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  • Monsters: Just unify (not sure what to do here).
    • Not sure what the plan is, so I don't know whether it's done.
  • SRD: Overhaul some stuff semantically and otherwise (everything we did for 3.5 so far basically).
    • Weapons and Armor are untouched. Spells and feats have been going as I or Havvy get around to them / feel like it.
  • 4e Keywords, I just deleted a whole ton of categories for that -- replace them with properties and delete the rest of the categories.
    • I don't remember where this stands anymore actually, but I'll look into it tonight. A number of 4e pages still have DPLs on them though, and those need to be updated.
  • Bot edit Category:Class, Category:Sacrifice, Category:Invocation, Namespace:Template to change "d20 dragon monstats" into "dragon monstats"; can get rid of that !important directive in Common.css after this is done.
    • Should be able to do this with Replace Text fairly easily. It's not done that I'm aware of.
      • These jobs have been queued. Should be done in a bit.
      • These changes are causing problems with titles in Classes, Invocations, and Sacrifices (no template changes have been processed yet, so I don't know if there are further issues in those). Specifically, the |+ <stuff> entry on the table is no longer bolded and left aligned (instead being centered). I may revert them in a bit.
        • Instead of reverting them, let me look at them tonight and see why this is happening. Maybe this can be fixed without reverting, or at least without keeping the !important directive. Surgo 12:12, 13 July 2012 (UTC)
          • Pretty much entirely fixed. Author box text is bigger for some reason, will investigate later. The fire has been put out. Surgo 16:55, 13 July 2012 (UTC)
            • Yay fixed. Thanks for that. I don't see the Author changes that you're talking about, and unless you changed something in "toccolours" or "author" (or something that they inherited), I don't know where such a change would even come from. - Tarkisflux Talk 18:18, 13 July 2012 (UTC)

Near Horizon[edit]

  • OGL navigation pages.
    • Pretty much done.
  • Equipment (ugh), especially magical equipment.
    • Most pages should be updated, some equipment may need individual updates. Larger scale redo plan is entirely missing.
  • Bot to edit all 3.5e creature templates to change property names.
    • Not sure what needs to be changed here.
  • Semantic update all classes.
    • Mostly done, I think.
  • Semantic update all races.
    • Done, I think.
  • Do something about the SRD organization; fix SRD spells to be more like the rest of the spells on the wiki (remove categories, etc.)
    • This has sort of been going for a while.

Further Horizon[edit]

  • New / Updated Extension - change forms to allow them to append to a page section instead of being a new page. Alternately update the Preload functionality to do the same thing (since it can currently only add new sections).
  • Make a new extension, Semantic Query, that lets the user perform ask queries on the fly in a user-friendly fashion.
  • New extension, Input Forms
  • Semantic Mediawiki: No transclusion of properties.
    • Worked around via SMW::off/on
  • Make the SRD fit in with the rest of the wiki in terms of formatting, searching, etc.
    • Part of the near horizon SRD updates. Generally works via template changes already.