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The Draco-Knight is a fighter that fights for a dragon patron. They battle with there lives intent on slaying there foes for the dragonic masters, but being the royal soldier for an elemental beast has its perks. Draco-Knights slowly change shape into things behind regular standards, so enough you will be a half-dragon.

draconic influence[edit]

At 3rd level you can choose a chromatic dragon's color. This color will become yours forever and won't change.(representing you patrons color) 3 times per day when you make an attack you can infuse the energy that of your patrons color into your attack. This would mean that if you attack with a long sword and you had a red dragoon as your patron, then it would deal fire damage instead. You can back your charges when ever time you talk or meet with your patron.

Mental Bond[edit]

Also at 3rd level you gain the ability to enter a trance like state, during a short rest, to talk to your Dagon patron. This counts a meeting him so it can refill your charges for this subclass. This takes up an entire hour, but of you do your patron can give you advise on different things.

draconic scales[edit]

7th: Working for your new master means you are starting to adapt to your new home and soon you start to change. The first evolution starts in the skin. This will give you a different ability depending on your patron.

• Red: resistance fire, once per day when you are attacked physically, the attacker makes a saving throw and if he fails he takes 1d6 fire damage.

• Blue: resistance lightning, once per day you can Reroll a failed dexterity Saving throw.

• Green: resistance acid,always have advantage on poison saving throws.

• Black: resistance acid, advantage on attacks in the water.

• White: resistance cold, once per day when you attack you can make the opponent make a will saving throw or be immobilized. (frozen)

draconic strength[edit]

10th: After living with a dragon for a while you seem to grow stronger by doing daily task. This allows you to get a + 5 on a strength check + 10 at level 10.

Final Evolution[edit]

15th: You gain you final evolution depending on your patron.

•Red: breath weapon, you can grow wings.

•Blue: breath weapon, speed is increased by 50

•Green: breath weapon, immune to all poisons

•Black: breath weapon, you become aquatic

•White: breath weapon, you can make a touch melee attack to imolbilize the target.



This sword is a +3 great sword with the following properties.

It has 10 charges, it can cast firebolt, fireball, and firewall. Every time you meet or talk with your patron it gets 1d10 more charges.

It deals fire damage.

Once per day it can summon 3 fire elementals.


This is a +3 spear with the following properties.

You can use it as a ranged weapon by throwing it. When you throw it it will turn into a lighningolt dealing 4d8 lighning damage.

It deals lightning damage.

You can cast lighning bolt as long as it is in your hand.


This is a +3 short sword with the following properties.

It can cast poison.

It deals acid damage.

It can summon a cloud of poison in a 30 square area that makes all enemies take poison saving throws.

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