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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: October 16, 2015
Status: In progress
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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I am the hero!

Jet Black

CR 20

Male Human Viewtiful Warrior 8, Viewtiful Shogun 10, Boss 2
LG Medium Humanoid
Init/Senses +4/Listen +2, Spot +2
Languages Common, Infernal, Abyssal
AC , touch , flat-footed ; VFX Slow
(+4 Dex, +9 dodge)
hp ((8d8+10d10+36)×3 HD); VFX Auras (fire, electricity, dark)
Fort/Ref/Will +/+/+
Speed 30 ft., 30 feet hover; VFX Mach Speed, Double Jump, VFX Warp, VFX Shift
Melee Unarmed strike (VFX-empowered magic) +24 melee (1d10+4) or
Melee +5 mithril katana +29 melee (1d10+6, 18-20/×2)
Ranged VFX Bubble
Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Atk/Grp +20/+
Atk Options Red Hot One Hundred, Hurricane Kick, Red Hot Kick, VFX Bubble, Wave Strike, Tokusatsu Leap, Issen (Long Issen), Dark Slash
Special Actions VFX (VFX Slow, VFX Mach Speed, VFX Zoom, VFX Gravity), VFX Bubble, VFX Giga Bubble, VFX Orbitar (4 orbitars max., Double Orbitar, Rapid Orbitar), Tokusatsu Leap, VFX Drain, Issen (Long Issen), Dark Slash, VFX Dragons, VFX Doom Dragons, VFX Warp, VFX Shift, VFX Banish
Abilities Str 19, Dex 18, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 21
SQ VFX (Spit Upon The Ground), VFX Auras (attack, defense, perception, fire, electricity, dark)
Feats Combat Reflexes (1 HD), Weapon Focus (katana) (3 HD), Improved Trip (2nd-level Viewtiful Warrior), Leadership (6 HD), Wave Strike (2nd-level Viewtiful Shogun)
Possessions +5 mithril katana, VFX Helm (+5 enhancement bonus to max VFX)
VFX As a Viewtiful Shogun, Jet Black is a master of the mysterious energy of drama known as VFX. He has five major long-term VFX powers — VFX Slow, VFX Mach Speed, VFX Zoom In, VFX Hover, and VFX Gravity — and numerous instant-use VFX abilities.

VFX Slow (VFX): Jet Black's most basic VFX power is VFX Slow. Using this power, Jet can tap into his VFX to slow down the world around him, out to a radius of 1800 feet. VFX Slow costs 1 VFX point per round that it remains in effect. This has the following effects:

  • Time itself slows down — objects fall slower, projectiles move slower, creatures move slower, everything moves slower. One second under VFX Slow is equivalent to several seconds of normal time — the exact factor is hard to determine, but it's perfectly possible to react to bullets traveling several hundred feet per second (or miles per hour) under VFX Slow's effects, and supersonic jets are slowed down so much that they might as well be flying through molasses. Jet himself loses 10 feet of movement speed while this power is in effect, but everything around him behaves as if slowed, even if otherwise immune to such effects; this is actually stronger than a basic slow effect, causing creatures and characters other than Jet to have their movement speed reduced by 60 feet (to a minimum of 5 feet) or to ½ of their normal speed, whichever is less, relative to Jet Black, and they take a −2 penalty to attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves instead of the usual −1. Except where otherwise noted, this doesn't affect the "actual" movement speed of anything significantly enough to alter its inertia; for instance, a flying creature continues flying even if reduced to less than its minimum flight speed.
  • Jet Black's attacks become more dramatic, and therefore more powerful. He adds his Charisma modifier (minimum +1) to all attack and damage rolls that he himself makes or which stem from sources that he is directly or indirectly responsible for (including spell-like effects, launched opponents, redirected projectiles, and environmental hazards (such as cave-ins) that Jet sets off).
  • The dodge bonus from Viewtiful Dodge is doubled (becoming a +18 bonus instead of +9), and Jet gains improved uncanny dodge while VFX Slow is in effect. With everything slowed down, even the most rapid attack is outrageously slow and easy to see coming.
  • Narrow Dodge (VFX, Ex): VFX Slow enables Jet Black to dodge just about anything, but at a price. As long as VFX Slow remains in effect, Jet gains a +20 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex saves (in addition to the bonuses from Viewtiful Dodge). However, anything that misses him by 20 or less (i.e. due solely to this +20 dodge bonus) is not subject to the "You're Too Slow!" ability (which means that he can't stun that foe on that round) and immediately costs him a move action from his next round (which he spends performing Matrix-style acrobatics) and 4 VFX points (or all of his VFX points if he has less than that remaining). The move action and VFX cost for a narrow dodge can only be incurred once per round. If Jet runs out of VFX, his powers are suppressed and VFX Slow immediately ends.
  • Reflect Projectiles (VFX, Ex): Jet Black can, with good timing, strike a projectile (such as a bullet or arrow) to send it in the opposite direction. To pull this off, he must make an attack roll that equals or exceeds the attack roll result or Reflex save DC +10 of the projectile attack. A redirection attempt can be performed as either an immediate action or an attack of opportunity — whatever Jet feels like he can comfortably spare. (If the projectile is slow enough to not hit its target during its owner's turn, Jet can use an attack action on his turn to redirect the projectile if it's within his reach; this is more likely than it sounds considering VFX Slow's primary effect, but still probably not something worth worrying about unless the current combat is in a very large area.) If Jet misses on his attack, that means he messed up the timing; the projectile's trajectory is unaffected, and if Jet is in that projectile's way, he takes a −10 penalty to AC and Reflex saves against it (he can technically still dodge it if he has enough time, and even if he doesn't, he may be able to pull off a narrow dodge anyways, but there's a limit to how fast he can react even with VFX Slow, and the failed attempt to redirect the projectile has subtracted a lot of precious time from his window of opportunity to get out of the way). If Jet hits, he has successfully redirected the projectile. The projectile's trajectory depends on how Jet strikes it. If he punches, shoots, or slashes the projectile, it goes back the way it came at a 0-degree angle (parallel to level ground). If he kicks it, it flies upwards the way it came at a 45-degree angle. If he hits it with an uppercut, it flies upwards at a 90-degree angle (that is, straight up). If he hits it with a Red Hot Kick, it flies downward the way it came at a 45-degree angle. The redirected projectile is even more dangerous than it was originally. It uses Jet's attack roll as its new attack roll or save DC (a save DC is the attack roll −10), Jet's Charisma modifier is added to its damage, and if the redirected projectile strikes any enemy (especially the one who originally launched it), it stuns its victim (as a stunning fist attack) for 1 round with no save allowed. Projectiles whose size is equal to or greater than Jet Black (such as a boulder thrown by a giant) and projectiles that are not actually tangible (such as a magical ray) cannot be reflected with VFX Slow.
