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Homebrew Power Lists by Class[edit]

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Complete Homebrew Power List[edit]

Name Discipline Level Description
Adaptive Shell Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 Slowly adapt to your environment.
Alien Invasion Telepathy Telepath 9 You summon the telepathic projection of a terrible alien from beyond this dimension.
Alter Memory, Psionic Telepathy Dreamer 3, Telepath 3 A psionic version of the alter memory spell.
Alternate Future Psychoportation Nomad 5, Psion/Wilder 7 You proceed with your turn... but what if you did things differently? This power lets you see the outcome of both and choose.
Angles of Tintalos Psychoportation Dark Insight 4 Move through the angles of time and space to attack in strange means.
Anhydrous Shell Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 5 The dust which surrounds your body reacts poorly to liquids, dessicating anything in range (including creatures).
Annihilate Mind Barriers Telepathy Psion/Wilder 9 A more powerful version of shatter mind blank that also allows the psion to immediately follow up with a mind-affecting power.
Arcane Replication Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 6, Psychic Warrior 5 Replicate the effect of a single arcane spell.
Astral Elemental Metacreativity Judge of Existence 3, Shaper 3 Create an elemental.
Astral Mount Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 1 Summon a mount which you can ride made out of ectoplasm.
Astral Phantom Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 7, Psychic Warrior 6 Duplicate astral assistance, astral protector, and astral invader.
Astral Tentacles Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 5 Grapple a foe in tentacles and deal continuous damage.
Atomize Item Psychoportation Nomad 3 You turn a single item into atomic dust.
Aura Blast Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 2 You pummel your foes with inner energy in a flash, dealing force damage.
Aura of Poison Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 Give off a poisonous aura which drains the health of those afflicted by it.
Autoimmune Reactor Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 5 Turn the bodies of the enemy on themselves, inflicting allergy-like symptoms and a rapid decay of the body.
Awaken the Chaos Psychoportation Dark Insight 9 A stronger but far more dangerous unreality zone which briefly stirs Azathoth from his slumber.
Biological Regeneration Psychometabolism Egoist 2, Psyblade 2, Wildknife 2 Psionic touch healing heals 2d6 damage (+1d6 per 2 extra power points). With investment can heal conditions.
Biotic Inversion Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 3, Psychic Warrior 3 Burn away your max hp to gain additional temporary power points.
Birth Brain Worm Metacreativity Dark Insight 6 Create a brain worm, infecting the mind of your target and granting you terrible control.
Blanket Domination Telepathy World Dominator 4 A lot of people feel good about you, or become your mindless slaves.
Blinding Flash Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 You bend light to create a powerful blinding cone.
Bliss Overload Telepathy Psion/Wilder 5 Overload the mind with non-lethal damage, leaving them wanting more.
Blood Iron Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 5 Drag out all the iron in their blood, a particularly painful way to go.
Blood of the Werewolf Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 5 Gain werewolf-like ability bonuses, a bite, claws, and natural armor.
Body Switch Telepathy Dreamer 7, Telepath 7 As mind switch, but for two creatures within range, willing or unwilling.
Brain Burn Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 7, Lurk 6 Assault a victim's mind with all types of energy, eroding it in the process.
Brain Extraction Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 8 Remove a creature's brain, yet keep the brain alive. Put it in a jar and probe it for information.
Brain Fry Telepathy Telepath 5 A powerful power which forcefully open the mind of the target, but damage it.
Brain Invasion Telepathy Telepath 6 A beefed up version of brain lock, which allows for mind reading and even killing your target.
Brainstorm Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 Create a thundercloud which follows and harasses the enemy.
Brainwash Telepathy Telepath 2, Dreamer 2 You hypnotize a creature and gain the ability to brainwash it.
Breath of Cold Psychometabolism World Dominator 1 You exhale a lot of cold air.
Broadcast Telepathy World Dominator 2, Psion/Wilder 4 You send a message to everyone around you
Cadence of the Last Breath Psychometabolism Lurk 4, Psion/Wilder 6, Psychic Warrior 5, Nihilism 5 You shut down the lungs of up to 10 creatures and deprive them of their will to live. The lonelier the target, the better.
Cancel Momentum Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 As you manifest this power you cause a creature's momentum to slow down and preventing them from moving.
Cat's Feet Psychometabolism Egoist 2, Psychic Warrior 1 Your feet and boots meld and transform into the hind paws of a cat.
Cellular Regeneration Psychometabolism Egoist 1 You hastily regenerate your own cellular structure, which leave you weakened but healed.
Cervical Break Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 5 Strangle your opponent with an invisible hand, and break their neck leaving them crippled or dead.
Chainsaw Arms Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 4 You get chainsaw arms. What could be cooler?
Chakra Purification Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 5 Remove all status effects and heal yourself.
