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A (Brief) Introduction[edit]

Been playing D&D for over 10 years, haven't been active or posted much of the homebrewing I've done for awhile but I'm starting to put it up here again. For those of you who haven't met me way back when, I'm Australian, which means timezones are a bitch so I won't really be around when the vast majority of the site is.


3.5e Stuff:


Alternate Class Features



Weapons & Relevant Stuff

5e Stuff:


Favorite Chat Quotes[edit]

Quantumboost: Santa is dead. But he lives on in all our hearts due to a horrible necromantic curse laid upon humanity

Ganteka: at least I didn't end up with the cursed "ring of spell turning" in which the wearer was forced to spin in a circle and spell out T U R N I N G.

Ganteka: being under the compulsion that the ring would actually work instead of making that happen

TK-Squared: That's not even a real sentence, man.

Jackie: you're mom's not even a real sentence....

Magnamune: I'm aware of that

Ganteka: Your sentence isn't even a real... damn, I suck at this

Jackie:Your sentence isn't even a real mom!

BitchSlappingPimpJotz: Hands off the merchandise!

ChampionBitchCid: looking is free, touching is moolah

Havvy: I'm doing well. I read through the 5e basic rules yesterday.

Foxwarrior: and yet you're still doing well.