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Ancient Being is a Group Patron in 5th edition, described in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

Unofficial Summary: Undying, liches, fey lords, dragons, cosmic beings

Types of Ancient Being[edit]

Ancient Being Type
d6 Ancient Being Types
1 Elder Dragon
2 Lich
3 Bound Fiend
4 Guardian Celestial
5 the Endless
6 Primal Manifestation

Ancient Being Perks[edit]

With an ancient being as your group's patron, you gain the following perks.

  Strange Gifts.

Ancient Being Contact[edit]

Ancient Being Contact
d6 Contact
1 Employer.
2 Back-Room Dealers.
3 Magical Message Drop.
4 Visions.
5 Ephemeral Echo.
6 The Mouthpiece.

Ancient Being Operatives[edit]

Ancient Being Operatives Roles
Role Backgrounds
Devotee Acolyte, Hermit, Noble, Outlander, Sage
Infiltrator Charlatan, Criminal, Hermit, Soldier, Urchin
Mouthpiece Charlatan, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Hermit, Sage
Pupil Acolyte, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Sage
Guardian Acolyte, Folk Hero, Hermit, Outlander, Soldier
Offspring Any

Ancient Being Quests[edit]

Ancient Being Quests
d6 Quest
1 Rescue.
2 Sabotage.
3 Artifice.
4 Treachery.
5 Culling.
6 Astral Heist.

Sources and Notes[edit]

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Facts about "Ancient Being (5e)"
Agent NameOperatives +
AgentsDevotee, Infiltrator, Mouthpiece, Pupil, Guardian, Offspring +
AuthorTasha's Cauldron of Everything +
Canontrue +
ContactEmployer, Back-Room Dealers, Magical Message Drop, Visions, Ephemeral Echo, The Mouthpiece +
PerksEquipment, Research, Sanctuary, Strange Gifts +
PublicationTasha's Cauldron of Everything +
QuestsRescue, Sabotage, Artifice, Treachery, Culling, Astral Heist +
SummaryUndying, liches, fey lords, dragons, cosmic beings +
TypesElder Dragon, Lich, Bound Fiend, Guardian Celestial, the Endless, Primal Manifestation +