Change Alignment/Energy Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 7, Judge of Existence 6 Change alignment and energy.
Change Earth Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 4, Judge of Existence 3 Psionic soften earth and stone, and transmute mud to rock and rock to mud.
Change Energy Damage Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 2, Judge of Existence 2, Kineticist 2 Convert energy damage type.
Change Gravity Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 3, Judge of Existence 2 Increases or decreases gravity, or create directional gravity.
Change Magnetics Psychokinesis Judge of Existence 4, Kineticist 4 Controls metallic weapons and armor.
Change Psionics Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 6, Judge of Existence 5 Dampen or enhance psionics.
Charged Bubbler Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 3, Psychic Warrior 3 Summon one, many, or a cloud of charged bubbles to attack or shield yourself with.
Claw of Energy, Revised Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 4 A version of Claw of Energy that doesn't suck.
Claws of the Vampire, Revised Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 3 A version of Claws of the Vampire that doesn't suck.
Cloud Control Psychokinesis World Dominator 1 You manipulate the sky, producing weather to your specifications.
Cold Front Metacreativity Stormbringer 2 Change the weather to increase cold effects and decrease fire effects.
Complete Cognizance Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 9 You know everything about the target at the moment. Everything.
Complete Telekinesis Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 4, Psychic Warrior 3 A good, united version of all the telekinesis powers for the psionicists.
Concussive Fist Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 You make a powerful unarmed strike, which always count as 'armed'.
Construct Metacreativity World Dominator 4 As the Creation spells, but a massive sphere.
Control Metal Psychokinesis Kineticist 2 Use the electromagnetic force to move, break or attack with metallic objects.
Control Voice Telepathy Psion/Wilder 1 Control what a creature does with their mouth.
Countermand Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 7 You can disable or destroy a multitude of devices, traps, or locks.
Craft Artifact Metacreativity World Dominator 9 Sacrifice a god to make a fancy item.
Cranial Explosion Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 6 Make someone's head explode.
Create Object Metacreativity Psionic Psuperhero 1 Make things.
Crisis of Faith Telepathy Psion/Wilder 6, Nihilism 6 Target questions even its deepest-held beliefs.
Crusher Bomb Psychokinesis Kineticist 9 You charge a power which is capable of destroying an entire city.
Crystal Frightful Blow Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 1 A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and shakes their morale.
Crystal Gutwrenching Blow Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 2 A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them sickened or nauseated.
Crystal Knockdown Strike Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 3 A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them prone.
Crystal Maneuver Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 2 A hit point consuming power which deals minor physical damage to one or more targets, and perform a combat maneuver on them.
Crystal Rocket Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 6 Create and launch a psionic ICBM, or take a ride upon it.
Crystal Spindizzy Strike Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 3 A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them confused.
Crystal Strike Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 1 A hit point consuming power which deals physical damage to one or more targets.
Crystal Stunning Strike Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 2 A hit point consuming power which deals moderate physical damage to one or more targets, and renders them stunned or staggered.
Crystallize Memory Metacreativity, Telepathy Psion/Wilder 2 Draw out a creature's memories in the form of a crystal. Augmented versions can draw them out violently, or even steal memories right from someone's head.
Cure Conditions Psychometabolism Judge of Existence 4, Psyblade 4, Egotist 4, Vitalist 4 Cure negative conditions.
Cyclone Blast Psychokinesis Kineticist 9 A remake of the tornado blast power, you unleash deadly win to damage and reposition creatures.
Death Impulse Telepathy Psion/Wilder 7 Link opponents together so that damage, and death, are shared.
Death Ray Psychokinesis Kineticist 3, Psychic Warrior 3 You fire a beam of energy which deal high amount of piercing damage.
Delayed Recognition Telepathy Psion/Wilder 4 To the target, they're always 1 round behind on your apparent actions.
Density Shift Psychoportation Nomad 6 You alter your personal density, allowing you to move through walls and whatnot.
Depress Telepathy Nihilism 1, Psionic Psuperhero 1, Psion/Wilder 1 Inhibit your target's abilities by making them sad.
Destroy Sanity Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 2 You inflict madness upon a creature, staggering them in the process.
Destruction Sphere Psychoportation Nomad 6 A Nomad only disintegrate variant, it is less powerful but offers no saving throws and destroys cover.
Detect Status Clairsentience Psychic Warrior 2, Egoist 2, Seer 2, Psyblade 1 Highlight allies and enemies that are below 30% HP in a small area. With investment, will also show conditions.
Detect Tracks Clairsentience Seer 1 Illuminate fingerprints and footprints for easy tracking.
Detonate Other Psychokinesis Kineticist 7 You imbue the target with psionic energy waiting to explode, turning it into a bomb.
