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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Contributors: Ghostwheel
Date Created: 1/1/2023
Status: Work In Progress
Editing: Don't edit without discussion. Unauthorized edits will be reverted.
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Blade Magic[edit]

Martials in 5e feel largely lackluster and incorrectly balanced against casters. This sourcebook attempts to fix this, in the vein of a Tome of Battle-style maneuver system.

Special credit goes to my fellow 5e creator Ghostwheel, who has created something similar. My intent is not to plagiarize anything he's created, but to make something similar of my own, as we've always had widely different design philosophies. The main similarity is the format of tiers instead of levels, and the terminology I helped him come up with. I hope our projects can co-exist without much fuss, but if not, I'll abide.


Martial Arts
Maneuver Tiers
Maneuver Types
Fighting Styles
Character Options
The Captain - Valiant Callings
The Champion - Martial Techniques
The Crusader - Zealous Convictions
The Hunter - Hunters' Creeds
The Kismet - Beshadowed Destinies
The Magus - Esoteric Quandries
The Monk - Monastic Traditions
The Peregrine - Primal Paths
The Rogue - Uncanny Knacks
The Warden - Sacred Bonds
Class Ability Components
Martial Disciplines
Blade Spells
Magic Items

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