  • Rock On! (VFX, Ex): Whenever Jet Black strikes a dazed, stunned, or paralyzed creature, that creature is launched away from the sheer force of the drama (Jet sees it slowly fly away, but to everyone else, the victim flies away at mach speed). The hapless creature is launched along the same trajectory as a reflected projectile, and continues traveling for 900 feet unless it hits a solid obstacle first. All other creatures in the way must succeed on a Reflex save (DC = 24 + the launched creature's size modifier to grapple checks) to get out of the way; failure means that the creature is struck, and both the launched creature and the creature it struck take 8d8 damage. The launched creature travels right through other creatures in its path, regardless of whether or not they dodge it. If the launched creature strikes a solid obstacle that can stop its movement, it takes 1d6 damage for every 20 feet it had left to travel. Once one stunned creature has been launched in this way, all creatures that Jet strikes are launched in a similar fashion until the VFX Slow effect ends.
  • Explosions in the area of VFX Slow become bigger and more dramatic, and do more damage as a result. The area and damage of all explosions subjected to a VFX Slow effect are doubled (if Jet himself caused the explosion or tampered with the explosive before it went off, the damage is doubled before Jet's Charisma modifier is applied). Needless to say, fireball and related spells subjected to this effect become ludicrously deadly. However, timed explosives are delayed by VFX Slow, just like everything else; the time until detonation is effectively doubled (2 rounds are counted as 1).
  • Propellers are slowed down and stop generating lift. Anything dependent on a propeller to fly is brought down to the ground (or at least loses a lot of altitude). This effect ends when VFX Slow does, allowing the object or creature to return to its original altitude.
  • Liquids flow more slowly, potentially causing input to exceed output and causing the liquid's volume to expand. A pool of liquid can expand to cover up to 900 additional cubic feet, but only if its level is determined by some sort of input-output balance (such as a lake being fed and drained by rivers, or the water in a sewer system). The liquid shrinks down to its original volume when the VFX Slow effect ends. Very large liquid bodies, such as an ocean, aren't strongly affected by this.
  • Balloons swell up (yet somehow never burst as a result of this), and anything being carried by said balloons is hoisted higher up into the air. When VFX Slow ends, the balloons return to their original proportions and altitude.
  • Spinning creatures or objects are drastically slowed down, to the point that Jet can perceive the object's "facing" at any given moment. For instance, he could predict which face a dreidel will land on. He also gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC against spinning-based attacks (such as Whirlwind Attack), and ignores bonuses to AC derived from spinning (as well as the effects of Barrel Roll and its more powerful variants). Tumble checks made to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity from Jet Black while he uses VFX Slow have a +5 increase to the DC for Jet's threat only (attacks of opportunity from other characters can be avoided with the same DCs as normal).
    • Another benefit of this aspect of VFX Slow is that slot machine reels slow down, with each reel advancing 1 space per round (each space being a possible reel result, though reel results with a higher probability than 1/X occupy a number of spaces equal to the number before the X). This lets Jet pick out any result he wants, as long as he can maintain the VFX Slow long enough (otherwise, he might have to use it multiple times, letting his VFX recharge between each Slow session). The reel result currently shown when Jet initiates VFX Slow is randomly determined as if the reel was being stopped.
  • Anything that gets sent flying by an attack or thrown by a creature travels twice as far as it otherwise would. This does not apply to opponents that Jet launches by hitting them, nor does it apply to anything that's fired rather than thrown, such as an arrow from a bow. However, all projectiles, whether thrown or fired, will be slowed down just like creatures and other objects.

