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Nayug, the Life Source[edit]

Nayug, Paragon Celestial of Positive Energy
Size/Type: Macro-Tiny Outsider (Chaotic, True Celestial)
Hit Dice: 100d20+8,990 plus 100d20+3,700 shield (5,700 sp / 10,990 hp)
Initiative: +16
Speed: 720 ft. (144 squares), fly 4,320 ft. (good)
Armor Class: 72 (-40 size, +7 Dex, +25 natural, +37 deflection, +12 luck, +12 insight, +9 divine), touch 47, flat-footed 65
Base Attack/Grapple: +100/+180
Attack: Slam +92* melee (50d12+201)
Full Attack: 2 slams +92* melee (50d12+201)
Space/Reach: 1,500 ft./1,500 ft.
Special Attacks: Anima shield, aura of saturation, divine magic, hypergenesis, spell-like abilities, spells
Special Qualities: Rank 9 true celestial traits and immunities, divine aura, DR 100/lawful and cosmic, energy immunity, regeneration 100, spell resistance 75
Saves: Fort +131, Ref +78, Will +91
Abilities: Str 107, Dex 25, Con 130, Int 45, Wis 50, Cha 85
Skills: All (103 ranks)
Feats: Epic Toughness (×23), Epic Weapon Focus (slam), Power Attack, Run, Variant Toughness
Environment: Positive energy plane
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 50
Treasure: None
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Level Adjustment:



Nayug's natural weapons and any weapon it wields, as well as any damage dealing attack it is capable of performing are treated as chaotic-aligned and cosmic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

The only non-cosmic damage type that can damage Nayug normally is negative energy damage.

Anima Shield (Ex): Nayug is constantly surrounded by a shroud of pure positive energy so intense that it regenerates itself nearly instantly. This ability functions as a shield that has its own hit dice equal to Nayug's HD, using its Charisma bonus for additional shield hit points, but unlike a normal shield, Nayug's anima shield regenerates instantly to full health after every round, effectively granting it a resistance and damage reduction equal to the anima shield's hit points against any attack that is stopped by a shield. Attacks that consist of multiple hits that each deal damage are checked against the anima shield as separate attacks.

While the anima shield is almost impenetrable by mortal power, it functions as an ordinary shield against negative energy, taking normal damage from attacks that deal that type of damage. The anima shield regenerates 500 shield hit points per round, effectively restoring it to full at the start of its every turn.

Divine Magic (Ex): Nayug's brand of divine magic is called Anima Magic, capable of converting the source of life and divinity alike into expressions of supreme creation and destruction. Nayug has access to the following feats of divine magic:

  • Anima Wave (5 ranks): Collecting incalculable amounts of energy within the constantly shifting animus that shapes its mouth, Nayug releases a massive blast of anima that deals 500d8 (average 2,250) positive energy damage in a 10-mile line that is 100 feet in diameter. The wave continues beyond this range, growing wider and less intense the further away from the point of origin; every 10 miles, the anima wave's diameter fans out by an additional 100 feet and the damage it deals is divided by the factor of its expansion (500d6/2 for 200 feet, 500d6/3 for 300 feet, etc.) The maximum range of the wave is 100 miles, after which the energy dissipates naturally within the atmosphere, returning to the positive energy plane.

Nayug has 9 ranks of divine magic, which return at a rate of 1 rank per minute.

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