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Wilderness Adventuring[edit]

A lot of the rules for wilderness adventuring in core are. . . not good.


Come up with a terrain system where a few terrain pieces can reshape a battlefield. Probably give terrain pieces a "space" and a "reach", and have things happen when you're just in the terrain piece's "threatened area".


Each of these probably gets a subsection.

  • Put light levels on more solid ground
  • Fix falling damage (less realistic, more epic)
  • Heat and Cold effects for weather to plug in to
  • Anything else I think of.


Havvy is writing weather rules. I should work with that project to help it fit with the rest of the Feral Libram so I can yoink it.

Ecology of the PC[edit]

What is the ecological impact of player characters going on adventures? Rant goes here.

High-level Wilderness Adventures[edit]

Under what circumstances do they work, and what do they look like? Rant goes here.

Carrying, Movement, and Exploration, but Titled Better[edit]

Most of the CME chapter in the Player's Handbook needs to be rewritten. Come up with a better set of rules for carrying capacity less tied to real-world weights and measures (use size category, instead).