Device Synchronization Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 3 You can operate a magic or psionic item as if you qualify for it, or as if you succeeded on a Use Magic Device or Use Psionic Device check.
Diffuse Telekinesis Psychokinesis Kineticist 1 You animate very small objects and use them to damage your foes.
Dimension Slip Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 3 Increase your overland speed, and phase out of reality when moving fast enough.
Discover Weak Spot Clairsentience Lurk 1, Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 1 Discover their weak point, allowing your next attack to qualify for sneak attack and deal some extra precision damage.
Disintegrating Touch Psychoportation Nomad 5 You teleport you target apart, dealing an high amount of damage which ignore regeneration and hardness.
Disrupt Psionics Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 5 A large scale dispel psionics attempt that suppresses effects for 1d4+1 rounds, at the cost of your own power use for a round.
Doppelganger Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 7 A sort of psionic simulacrum, it transfers a copy of a mind into an artificial body.
Dreamshape Sabre Metacreativity Dreamer 4 Create a powerful weapon out of dreamstuff.
Echokinesis Psychokinesis Psionic Psuperhero 1 Amplify and modify sounds. Your voice is your weapon.
Ecto Bubble Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 4, Psychic Warrior 3 Create a bubble of ectoplasm of entrap the target, or to save yourself.
Ectoplasmic Bridge Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 3 Form a bridge of force to cross chasms.
Ectoplasmic Catapult Metacreativity Psionic/Wilder 3 Summon a catapult to destroy buildings at range.
Ectoplasmic Decoy Metacreativity Psychic Agent 2, Psychic Warrior 2, Slipmind 2, Shaper 2 You create decoys which look like you, with limited ability to act.
Ectoplasmic Scuttler Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 Give yourself ectoplasmic legs which move you independently of your own movement.
Egg of Rebirth Psychometabolism Egoist 8 You channel your entire psionic mind into an ectoplasmic egg, allowing you to escape death.
Ego Shield Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 4, Psychic Warrior 4 Create a shield which absorbs damage.
Eldritch Augur Psychoportation Dark Insight 1 Summons an eldritch tentacle that knocks your opponent on their back.
Electromagnetic Shield Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 3, Psychic Warrior 3 Deflect mundane arrows, and resist mundane and magical attacks from metal weapons.
Energy Bomb Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 5 Create a time bomb. The longer it charges, the bigger the blast!
Energy Cataclysm Psychokinesis Kineticist 8 A very powerful energy energy sphere that can carve through a castle.
Energy Eruption Psychokinesis Kineticist 4 Create an explosion from the ground which throws targets skyward.
Energy Grasp Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 1 Touch deals 1d6 energy damage.
Enlightenment of Yith Clairsentience, Psychoportation Dark Insight 5 Divine the future by sending your brain there via time travel and aliens.
Ethereal Permeation Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 4, Psychic Warrior 3 Pass through barriers (provided they are thin enough) for 1 round/level.
Ethereal Smoke Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 1 Generate a burst of thick cloying smoke, and augment it with blinding particles, noxious fumes, and telekinetic control.
Evade Danger Clairsentience Seer 7 Gain evasion, mettle, and bonuses to saves for the duration.
Experience the Infinite Psychoportation Dark Insight 8 Send your opponent on a mind trip which induces madness, and forces them out of time and space.
Exploding Concussion Wave Psychokinesis Kineticist 4, Psychic Warrior4 A wave of destructive force energy which is shot in a line and may be detonated.
Extreme Burst Psychoportation Psychic Warrior 2 You gain an extreme burst of speed by slowing down time.
Eye of Future Sight Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 5 See the future concerning one opponent or one task. You may roll twice against them.
Eyes Behind the Walls Clairsentience Dark Insight 4 A power that summon a strange eldritch pest to spy on your enemies.
Fast Travel Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 4 You can travel to a known location or a location marked by a psychic beacon, though not instantaneously.
Flash Freeze Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 A cold burst freezes your opponents in place, however brief.
Flash Heat Psychokinesis Kineticist 2, Pyropsyche 2 A cone of extreme heat that scorch targets, heat metal and burn flammable objects.
Flesh Undying Psychometabolism Egoist 9 Your flesh resists death, and you can share your biology with others to help or harm.
Force Eruption Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 4 Create an explosion from the ground which throws targets skyward.
Force Push Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 Creatures near you must save or be pushed back and fall prone.
Forced Maglev Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 6 The earth rejects you. I hope you can move without your feet...
Foresee Weakness Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 3, Psychic Warrior 2 The next hit you make will be a critical hit.
Frankenstein's Monster Psychometabolism Judge of Existence 4, Egoist 4, Psyblade 4 IT’S ALIVE! A resurrection gone wrong, which brings subject back as an intelligent undead.
Future Dream Clairsentience, Psychoportation Dreamer 3, Nomad 3, Seer 3 You send your mind back in time, reverting almost all events which happened during your turn.
