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About me[edit]

I'm a 26-year-old software engineer with interests in roleplaying games. I highly approve of any and all Pokemon in Dungeons & Dragons. :D

Empiricism in game design is a pretty big deal to me. I'm fully convinced that game balance can be theoretically defined and demonstrated by measurable things - in 3.5, classes, prestige classes, and even smaller portions of a character can have their balance point defined by experiment. I do realize that doing so universally is often not practical if only because of the time needed. This also applies to other games that don't have a well-defined standard of appropriate character power; they just need such a standard established.

My AIM is Quantumboots, MSN messenger is quantumboost at hotmail dot com.

My favorite pages[edit]

My Major Projects[edit]

  • Pokémon d20 - a 3.5 update of a d20 supplement written by Frank and Emma Trollman. Currently all that remains is writing up entries that haven't been implemented (or having other people do so) and adding a search-table for "Pokémon" from D&D proper. The latter would probably require a search-parser to check for "advances by HD" monsters.
  • Book of Gears Update - In light of the Den's efforts in making content for the remaining pieces of the Tome series, I'm making some efforts to gather up the content generated for the Book of Gears so it can be added to the Wiki's version.

Works in Progress[edit]

  • High Adventure on the Inner Planes - Will be a collection of campaign and plot hooks transcribed from TGD's Tome PDF thread, slated for the Tome of Tiamat. Most of it isn't actually my work, I only wrote up the Positive Energy Plane stuff.
  • Kharzan Imperium is my nation for the Multi-User Setting Project.

Other Things[edit]