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HD: d8 BAB: Medium Saves: Good: Will Poor: Fortitude, Reflex

   Essence Link, Claws, Light and Dark
   Devour Emotions, Sangromancy (Influence)
   Sins (Greed)
   Poison, Sangromancy (Connection)
   Sins (Pride)
   Improved Chassis, Sangromancy (Borrow)
   Sins (Sloth)

Class Skills: 8 Skills Per Level, *4 at level 1 (Affability, Bluff, Concentration, Disguise, Dowsing, Healing, Intimidation, Perception, Psychology, Stealth, Thaumaturgy)

Light and Dark: Zenobia has two states: Light and Dark. What her abilities do are dependent on which form that she is in. Zenobia can switch state as a swift action during her turn. Whenever Zenobia switches state, all her current effects that have a Light/Dark state are nullified.

Essence Link (Su): Zenobia is capable of creating a link between herself and another as a channeled effect, either to heal or kill them. This effect requires line of sight and line of effect, and the target may make a will save in order to resist the channel. The save for this ability is cha based. Zenobia's Essence Link has a range of 60 feet.

If the target fails or forgoes the will save, a ‘link’ is made. Zenobia may take actions while channeling, but must take a move or standard action per turn in order to maintain the channel. If she takes damage, then she must make a concentration check to ignore distractions to continue to maintain the link. A channeled abilities effect occurs at the immediate beginning of the target’s turn. During their turn, the target may use a swift action to break the channel by making another will save. Similarly, if a target leaves the range of the link or Zenobia loses line of sight or effect to the target, the link is immediate broken.

Initially, Zenobia may use the essence link for the following abilities:

   Dark: Zenobia may make the target take 1d6 per character level in damage and Zenobia heals CL modifier hit points.
   Light: Zenobia may heal the target 1d6 hit points per character level.

Claws: Zenobia is capable of extending and retracting her fingernails into natural claws. As a free action, she can extend her nails into claws and vice versa. Zenobia's claws are natural weapons, deal a base of 1d4 damage and use dexterity for modifiers to attack and damage.

Sins (Su): Zenobia was once a demon who fed on the emotions of mortals and through this, she has learnt ways to influence emotions in them. Zenobia's abilities to manipulate emotions are based on her ability to influence the minds of those with emotions to feel a swell of want to do something regarding these sins. The will save for any Sin ability is Charisma based. Unless otherwise specified, each ability has a duration of CL rounds, a cooldown of CL rounds, and is [mind-affecting]. Any ability that does not have a range defined has a range of 60 feet.

       Dark: As a standard action, Zenobia can designate a creature within 60 feet to be affected by her power. The target must make a will save or go into a berserker rage. While in a berserker rage, the target gains bonuses and penalties as though being under the rage spell, cannot make rational decisions and must attack the closest living thing in a blind rage. This berserker rage lasts for CL rounds. This rage, unlike the Rage ability of a Barbarian, does not interfere with any abilities that they would have normally, except for rage abilities.
       Light: As a standard action, Zenobia can choose up to 1 creature per two character levels within 30 feet of herself. These creatures are under a sanctuary effect with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 CL + Zenobia’s charisma modifier to be attacked. This effect lasts for CL rounds.
       Dark: Zenobia forces a single target within 60 feet to covet something, anything, that they do not have, to such a degree that they will go out of their way to acquire it. If they fail a will save, they feel the overwhelming desire to acquire said item in any way necessary, forsaking any other task or loyalties. In addition to being [mind-affecting], this ability is also a [compulsion].
       Light: Zenobia inspires in a person the sudden revelation that what is really wrong with the world is greed and the pursuit of personal wealth and that is a terrible thing. If the target fails their will save, they are struck with the need to get rid of everything they have on them that is worth more than 1 gold piece. In addition to being [mind-affecting], this ability is also a [compulsion].
       Dark: A target within 60ft. is overcome with a huge amount of pride about them-self and their abilities for CL minutes, unless they make a will save. During the time that they are under the influence of this power, they are exceedingly arrogant about their skills and attempt to flaunt them as best as possible. However, if they fail a skill check or miss, they come under the effect of a Crushing Despair effect for CL rounds and this Pride effect ends.
       Light: A target within 60ft. is swelled with pride and self-confidence. Except this time, it's a good thing. They become under the effect of a good hope spell for CL rounds.
       Dark: Zenobia unleashes a burst of laziness, afflicting all enemies within a 30ft. radius of her. All enemies within the radius must make a will save or be afflicted by the slow spell for 1/2 CL rounds. This ability has a cooldown of twice Zenobia's CL in rounds and using this ability slows Zenobia.
       Light: Zenobia unleashes a burst of energy, afflicting all allies (except herself) within a 30ft radius of her. All allies within the radius are given the haste spell for CL rounds. This ability can only be used three times per day. Using this ability slows Zenobia.

Sangromancy (Su): The blood of a demon is said to be a powerful thing and Zenobia's blood, even in an Enforcer Shell, has some of the magical qualities as before. Her blood allows her a degree of control over those that imbibe it. Once, she used to call those that drank her blood her thralls; but now, she only strives for the power that she once had. Anyone that has drank half a cup of Zenobia's blood can be effected by any of Zenobia's Sangromancy abilities. The blood stays in the system for 8 hours.

       Dark: Zenobia gains a +2 competence bonus to Bluff, Intimidation and Psychology against any target under the Sangromancy effect.
       Light: Zenobia gains a +3 competence bonus to Affability and Disguise against anyone under the Sangromancy effect.
   Connection: Nevermind which state Zenobia is in, she can use Essence Link on any target with the Sangromancy effect without having Line of Sight or Line of Effect, as long as they are within 120 feet of her. Unlike the standard essence link, this save for this is con based. Once a target has successfully saved they can not be affected again for 1 hour.
   Borrow: Nevermind which state Zenobia is in, she can focus her mind to borrow the senses of anyone with under the Sangromancy effect within 120 feet of her. She can spend a full-round action to use all the senses of one target within range. Zenobia must use her own skill totals to notice objects or creatures with these senses, however. The target is entitled to a will save to avoid this effect. The save for this is con based. Once a target has successfully saved they can not be affected again for 1 hour.

Devour Emotions (Su): Zenobia can use calm emotions on any target that is linked to her through Essence Link as a full-round action. This includes the action to maintain the link. Doing this heals Zenobia CL + Cha Mod hit points.

Poison (Ex): Zenobia's claws secrete a natural poison that is generated by her body. Whenever Zenobia deals damage with her claws, she also deals 1d6 dex/1d6 dex poison damage. The save for this is con based.

Improved Chassis: The Enforcer Chassis that Zenobia inhabits has been upgraded to 2.0, which denotes the ability to hold two Soul Fragments.