Time stop, haste, and other effects that temporally accelerate a creature can cancel out VFX Slow (and are likewise canceled out by VFX Slow), but only for the creatures or objects under said effects. VFX Slow is a [Time] effect.

VFX Mach Speed (VFX): By activating this power, Jet Black speeds everything (but especially himself) up. VFX Mach Speed requires 2 VFX points per round to maintain. VFX Mach Speed has the following effects:

  • Jet Black gains a 280-foot enhancement bonus to movement speed.
  • Jet Black is treated as though he had the Run feat (without requiring its prerequisites) while VFX Mach Speed is in effect.
  • Jet Black gets two extra attacks at his full BAB if attacking with a standard action, or six extra attacks at his full BAB if making a full attack action. This doesn't apply to Red Hot Kick. With Red Hot One Hundred, Jet can get four extra attacks at his full BAB if attacking with a standard action, or twelve extra attacks at his full BAB if making a full attack action (this only applies to unarmed attacks).
  • Jet Black falls five times as quickly as usual. Strangely, this doesn't increase the falling damage he takes (but doesn't decrease it, either).
  • Fire Aura (VFX, Su): When Jet Black manages to connect with four or more attacks in a single round, he gains a fiery aura for five rounds. While covered with this fiery aura, his attacks deal an additional 2d6 fire damage, and he gains immunity to fire and fire anti-resistance 90 that can overcome fire immunity and fire absorption. He can refresh the duration of his fiery aura before it vanishes simply by connecting with four or more attacks in a single round while under the effects of Mach Speed, but he does not need to continue using VFX Mach Speed to keep the fire aura active (at least until its duration runs out). If he runs out of VFX, the fire aura is immediately dispelled. Jet must be attacking something to generate or refresh the fire aura, but that something doesn't have to be a creature — it could be anything capable of taking damage or responding to being attacked (like a pillar, a chest, a wall without magical reinforcement, or even a slot machine or Shocking Pink).
This aura can overlap with a fire aura activated through Jet's VFX Aura feature, and behaves similarly, except that this aura confers no temporary hit points and has a finite duration. However, the extra fire damage and anti-resistance stack.
  • Afterimage Assault (VFX): When Jet Black connects with four or more attacks in a single round, he rapidly emits clones of himself. These clones rush out up to 150 feet away from Jet to fight for him. Each clone makes a single attack against a single creature or object (using Jet's own modifiers), then vanishes. Jet Black makes two clones per round, assuming that he connects with four or more of his own attacks. The clones preferentially attack whatever is closest, other than what Jet himself is attacking, but he can direct them to attack anything within 30 feet of their chosen target or choose the direction(s) in which the clones move out to attack. The clones actually move along the air itself; they don't need to move along the ground, and can even be used to retrieve things that are out of reach. (A clone can be directed to retrieve a single object, which is done instead of attacking a creature or object, and bring it to Jet). Jet must be attacking something to generate clones, but that something doesn't have to be a creature — it could be anything capable of taking damage or responding to being attacked (like a pillar, a chest, a wall without magical reinforcement, or even a slot machine or Shocking Pink). Likewise, the clones can attack anything that can take damage or respond to being attacked (but they won't attack something that there's no point in attacking, like a random wall).
  • If Jet Black is on fire, he can put himself out simply by activating Mach Speed. He cannot be set on fire while Mach Speed is active. However, this is only as effective as jumping into water, so it may not be helpful against supernatural fires (such as the blackfire[1] spell). Mach Speed also grants no fire resistance in and of itself (that requires the fire aura).
  • The following effects occur within a radius of 1800 feet:
    • Propellers are sped up, causing anything using them to fly to gain altitude. When VFX Mach Speed ends, the propellers return to their original speed and altitude.
    • The flow of liquids is accelerated, potentially causing output to exceed input. In a body of water whose level is dependent on an input-output balance (such as a lake fed and drained by rivers or a sewer system), the water can recede up to 900 cubic feet of volume. This reverses itself when VFX Mach Speed ends. Very large bodies of water, such as the ocean, aren't strongly affected by this.
    • Balloons leak air and shrink, causing anything using them to fly to lose altitude or even hit the ground. A balloon that wasn't completely deflated will reinflate when VFX Mach Speed ends.
    • Explosions become rather small and pathetic. The area and damage of all explosion effects in range of VFX Mach Speed are halved. Timed explosives are hastened in VFX Mach Speed's area, and go off in half as much time (1 round is counted as 2).
    • Spinning objects and creatures (including slot machine reels) are sped up (as if the one-armed bandit wasn't unfair enough already). As far as game mechanics are concerned, this doesn't do anything important.
    • Anything that gets sent flying by an attack or thrown by a creature only travels half of the distance it otherwise would. (This doesn't apply to anything that's "fired", such as an arrow from a bow.)
VFX Mach Speed's effects and costs are greatly reduced when used in combination with VFX Slow; the only effect of VFX Mach Speed during VFX Slow is that Jet's movement speed is not reduced, and VFX Mach Speed only costs 1 VFX point per round to maintain when used in combination with VFX Slow. (In total, Jet uses 2 VFX per round.) VFX Mach Speed doesn't stack with haste or similar effects. Also, VFX Mach Speed cancels out slow and similar effects; however, these effects also cancel VFX Mach Speed. VFX Mach Speed is a [Time] effect.