Gauss Whip Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 7, Psychic Warrior 6 A powerful whip which drags out temp hp from the opponent, and make them explode on death.
Global Awareness Clairsentience Seer 7, Psion/Wilder 9 You can gaze upon the entire world, and attempt to locate and learn about particular targets.
Gravic Pull Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 1 Drag the enemy into melee range.
Greater False Sensory Input Telepathy Telepath 8 You alter reality in the minds of others.
Ground Control Psychokinesis World Dominator 1 You shake the ground and move it about.
Healing Sound Psychometabolism Egoist 3, Psyblade 3 You broadcast a healing sound, which grant fast healing to nearby creatures.
Heat Drain Psychokinesis Pyrospyche 3 You drain the heat out of a target to heal yourself.
Hijack Power Telepathy Psion/Wilder 9, Telepath 8 Hijack a single creature's non-extraordinary abilities and magic items, turning them against that creature and its allies.
Hostile Schism Telepathy Psion/Wilder 8 Turn the enemy's mind and body against them.
Hovering Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 You calmly hover in place using your psionic powers.
Hurl Weapon Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 1 Throw your weapon and have it boomerang back to you.
Hypersonic Flight Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 7 You gain a impressively fast fly speed which allows you to cover incredible grounds.
Hypnotic Voice Telepathy Dreamer 3, Telepath 3 You impart a request in your voice, which is delivered to whoever hears it.
Hysterical Contagion Telepathy Psion/Wilder 8 Infect a target with a dangerous, but utterly mental and made-up, disease. Before you know it, you've got a hysterical plague on your hands.
Ice Age Bomb Psychokinesis Kineticist 9 A sphere of primordial cold which can be used for a devastating elemental attack or to turn an area into a cold wasteland.
Idealize Telepathy Telepath 4 You permanently alter the motives and personality of a creature using a vague ideal.
Ignition Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 Ignite the target, which burns vigorously.
Illucid Smog Telepathy Psion/Wilder 5 Cause targets in your radius to take a penalty to Will saves
Image of Fear Telepathy Psion/Wilder 6, Psychic Warrior 6 Take on the image of what they fear the most, gaining an aura of fear or expending it to scare someone to death.
Imaginary Wounds Telepathy Telepath 8 You cause any wounds dealt to you to become imaginary, which you ill quickly heal from. However you are still at risk of death from other effect.
Imagined Copy Telepathy Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 Appear to duplicate yourself, at least for one creature. They won't know which one is the real you until forced to interact with your mental trickery.
Imbue Intelligence Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 6 Imbue an object with a mind split from your own, turning it into an intelligent item.
Impossible Sight Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 3 You show impossible sight to a creature, which cause great madness.
Induce Dream Telepathy Dreamer 1 You can give dreams to people.
Infuse Anima Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 3 Imbue a shard of your mind in an object which can act as a spy, or activate and operate the device.
Inhibiting Strike Telepathy Psychic Warrior 4 Your weapon's next strike gains extra damage, and inhibits the use of complex actions for 1 round.
Insert Thoughts Telepathy Psion/Wilder 1 You insert a thought in the target's mind.
Instant Calculation Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 3, Psychic Warrior 2 Become able to crunch numbers in your head instantly, allowing you to dodge incoming attacks with the power of your mind.
Instantaneous Prediction Clairsentience Seer 3 You swiftly predict another creature's action.
Instantiate Plane Metacreativity World Dominator 9 Sacrifice a god to make a new plane.
Isolation Lock Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 6 Transport your opponent to a demiplane to face you and you alone, mano a mano.
Jitterbug Telepathy Psion/Wilder 1 Your opponent can't stop moving, and their twitching bodies disrupts their accuracy.
Just as Planned Clairsentience Seer 4 You're in a bad situation, fortunately you remembered to bring the exact right tools for the job.
Kinetic Rending Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 9 Kill everything within 20 ft. of you by tearing it in half with your mind.
L'ei Kaszim Graviton Manipulation Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 8 Telekinesis was small time, this version is the big daddy.
Lethologica Telepathy Psion/Wilder 3 There is something you're forgetting. It's right on the tip of your tongue...
Magnetic Armor Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 Immobilize opponents within their own metal armor.
Magnetic Oscillation Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 It's difficult to hit opponents when your metal weapons keep shaking.
Manifest Blade Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 1 A power which replicate the effect of a mindblade.
Manifest Flayer Metacreativity Dark Insight 7 Manifest mind flayer servants who follow your orders and act as a mental connection for you.
Manifest Trap Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 3 Create a psionic trap waiting to explode with either a burst of energy or another power imbued inside.
Mantle Ego Telepathy Telepath 7 For a short time, become another creature other than yourself.
