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Setting Description Completeness (out of 5)
5E Spelljammer This page is a conversion of the Spelljammmmer setting to 5E 1 Azzdan
Aeie Here is a summary of Aeie. 1
Cala'diel A world torn apart by once legendary dragons. 2 Bramithra
Grey Dragon World The world was young, but it was weak, it was sick. No magic could be found, anywhere! The most important gods came together and decided that one of their own would heal the sickness. The Grey One, yes, he is the healer!

Learn the story and play your part in the future of a world that was never meant to be fantastic. || 1|| Lambros Stravelakis

Horizon Unlocked 1 Maynard
Mourning's Aftermath An alternate timeline for Eberron after the Day of Mourning. 2 Ghostwheel
Phoenix Ash Post-apocalyptic R.P.G. using 5th edition SRD v5.1 as a base ruleset. 2 Rlyehable
Shidora 1
Sword Sharp A magical world that is a war and an epic fantasy themed campaign slowly becoming even more unstable due to many things especially the rise of the imperialite empire and the possible ressurection of an ancient evil that could easily destroy the gods 3 xX the memenist Xx
The City of Deep Webs The following is a Homebrew campaign are set in the Forgotten Realms and heavily inspired by the War of the Spider Queen book series by R.A. Salivatory. 3 Thrindel, Everhate

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