VFX Zoom (VFX): This VFX power (also called Zoom In) is a straight-up boost that zooms in the camera to emphasize how awesome sexy viewtiful Jet Black is. It requires 2 VFX per round to maintain. VFX Zoom provides the following effects:

  • Jet Black adds 1 and 1/2 times his Charisma bonus (rounded down, minimum +1) to all of his attack rolls and damage rolls by infusing his attacks with drama. This stacks with the bonuses granted by VFX Slow.
  • Jet Black adds 1 and 1/2 times his Charisma bonus (rounded down, minimum +1) to all attack rolls, damage rolls, and save DCs that stem from sources that he is directly or indirectly responsible for (including spell-like effects, launched opponents, redirected projectiles, and environmental hazards (like cave-ins) that he sets off) within 1800 feet. This does not stack with the above ability, but does stack with the bonuses granted by VFX Slow.
  • All enemies with 13 HD or less that wind up within 1800 feet of Jet Black must succeed on a DC 24 Will save or become frozen in fear. The save DC is Charisma-based. As long as the Zoom In effect remains, enemies that fail this Will save helplessly cower in fear (however, as they are not dazed, stunned, or paralyzed, they are not affected by extra damage from Viewtiful Dodge or at risk of being launched by VFX Slow). A given creature only needs to save once for each time that Jet uses Zoom In, no matter how many times it enters or exits the area of effect. This is a [Fear, Mind-Affecting] effect.
  • Red Hot One Hundred (Ex): Jet Black is capable of performing high-powered rapid-fire punches. While Zoomed In, Jet is able to make two attacks for each one attack he would otherwise be entitled to (and each of these two attacks is made with the same attack bonus), but these attacks must be unarmed attacks and each pair of attacks must be made against the same target. In addition, Jet's unarmed attacks made via RHOH are treated as he was 1 size category larger (meaning that they do 2d8+4 damage instead of 1d10+4, before VFX bonuses are applied). This ability can only be used while VFX Zoom is active. If Jet Black is unable to make unarmed attacks with his hands (hands are full, disabled, missing, bound, etc.), he cannot use Red Hot One Hundred.
  • Hurricane Kick (Ex): Jet Black changes his lower-body unarmed attacks to a whirlwind kick. He may make a Whirlwind Attack as a regular attack action (which means that he may do so multiple times per round and interchangeably with RHOH attacks), but each Whirlwind Attack must be an unarmed attack, and he cannot combine this attack with the Red-Hot One Hundred. Jet can do this even though he lacks the Whirlwind Attack feat. This ability can only be used while VFX Zoom is active. If Jet is unable to make unarmed attacks with his feet (feet are disabled, missing, bound, etc.), he cannot use Hurricane Kick.
  • Rocket Jump (Ex): When Jet Black jumps while zoomed in, he becomes a twirling drill of destruction. He makes an attack roll as he jumps, and anything he collides with while ascending whose AC is defeated by his attack roll takes damage equivalent to that of his unarmed strike (1d10+4 before VFX bonuses are applied).
  • Rocket Impact (Ex): When Jet Black Zooms In while falling, he becomes a piledriver of doom. He makes an attack roll when he begins his dive, and anything he collides with on the way down whose AC is defeated by his attack roll takes unarmed strike damage (1d10+4 before VFX bonuses are applied). When he hits the ground, he generates a shockwave with a radius of 40 feet centered on himself that affects all creatures in range other than himself. This shockwave does unarmed strike damage as if Jet Black was one size category larger (2d8+4 instead of 1d10+4, before VFX bonuses are applied) and knocks victims prone. A DC 24 Reflex save halves the damage and negates being knocked prone. The save DC is either Strength or Charisma-based; since Jet's Charisma is higher than his Strength, the save DC uses his Charisma.
  • Spiral Dragon Kick (Su): The Red Hot Kick becomes a Spiral Dragon Kick if Zoom In is activated during the attack. This attack blows through everything in its path with a single attack roll, though it can't be (voluntarily) canceled once initiated. Anything it hits takes unarmed strike damage as though Jet was three sizes larger (4d8+4 instead of 1d10+4, before VFX bonuses are applied), plus 3d8 fire damage. This fire damage is in addition to the damage from a fire aura from VFX Mach Speed.
    • A Spiral Dragon Kick isn't completely unstoppable. A creature in the Spiral Dragon Kick's path whose flat-footed AC is greater than the Spiral Dragon Kick's attack roll result can allow Jet Black to (mostly) harmlessly collide with its armor, causing him to bounce off and provoke an attack of opportunity. The creature which deflected Jet Black takes 5 fire damage, but gains a +2 circumstance bonus to the attack roll for its attack of opportunity against Jet, should it choose to take it. A creature whose AC is greater than the Spiral Dragon Kick's attack roll but whose flat-footed AC would be defeated by said attack roll must let Jet past (and if it's flat-footed or otherwise unable to use its Dexterity and dodge bonuses to AC, it gets hit instead). A creature must have a "standard" AC greater than its flat-footed AC to be able to choose whether to let Jet past or to deflect him; if its flat-footed AC equals its "standard" AC, it must deflect Jet.

