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Bloodline Summary
Amethyst Dragon Bloodline belonging to the psionic amethyst dragons living deep in the earth.
Brachyurus Brachyurus are the Platonic wolf/canines, primal ancestors from which all lesser wolves and canines have descended.
Chimera “What! You can have more than one head!”
Crystal Dragon Bloodline belonging to the psionic crystal dragons high upon mountain peaks.
Eiji Most likely the result of a very bored deity. Candy, anyone?
Emerald Dragon Bloodline belonging to the psionic emerald dragons watching civilization from afar.
Gord Those of born into this bloodline are filled with great intelligence and charisma. It started with a human family and spread to the offspring of those married into it.
Graven The Graven family are a group of Necromancers whom try to use their skills for good and not evil. It is believed that they hold many spells in that school that remain unknown because of of the power necromancy holds.

Furthermore, it has been known that even the younger of the family members can learn necromancy at a extremely young age. The youngest known was a elf at the age of 85.

Lastly, they instill in their children a high sense of good and morality.

They must be any good alignment for have this bloodline.

Greater Succubus A character with a Greater Succubus demon bloodline has one or more ancestors of demonic origin.
Kitsune Kitsune are mythical shape-changing foxes with magical abilities.
Neria, Siren Just as giants exist on land, there are giants of the sea as well. The neria are the giants of mer-kind, and siren neria being one of the most well known ones for resembling mermaids with slightly elfish ears and being one of the most common types seen by the surface. They are also the most likely the sire with the creature of the land.
Ogre, Expanded Expand the Ogre Bloodline by giving it a Major level.
Pseudonatural Your ancestors are related to the lovecraftiant nightmares from outside the universe. It probably involved tentacles. Best not to think on it, lest it drive you mad.
Saiyan Your ancestors were mighty warriors and, not unlike them, you like to test your might.
Sapphire Dragon Bloodline belonging to the psionic sapphire dragons fiercely guarding their underground lairs.
Topaz Dragon Bloodline belonging to the psionic topaz dragons hiding under the waves.
Umbral Your ancestors spent a long time in the shadows. It changed them, became part of them, and now the darkness is inside you, too.
Winter Wolf White Wolves of the North, with power over the icy wastelands they live in.

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