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Day 1[edit]

Ugh. You'd think that here, in a city of arcane wonders and enlightenment, that you could get away from the stereotyping. But no. All day long it's been nothing but "illusion is over there" and "A gnome? In transmutation?". Yeah, I know we like illusions and we use them to defend ourselves, but we do like doing other things you know. Transmutation is awesome bitches! We all need to make the things around us better right? I'm going to be great at it, and help my hometown out with it.

Day 30[edit]

Well, that makes my third focus change this semester. Transmutation, evocation, and now illusion are all behind me. Yes, illusion. I thought I might as well give it a go. And it was ok for a while, but it wasn't for me. Like I knew it wouldn't be. It's on to necromancy now, if only because the drop period is done and I'm stuck with it.

Day 40[edit]

Necromancy is terrible. Not the stuff that it does, some of that's rather interesting, it's just not a good focus. And the people in it. I don't even know what to say about them. The sooner this semester is over and I can get away from them, and their grave stink, the better.

Day 180[edit]

Ok. Back for a new semester. It only took a week to get all of that grave stink off of me. Still, got some good advice from back home, and I'm ready to get to it. Conjuration, here I come!

Day 181[edit]

Conjuration is 1 spell. One. Damn. Spell. They pay conjurers to cast this crap or crappy variations of it? Summon a fancy eagle for a couple of seconds? Pull some fire out of a hat maybe? I'm out, and I owe my sister a punch for talking me into it. I think I can still get into

Day 205[edit]

Another semester, another couple of focusses down. Abjuration seemed pretty interesting actually, I'm just terrible at it. Turns out you have to be precise with it, because botching a circle does bad things to you. So I'm down to divination and enchantment at this point, and I'm not sure I want to do either of them. This college is starting to feel like it was a mistake...

Day 210[edit]

The divination teacher said "woe" when I walked in the door a few days ago. 'What does she know' I thought, and sat right down. I could show here right? Turns out, they know enough. And it's a lot more about what's coming than I want to right now. Barely got out of there and into enchantment before the deadline. So now I get to be all touchy feely with my and others emotions. Great. I'd drop out right now if I thought my family could live with the shame of it. Guess I should talk to someone here, try to get my stuff sorted out.

Day 330[edit]