Manufacture Pandemic Metacreativity World Dominator 4 Infect someone or someones with a disease.
Marathon Psychoportation Nomad 2, Psychic Warrior 2 Double overland speed.
Memorize Ability Clairsentience Seer 8 Receive training from others to temporarily obtain feats and class features you don't have.
Memory Lock Telepathy Psion/Wilder 4 Lock away a creature's abilities and memories under a psionic seal.
Mental Block Telepathy Dreamer 3, Telepath 3 Protect yourself from mental intrusion.
Mental Communication Telepathy Psionic Psuperhero 1 Communicate with the minds of others
Mental Denial Telepathy Psion/Wilder 6 Your mind is difficult to manipulate, and you have the willpower to power through many status effects.
Mental Ping Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 1 A lesser form of touchsight which gives blindsense, provided you use move actions to retain it.
Mental Trap Telepathy Telepath 9 Magic Jar to the psionic extreme!
Mental Watchguard Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 Detect dangers around an ally and their general status, even if you're not in the same room.
Metal Shell Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 3, Psychic Warrior 2 Make a highly protective suit of armor for yourself, or trap your opponent in a prison of iron.
Meteologic Aport Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 5 Summon weather from afar, bringing in weather patterns most unnatural.
Mind Bullet Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 Strike a target with a telekinetic bullet.
Mind Control Telepathy Dreamer 4, Telepath 4 A slightly less absolute counterpart to psionic dominate, mind control makes creatures affected by it extremely suggestible to your will.
Mind Fusion Telepathy Telepath 8 Enter the mind of an ally and shunt your body out of existence. You are bound to the ally, but may continue to use your powers unhindered.
Mind Poop Telepathy Psion/Wilder 8, Telepath 6 Flood the target's mind with inane, mindbreaking images and sounds. That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!
Mind Puncture Telepathy Psion/Wilder 4 Allow you to pierce mind defense for but a moment.
Mind-Body Separation Telepathy, Psychometabolism Telepath 3, Egoist 3 Separate your mind from your body and do two things at once.
Mindlock Strike Telepathy Psion/Wilder 3, Psionic Warrior 2 Deal 1d4 Mindstrained levels with a touch or melee attack.
Mindscape Torture Telepathy Telepath 8 You send the target to a mindscape where you are God.
Mindshock Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 4 Lightning from fingers deals damage and nauseates the mind and body from the pain. A sustained dose is capable of literally leeching the target's vitality to nothing.
Mists Metacreativity World Dominator 2 You make mist that obscures vision; possibly other things too.
Monomolecular Blade Metacreativity, Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 3 You create a monomolecular blade of ectoplasm and force which devastate your opponents.
Monopole Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 8 A magnetic singularity crushes all it can into a single point, and drags everything else to a halt with its intense pull.
Moreaunize Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 7 Break the target's body and mind into a humanoid shape.
Muscle Fission Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 3 You use the power of psychometabolism to quadruple your muscle mass, making you intensely strong.
Nanocyte Cloud Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 5, Judge of Existence 5 Make a cloud of microscopic psionic constructs to harass and kill your enemies and buff your allies.
Night of the Living Dead Psychokinesis World Dominator 4 Animate a lot of corpses
Nightmare Inducing Chains Metacreativity Shaper 8 Ensnare a creature in nightmarish psionic chains, melting its mind.
Nuclear Transmutation Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 3 Change one material into another material of equal or lesser value.
Old Becomes New Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 1 Restore a damaged and old object to new condition, within reason.
Other Memory Clairsentience Dark Insight 3 Get a brief flash of memory from someone, or delve in the memories of all living things.
Overclock Body Psychometabolism Egoist 1, Psychic Warrior 1 You make the body overwork itself, bringing it to the brink of heat stroke. And for psionic warriors, they can use it to their benefit.
Overwhelming Resonance Psychokinesis Kineticist 2 This power creates an extremely powerful soundwave within the target, causing it to start to violently vibrate.
Pacification Field Telepathy Psion/Wilder 6 A telepathic field which renders all within passive.
Palm Reading Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 1 Do a palm reading session with a creature, revealing details about future events it will live.
Particle Disintegration Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 8 A powerful version of disintegrate which cause an intense blast upon killing a creatures.
Penetrating Vision Clairsentience Seer 3 Duplicate the effects of a Ring of X-Ray Vision.
Perfect Skill Clairsentience Seer 2 Always roll 20 on a skill check.
Personal Reconstruction Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 You cause your body to rapidly regenerate it cellular structure
Personality Override Telepathy Telepath 8 A replacement of mind seed, this power allow you to copy your personality into another body.
Phantasmal Pursuer Telepathy Psion/Wilder 4 You create an horrifying monster in the mind of someone else, who they must flee or die.