VFX Bubble (Ps, VFX): As a Viewtiful Shogun, Jet Black's primary attack, aside from his trusty katana, is the ability to tap into his VFX to launch small orbs of psionic force at enemies. As an attack action, Jet Black can pay 1 VFX point to launch a bubble-like orb-shaped missile of VFX. This bubble is a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 80 feet. (The bubble isn't inaccurate, but it is a little bit slow.) The bubble defies gravity, and thus has no maximum range, though it can only travel 10 range increments in a single round. On impact with anything, the bubble bursts into an explosion of raw VFX, dealing 5d6+5 points of psionic and force damage to everything in that 5-foot square. All of the damage is both psionic and force, which means that it can only be resisted by a creature with force resistance and resistance to psychic powers. (Mightyena is a good example of a creature that resists psionic energy; however, it doesn't resist force.) Power resistance does apply to the VFX Bubble attack, and Jet Black uses his class level, plus his levels in Viewtiful Warrior and other VFX-granting classes, as his manifester level to overcome a creature's power resistance.

Because the VFX Bubble is an attack action, it can be used either as a standard action or as part of a full attack (however, due to being a ranged attack, it cannot be used as an attack of opportunity without Super Snipe or a similar ability). If part of a multiple-attack routine, VFX Bubble can be used any number of times up to the maximum number of attacks Jet Black is allowed in the round (as long as he has the VFX to pay for it), or he can use VFX Bubbles interchangeably with his other attacks.

Jet Black fires his VFX Bubbles from his open palm. However, if he is wielding his katana two-handed, he can hold the weapon one-handed while firing VFX Bubbles, even if he doesn't have any abilities that would normally allow him to wield such a weapon one-handed. After firing his VFX Bubble, he returns to holding his weapon in both hands automatically if he can't wield it in one hand (if he can, he chooses whether or not to hold it two-handed). This does not interfere with his ability to interchange VFX Bubbles with his other attacks.

VFX Bubble can be used even if it would consume Jet Black's last VFX point (though, as always, dropping to 0 VFX will cause Jet Black to temporarily lose his powers).

