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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: October 25, 2012
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Super Snipe [Fighter] Professionals have standards - be polite, be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet. Benefits: This feat scales with your base attack bonus.

  • base attack bonus: +0: You gain a +1 bonus to all ranged attack rolls (including any spells that you cast as rays or require ranged attack rolls) and Spot checks. 
  • base attack bonus: +1: You are considered proficient with all ranged weapons. 
  • base attack bonus: +5: The threat range of your ranged weapons is increased by 1 (before applying any other effects that modify threat range, such as multipliers). In addition, the range increments of all your ranged attacks (including thrown objects and spells that use range increments instead of a defined maximum range) are doubled. 
  • base attack bonus: +10: You may reroll any ranged attack roll that fails to beat the target's Armor Class. This reroll may only be made once per attack. 
  • base attack bonus: +15: Boom, headshot! You may make a coup de grace with a ranged weapon (though you cannot exceed the maximum range of your weapon). You can even attempt to do this when the target is not helpless, but this requires you to call your headshot attempt in advance, taking a −4 penalty on the attack roll and nullifying this feat's bonus to ranged weapon threat ranges. You must score the critical hit naturally in order to succeed on the headshot, and a natural 20 is not treated as an automatic hit for this attack roll (though it is always considered a critical threat if the attack connects). The roll to confirm the critical hit takes a −6 penalty (not cumulative with the penalty for calling the headshot attempt). If you successfully score a critical hit, it is treated as a coup de grace, and the target must make a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + damage dealt) or die. Creatures who lack heads, or whose heads are non-vital parts of their anatomy, are not vulnerable to headshots, nor are creatures with immunity to critical hits. Creatures with multiple heads are only at risk of being killed by a headshot if down to their last head. Attempting a headshot is a full-round action, just like a normal coup de grace. 
  • base attack bonus: +20: You may use a ranged weapon or ranged attack that you could use as part of a regular or full attack action (not a spell unless it grants you a ranged attack usable like a normal weapon) to make a ranged attack of opportunity. Each range increment is treated as if it were two range increments when making a ranged attack of opportunity (effectively doubling your ranged attack penalties and halving your maximum range), because you have to make your attack hastily to catch the foe off-guard (and compensate for any motions they might be making). Anything that could provoke a normal attack of opportunity, except for a normal move action (moving one's speed), always provokes a ranged attack of opportunity. (A double move action, run, charge, bull rush, or other reckless motion still provokes a ranged attack of opportunity, and a normal move action provokes a ranged attack of opportunity as well if you have Improved Combat Reflexes or a feat that grants a similar benefit.) You still have to realize that a foe's left itself open in order to take advantage of the opportunity; this is accomplished with a success on a Spot check with a DC equal to the target's opposed Hide check + 1 for every 25 feet of distance between you and your opponent. You may use any other feats or abilities that involve attacks of opportunity, such as Combat Reflexes, for the purpose of making a ranged attack of opportunity. Likewise, any abilities a target may have to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity in melee when they normally would, such as Improved Bull Rush or Improved Combat Casting, also enable it to avoid provoking ranged attacks of opportunity. You still cannot make more than one attack of opportunity for a given opportunity unless you have a separate ability allowing you to ignore this restriction (such as Punishment Combat Reflexes), and your ranged attacks of opportunity count against your normal limit for attacks of opportunity in a round. A ranged attack of opportunity does not itself provoke a ranged attack of opportunity (this is to prevent a two-way barrage of ranged attacks of opportunity that only end when one person runs out of ammo, runs out of attacks of opportunity for the round, fails to spot the opportunity, or is incapacitated).

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