3.5e Psionic Psuperhero Powers

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This page contains the homebrew class power list for the Psionic Psuperhero.

Psionic Psuperhero Powers

1st-Level Psionic Psuperhero Powers

Create Object: Make things.

Depress: Inhibit your target's abilities by making them sad.

Mental Communication: Communicate with the minds of others

Pyrokinesis: Toss fire about. Indulge that pyromania.

Shapeshift: Transform things into other things.

Synostocerebros: A healing power that converts mental energy to physical health.

Teleport: Move people and things from one point to another without crossing the intervening distance.

Adding New Powers[edit]

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Design Philosophy[edit]

Each Psionic Psuperhero power should capture a small genre of effects with its augments, since each one is intended to be an entire character's primary role.