By extending the manifesting time of his VFX Bubble to a standard action and paying 1 extra point of VFX, Jet can release a VFX Giga Bubble that does double the damage of an ordinary VFX Bubble, has a 10-foot explosion radius, has a 60-foot range increment (due to being even slower than a standard VFX Bubble), gains a +1 bonus on the attack roll by virtue of its greater size making it harder to dodge, and quadruples its damage on a critical hit. Jet Black can generate a VFX Giga Bubble by swinging his sword, even at empty space, so it can be used in conjunction with a melee attack (potentially hitting a target with both the melee attack and the VFX Giga Bubble) and doesn't require Jet to adjust his grip on his weapon. However, as the VFX Giga Bubble requires a standard action to manifest, it cannot be used as part of a full attack. Jet Black is never injured by his own VFX Bubbles (or Giga Bubbles).

Unarmed Mastery While his primary weapons are his sword and psionic bubbles, Jet Black still packs quite the punch (pun intended) with his fists and feet. As long as he has VFX, Jet's unarmed attacks are equal to those of a 8th-level Medium monk, both in terms of damage dice and ability to penetrate damage reduction. That is, his unarmed strikes do 1d10 damage on a hit (before considering any bonuses from Jet's Strength, VFX, and other modifiers) and can penetrate damage reduction and hardness as though they were magic weapons. If he runs out of VFX, only this enhanced damage is lost, and only until his VFX recharges. Whether he has his VFX or not, Jet can freely choose to do lethal or nonlethal damage with his unarmed strikes without taking a penalty to attack rolls for either. He is capable of attacking with either hand interchangeably, or with his elbows, feet, and knees; there is no such thing as an off-hand unarmed strike for him, and he may therefore apply his full Strength bonus to any unarmed strike he makes, and make unarmed strikes even if his hands are full. His unarmed strikes count as both manufactured and natural weapons for the purpose of effects and spells that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.
Viewtiful Dodge Jet Black has a +9 dodge bonus to his AC unless he runs out of VFX or is carrying a heavy load. If he carries a heavy load, he forfeits his dodge bonus outright, while if he runs out of VFX, his dodge bonus is reduced to +2. Furthermore, he gains a +9 bonus to damage whenever he attacks a creature that is currently dazed, stunned, or paralyzed (this is not reduced by carrying a heavy load or running out of VFX).
You're Too Slow! Any creature that attempts to strike Jet Black with an attack on its turn, even once, will be stunned at the end of its turn, with no save, unless it hit Jet with at least one of its attacks.
Double Jump Jet Black may jump while in the air. This works just like jumping from the ground. Once he does so, he must somehow stabilize his weight (typically by resting it on the ground, but anything that would allow him to use a movement speed he actually has works) before doing so again. When jumping from the ground, he may wait for the peak of his jump before jumping again, which effectively lets him make two Jump checks and combine them. If falling, using this ability resets falling damage to only apply from the point the jump was made from (which can negate it entirely, if Joe jumps close to the ground). This is a VFX ability, but does not actually consume any VFX points. Nonetheless, it can't be used if Jet has run out of VFX.
Costume Swap As a spell-like ability performed as a free action, Jet Black may alter the details of any mundane clothing (including nonmagical armor) he wears any time he wants to do so. For example, he could change a purple outfit into a red one, or a yellow one, or a striped one, or a polka-dotted one, or a tie-dye one... He can also add or remove any small decorations (such as pins, emblems, or buttons) in this fashion. The effect is instantaneous and can't be dispelled. The clothing is actually altered by this ability (which makes this a transmutation, not an illusion). Costume Swap cannot alter the properties of a magic item (or even a mundane suit of armor) in any way that would alter its statistics, abilities, or interactions with other game mechanics (except for altering its color). Using this ability emits a brief flash of light that, while short-lived, may be enough to give away Jet's position — certainly an inconvenience during those rare moments when he doesn't want to be seen.