Phantom Flanker Psychoportation Nomad 2, Psychic Warrior 2 You teleport behind your opponent, leaving smoke and an illusory monster in your previous position.
Phonokinetic Sphere Psychokinesis Kineticist 8 You gather all nearby light, gathering them in an utterly sphere of pure destruction.
Photon Beam Psychokinesis Kineticist 1 Fire a beam of light that can possibly blind your foes.
Physical Chronorestoration Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 2 You partially rejuvenate your body, allowing you to keep going with your activities.
Planar Vortex Psychoportation Nomad 9 Open a portal to the phantom zone.
Planetspinning Psychoportation World Dominator 9 You teleport a planet.
Portal Beam Psychoportation Nomad 5 You fire a beam of scrambled teleportation at the target.
Power Flower Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 Hold the charge on one touch power per forelimb.
Power Overflow Psychometabolism Egoist 2 You concentrate incredible power within yourself, greatly increasing one or more of your ability scores.
Power Shield Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 3 Create a psionic shield capable of withstanding impacts; at the start of your turn, the shield explodes, knocking adjacent targets prone.
Power Slam Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 1 Drop with great force, but safely, and make a blow as you do so.
Power of Obedience Telepathy Telepath 2 Incentivize someone to do what you want.
Predict Disaster Clairsentience Seer 5 A rare damaging clairsentience ability, you predict some disaster to fall upon your opponent.
Primeval Fear Telepathy Madness and Corruption 1, Telepath 1, Dreamer 1 You invoke a dire primal fear into a target creature.
Project Psyche Telepathy Telepath 4 Project your voice and image on a surface to communicate with a creature.
Projected Cloud Mind Telepathy Telepath 3, Dreamer 3 Make the cloud mind power into an area of effect.
Prophetic Dream Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 4, Dreamer 4 You have a dream which details future events in vague and strange terms.
Psi Kick Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 5 Kick a creature with the power of psionic might, and bull rush them far away.
Psianimate Biology Psychometabolism Egoist 6 Animate various microscopic biological entities to animate a corpse.
Psionic Concentration Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 4 Psionic spell enhancer.
Psionic Feeblemind Telepathy Psion/Wilder 5 Reduce a target's mental ability score to 1.
Psionic Geas Telepathy Psion/Wilder 4 As the spell lesser geas, mark of justice, or geas/quest.
Psionic Jelly Floor Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 1, Judge of Existence 1 This power turns the floor into a thick layer of bouncy jelly.
Psionic Leash Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 Form a tangled net of ectoplasm which you can teather and pull upon.
Psionic Madness Charge Telepathy Dark Insight 2 Inflicts 1 madness per round on the target.
Psionic Mass Charge Psychokinesis Kineticist 3, Psychic Warrior 2 Telekinetically move with near light speed, flinging creatures out of your way.
Psionic Saturation Metacreativity World Dominator 4 Make everyone around you manifest minor powers at random.
Psionic Scarf Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 1 You use your psionic power to create a scarf of pure force, chopping your opponents into pieces.
Psychic Arcana Clairsentience Psion/Wilder 9 Become a powerful wizard for a day.
Psychic Beacon Clairsentience Dreamer 3, Psion/Wilder 3 Create a beacon that only you can see, or one everyone can see at your location.
Psychic Blast Telepathy Psion/Wilder 1 A ray of pure psychic energy that quickly mows through more intelligent foes.
Psychic Crush, Variant Telepathy Psion/Wilder 5 You crush the mind of a creature, causing it to collapse under the strain.
Psychic Disguise Telepathy Psion/Wilder 2, Telepath 1 You project a subconscious psionic disguise over yourself.
Psychic Explosion Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 5, Psychic Warrior 5 You unleash your psionic energy in a massive burst of energy.
Psychic Halo Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 8, Psychic Warrior 6 As repulsion with a concealment effect.
Psychic Orb Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 3 You hurl a sphere of psychic energy at a foe.
Psychic Point Singularity Psychokinesis Kineticist 6, Psychic Warrior 5 You create a singularity of pure psychic might, greatly harming any creatures caught in it.
Psychic Possession Telepathy Psion/Wilder 6 Possess a creature with a shard of your own psyche, which can monitor condition, spy on people, and channel your mental abilities.
Psychic Strike Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 1 A replacement for the Soulknife ability to be used with manifest blade.
Psychic Support Measure Telepathy Telepath 4 Light up brightly with psionic light that helps allies, debuffs opponents, and illuminates the surroundings.
Psychoclastic Ray Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 5 Create a ray of chaotic psychic energy which has a random effect on those it touches.
Psychoclastic Sphere Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 9 Create a sphere of chaotic psychic energy which has multiple effects on those passing through.
Psychoclastic Spray Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 7 Create a cone of chaotic psychic energy which has a random effect on those it touches.
