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Author: Tarkisflux (talk)
Date Created: 24 March 2013
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Unified Weapon and Spell Ranges[edit]

Spell ranges are simply better than weapon ranges. At lower levels, a wizard can reliably toss a fireball 600' with pin point accuracy because "magic". And this is the weak example, as the caster may have to succeed with a ranged touch attack (without

At higher levels, spells with long range can reach up to a quarter mile away with the same accuracy and lack of range penalties.

Simply adding range penalties and ranged attack rolls to spells works poorly, since it's an increase in resolution time and makes these spells much less valuable. Similarly, it doesn't do anything for the archers and slingers of the world, who can reliably hit people at close ranges and

So instead we propose that all range increments be the same, whether they are for weapons, spells, or otherwise, and that the penalties for firing

Revised Ranges[edit]

All ranges, weapon, spell, or otherwise, now use one of the following values.

  • Close: 6 natural space squares (30')
  • Medium: 20 natural space squares (100')
  • Long: 60 natural space squares (300')
  • Extreme: 200 natural space squares (1000'). Targets at extreme range may not be fired at directly even if a weapon or spell can reach this distance, though indirect fire against their space is possible.

Larger creatures with larger weapons have correspondingly larger ranges. Similarly, larger spellcasters have better ranges as well.

Weapon Rules[edit]

Every ranged weapon is treated as a reach weapon with no threat range. Weapons have one of the following range increment penalty sets based on their base ranges:

5-10 feet: None. 15-25 feet: Close. 30-95 feet: Medium. 100+ feet: Long.

A ranged weapon can be fired or thrown at a target within the maximum range of their listed category without penalty. A ranged weapon may fire at a target within the next range category beyond their listed amount with a -2 penalty, and at a target within the second range category beyond their listed amount with a -6 penalty. A ranged weapon may not fire at a target who is in a range increment three or more greater than the listed amount.

Spell Rules[edit]

Spells have the same ranges as listed in their descriptions, except these ranges do not grow with caster level.

Spells that require an attack roll may be fired at farther ranges as if they were a ranged weapon, suffering the same attack penalties. A spell a range of Long that does not require an attack roll may be lobbed into Extreme range, but it is off course by 2d4 squares in a randomly determined direction.

Spells also grant a bonus to their save based on the range of their target, as indicated below. Target in close range: +0 Target in medium range: +0 Target in long range: +3 Target in extreme range: +6

Exception: Divination[edit]

Divination spells have a range one step greater than that listed on the spell description. These spells are already very limited in distance, and this extra step helps them retain a bit of utility that would otherwise be lost.

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