chem Grenade, Claws of the Beast, Claws of the Roc, Climbing Irons, Clip the Wings, Cloak of Dust, Cloak of Lies, Cloaked in Blades, Cloud of Black Shadow, Cold Iron Cancel, Combat Medical Aid, Combat Medical Expertise, Combat Medical Miracle, Communication Network, Condemned by Society, Consume the Flesh, Corruption Consumption, Cosmic Dance of Eternity, Cosmic Tornado Blade, Cough of the Poisoned Earth, Crafter's Opus, Crafter's Pride, Crafter's Touch, Crashing Thunder Strike, Crescent Transformation, Crimson Frenzy, Crimson Geyser Slash, Crimson Moon Fang, Crimson Nightmare Strike, Crushing Commentary, Crystal Intuition... further results
Invocations Banishing Blast, Binding Blast, Blackbolt Blast, Blazing Tower, Breath of Levistus, Brimstone Scream, Burning Knuckle, Cauterizing Blast, Charged Shot, Cold Eye Gazer, Dance of the Fireflies, Deathmark Blast, Deceptive Shadow, Delayed Blast Mine, Demon Howl, Drain Heat, Dreadful Wind, Elder Webway, Eldritch Drifter, Eldritch Flurry, Eldritch Retort, Eldritch Serpent, Eldritch Shove, Eldritch Spikes, Eldritch Spray, Eldritch Steed, Eldritch Stream, Eldritch Web, Emotional Crisis, Eternal Flame, Evasive Swarm, Fiendmarked, Flashfire, Heat Sink, Heat Wave, Hexing Blast, Ice Slider, Infernal Cloud, Infernal Labyrinth, Injection Blast, Knockdown Blast, Melt Earth, Meteor Fist, Meteor Wing, Mind Roast, Missing Shadow, Oblative Surge, Obliterating Blast, Phantom Blast, Physical Blast, Prismatic Blast, Prismatic Energy, Pyroclastic Blast, Realm of Shifting Frost, Repeating Blast, Salamander's Cloak, Scatter Rain, Sentinel Blast, Sloughskin Blast, Smoke Blast, Soulbind Eldritch Horror, Soulbind Hellfire Devil, Soulbind Pale Haunt, Soulbind Phantom Wyrm, Soulbind Wild Spirit, Spelldraining Blast, Spider Cocoon, Spider Sense, Spider Weave, Spidersilk Blast, Spiritual Slave, Splitter Blast, Stygian Frost Blast, Stygian Rime, Summon Phantasmal Feeders, T-Blast, Thermal Prescience, Venomous Blast, Vile Toughness, Vulnerable Blast, Wall of Plasma
Epic Spells & Powers Bound Legion, Fivefold Phantasmagoria, Gran Sturm, Megaton, Save Crystal, Tactical Nuke, Ultima, Vivacious Jar, Volcano

Unique Magic-Types[edit]

Eiji-kun's Homebrew (5096 Articles)
Sacrifices Blackest Terror, Call Death, Corrupt Breaker, Crossing the Black Sea, Dark Road, Dark Sustenance, Death's Stride, Deathseek, Debilitator, Destrato, Dreamweaver, Eraser, Eye of the Gate, Fatal Knowledge, Form of Death, Ghost Shell, Grim Aura, Hear/See the Beyond, Hidden Gates, Inevitability, King of the Dead, Life For Life, Life's/Death's Edge, Lifeshaver, Locked Gate, Manifest Hole, Masochist Strength, Pull of Darkness, Shadow's Hunger, Sight Beyond Sight, Soul Eater, Soul Knowledge, Soul Power, Summon The Gate, Swift Death, Vampiric Soul, Violator, Walking Beyond the Gate, Wight's Touch
Blood Spells Aerobic Step, Aggravate Wound, Bleed, Bloodforge Weapon, Boost Immunity, Bruise, Clean Wound, Life Spark, Light Drop, Needle, Sharp Blood, Staunch, Summon Mosquito
- None
- None
- None
- None

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