Psychoclastic Wall Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 8 Create a wall of chaotic psychic energy which has multiple effects on those passing through.
Psychodisc Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 Summoning a spinning sawblade of energy that you can direct.
Psychosomatic Specter Telepathy Telepath 4 You create undead which are in fact mental constructs.
Psychotherapeutic Healing Telepathy Psion/Wilder 2 Heal hp and cure status effects... to a point. It's all in your mind.
Psyshocking Wave Psychokinesis, Telepathy Psion/Wilder 2 You fire a wave of damage psychic energy, which immobilize and damage your foes.
Puppet Weapon Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 1 Puppet around and use a weapon with telekinetic force.
Pyrokinesis Psychokinesis Psionic Psuperhero 1 Toss fire about. Indulge that pyromania.
Racial Genesis Metacreativity World Dominator 7 Create a small population
Radburst Psychokinesis Kineticist 4 You create a ball of radioactive energy and fire it, causing high amounts of damage and radiation poisoning.
Recall Past Life Telepathy Telepath 5 Bring back the memories of a creatures past lives.
Regenerate Flesh Psychometabolism Egoist 1, Psychic Warrior 1 You expend power from your psionic well, forcibly causing your flesh to regenerate.
Rekindle Life Psychometabolism Egoist 5 A psionic version of raise dead, has a heavy psionic cost.
Relieve Strain Telepathy Psion/Wilder 1 Take on a character's Strain. Yeah! Martyrdom!
Repeating Afterimages Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 4, Psion/Wilder 4 A psionic mirror image, which create less images but replenish over time and allow you to dodge out of the way.
Reveal Doom, Psionic Clairsentience Seer 3 A psionic version of the reveal doom power.
Sapience Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 6 Awaken creatures to sapience, either briefly or on a more permenant basis.
Segment Body Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 7, Psychic Warrior 6 Separate yourself into pieces which float around on their own.
Shadow of the Psyche Telepathy Telepath 9 Release a flood of psychic static which negates the thoughts of the weak, staggers the strong, and inhibits manifesting in the area.
Shapeshift Psychometabolism Psionic Psuperhero 1 Transform things into other things.
Shared Mental Display Telepathy Psion/Wilder 3 Have a shared heads-up display that will permit the transferance of more information than just words.
Sinclair's Persistent Headache Telepathy Psion/Wilder 2 Gives the target a headache
Sinclair's Sacrificial Mental Conduit Telepathy Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1, Mindrender 1 Create a mental link between you and an ally, and take some of their mental pain.
Sky Hammer Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 6, Psychic Warrior 6 Conjure a giant column to crush your foes under its weight.
Sky Iron Fortress Metacreativity Psion/Wilder 9 When you are this powerful of a psychic, you need to travel in style. From the ruins of your enemies, you craft the greatest sight the world has ever seen...
Slipstrike Flurry Psychoportation Psychic Warrior 3 Attack, teleport, and attack some more until the whole room lies dead.
Solar Infusion Psychokinesis World Dominator 7 Imbue the sun with extra energy.
Soul Convergence Psychometabolism Egoist 8 You radiate an aura which heal all allies in it radius by a large amount.
Soulblade Metacreativity Lurk 1, Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 After the manner of Mind Blade, but as an augmented power instead of a supernatural ability.
Staggering Scream Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 The volume of your scream leaves your opponents deaf and staggered.
Star Gate Psychoportation World Dominator 6 Make a big portal from one place to another
Stone Rain Psychokinesis World Dominator 1 Days of concentration make meteors squash your victims.
Stop Hitting Yourself Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 4, Psychic Warrior 3 Enemies will think twice about making a full attack on anyone anytime soon.
Struggle Foreseen Clairsentience Seer 9 Roll twice for everything you do taking the best result, while opponents roll twice for everything against you and take the worse result.
Stunning Shock Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 Zap with a bolt of lightning that may stun the opponent.
Subconscious Subjugation Telepathy Telepath 2 A power that greatly enhance your personal presence through subtle telepathy.
Supreme Ego Barrier Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 9 Stop an attack completely, send a force shockwave that damage adjacent creatures and send melee attacker flying.
Synostocerebros Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 7, Psionic Psuperhero 1 A healing power that converts mental energy to physical health.
TK Bike Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2 You create an invisible bicycle made of force.
TK Buzz-saw Psychokinesis Kineticist 8 You telekinetically saw apart your opponents, greatly damaging and killing those it target.
TK Deflect Psychokinesis Kineticist 2 You create a deflection field around yourself, sending ranged attacks flying.
TK Flail Psychokinesis Kineticist 4 You use your telekinesis to smash large objects on creatures.
TK Float Psychokinesis Kineticist 9 You lift a large area and all creatures in it.