Air Pummel Jet Black is just as skilled at launching multiple attacks in the air as he is on the ground. Even though he lacks a fly speed, he can make a full attack while in midair. Furthermore, while in midair, he can descend at a mere 5 feet per round simply by repeatedly making attacks — even if those attacks are aimed at empty space. He must use a full attack action in order to utilize this benefit, and he cannot move from the square he occupies while using this technique, even if he's able to make full attacks as a standard action or take more than a single full-round action in a round. Jet can't use Air Pummel if he has run out of VFX.
One-Two Each time Jet Black strikes an opponent with any attack, he gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls against that opponent for the rest of the round. This bonus is not retroactively applied to the initial attack. If Jet hits the foe more than once in a round, the bonus he gains to attack and damage rolls is cumulative (+1 on the second attack, +2 on the third attack, +3 on the fourth attack, and so on and so forth). If Jet is fighting multiple opponents, this ability applies independently to each of them; Jet can't get bonuses against one creature by roughing up another one. This ability is not lost if Jet Black runs out of VFX.
Red Hot Kick The signature move of the Viewtiful Warrior (other than his VFX), this fanciful move is a midair kick that drops to the ground at a 45-degree angle until it reaches the ground or something that can be attacked. The attack is initiated as a standard action and uses a melee attack roll to make contact. Once impact against the target is made, Jet Black bounces off the target and may perform the attack again. Red Hot Kick may only be performed 2 times before Jet needs to restabilize himself (in the same way that he restabilizes himself for his Double Jump, which, given that he can't fly, means touching the ground). A Red Hot Kick may be canceled at any point before impact by performing any other attack action, a double jump, or by restabilizing himself. Compared to any other unarmed attack, a Red Hot Kick does damage as though Jet is two sizes larger than he actually is (meaning that it does 3d8+4 damage rather than 1d10+4, before applying VFX and other bonuses). A Red-Hot Kick cannot be performed if Jet has run out of VFX.
Evasion Jet Black is highly skilled at dodging attacks; in game terms, he has evasion. If subject to an effect that would ordinarily allow a Reflex save for half damage, Jet instead takes no damage on a successful save. Jet cannot benefit from evasion if he runs out of VFX, wears heavy armor, or carries a heavy load.
Yamaarashi As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, Jet Black can cloak himself in an orange glow, then lunge forward and make a melee touch attack on an opponent within twice his melee range. (He moves to a space adjacent to his target if he is not adjacent to them already as he performs the attack, and if anything else is between him and his target, he performs Yamaarashi on whatever got in his way instead.) If Yamaarashi hits, Jet grabs the foe and hurls them over his shoulder, hurling the opponent away and dealing triple his unarmed strike damage (3d10+12 before VFX modifiers are applied). The opponent must be Large or smaller for Yamaarashi to work properly. If the foe is Huge, Jet takes a −4 penalty on the attack roll. If the foe is Gargantuan or larger, Jet takes a −4 penalty on the attack roll and is unable to grab the foe, instead simply dealing his standard unarmed strike damage (his attack is still considered a touch attack, and thus bypasses armor and natural armor bonuses to AC).

A foe thrown by Yamaarashi hits the ground after flying 20 feet away, then continues rolling out to 120 feet. It can be made to stop early by another creature (for example, using the Stand Still feat), succeeding on a Tumble check to right itself (DC = damage dealt by Yamaarashi), falling at least 100 feet, or hitting a wall. It is entitled to one Tumble check after the first 10 feet of rolling and at every 30 feet afterwards. The thrown creature's movement provokes attacks of opportunity. If the thrown creature hits another creature, the consequences are the same as if it had been whacked into that creature via VFX Slow; the Reflex save DC for the other creature to get out of the way before impact is 23 + the thrown creature's modifier to grapple checks (the save DC is Strength-based). If the thrown creature hits a wall, it takes 1d6 damage for every 10 feet it had left to travel. In any case, it falls prone when it stops. If the foe has Ukemi or another ability that can negate being knocked prone, that ability is used when the foe hits the ground, but before it starts rolling (20 feet away from Jet); if the foe successfully avoids being knocked prone, it doesn't even start rolling.

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