TK Force Psychokinesis Kineticist 1, Psion/Wilder 2 A revised version of Telekinetic Force.
TK Hold Psychokinesis Kineticist 3 You create a nigh-impassable telekinetic barrier which stop and hold those who attempt to pass through.
TK Launch Psychokinesis Kineticist 2 This power allows the manifester to fire projectiles at the target.
TK Lift Psychokinesis Kineticist 3 You lift the targets of their power, leaving them helpless in the air.
TK Nova Psychokinesis Kineticist 6 You unleash a wave of force unleashed which causes all creatures and objects within range to be violently impacted and hurled away.
TK Pressure Psychokinesis Kineticist 3, Psychic Warrior 3 You exude a massive amount of telekinetic creature which pushes them away and deflect incoming projectile.
TK Thrust Psychokinesis Kineticist 3, Psion/Wilder 4 You violently thrust an creatur using telekinesis, damaging it and breaking barriers.
Tachyon Bolt Psychokinesis Atom Mantle 7, Time Mantle 7 A bolt of energy so fast it travels backward in time, deals massive damage, and has no hard counters.
Telecommand Corpse Psychokinesis Kineticist 1 You animate the corpse of a creature with telekinesis.
Telekinetic Push Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 1 Small burst of telekinetic energy knocks foe backwards.
Telepathic Recap Telepathy Psion/Wilder 2 You view a willing creature's memories.
Teleport Psychoportation Psionic Psuperhero 1 Move people and things from one point to another without crossing the intervening distance.
Teleport to Hand Psychoportation Nomad 1, Psychic Warrior 1 You teleport an item to your hand.
Temporal Denial Psychoportation Time Mantle 8, Psion/Wilder 9 You create a lapse in time, causing an undue interruption or an attempt to manipulate time to fail.
Temporal Recall Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 6, Psychic Warrior 4 You revert your own personal time, returning to a state you were in 1 round ago.
Thermal Death Beam Psychokinesis Kineticist 8 You fire a beam of intense heat and psychokinetic energy, obliterating one or more creature.
Thousand Blades Stance Metacreativity Psychic Warrior 3 You create a thousand daggers made of psionic energy.
Tolerate Pain Psychometabolism Egoist 3 You and those near you take damage less lethally, and recover quickly from your wounds.
Total Amnesia Telepathy Psion/Wilder 9 Completely erase a creature's mind.
Total Mindwipe Telepathy Telepath 8 You completely wipe the memory of the target.
Transdimensional Step Psychoportation Nomad 1 You instantly teleport in a free space within 10 feet.
Truevenom Weapon, Revised Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 4 Deal constitution damage with your weapon attacks.
Truevenom, Revised Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 4 Deal constitution damage with your claw attacks.
Unavoidable Strike Clairsentience Psychic Warrior 6, Seer 6 Your next attack will hit and deal damage, no matter what.
Unreality Zone Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 9 Destroy the reality around you, erasing things from existence and throwing them into the realm of dreams.
Vampiric Blade, Revised Psychometabolism Psychic Warrior 3 A version of Claws of the Vampire that doesn't suck.
Velocity Trap Psychoportation Psion/Wilder 1, Psychic Warrior 1 You generate a "boost pad" which launches creatures walking upon it in a direction of choice.
Victor's History Telepathy World Dominator 5 Erase defeated foe from history.
Virus Replication Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 3 You cause a deadly virus to quickly replicate inside the target.
Vital Fortress Psychometabolism Psion/Wilder 7, Psychic Warrior 5 Convert your hp into temp hp. You can double your hit points, but recovery will be very difficult.
Warm Front Metacreativity Stormbringer 2 Change the weather to increase fire effects and decrease cold effects.
Warp Cloak Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 4, Psychic Warrior 3 Become invisible.
Warp Light Psychokinesis Psion/Wilder 2, Psychic Warrior 2 Target creature or object became invisible
Wave of Mass Panic Telepathy Telepath 5 You cause a large telepathic uproar which make creatures fearful and resentful of each others.
Weapon of Energy, Revised Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 4 A version of Weapon of Energy that doesn't suck.
Weaponkinesis Psychokinesis Psychic Warrior 1 Attack in melee, at range, by telekinetically controlling your weapon.
Weavewarping Metacreativity World Dominator 3 You alter the way magic functions in a large area.
Wings of the Phoenix Metacreativity Shaper 4 Grow fire wings that can kill people.
Word Of God Clairsentience, Telepathy Mindrender 6 Blur the line between reality and nightmare, as feeble minds fully experience any lie they believe. High Bluff check recommended.
World Map Clairsentience World Dominator 1 View a cross-section of something far away
Worm of the Void Psychoportation Dark Insight 3 Summons an eldritch worm to devour your opponent. Just make sure to move out of the way.

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