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Group Patrons are described in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

A group patron is an individual, group, or organization that gives a reason for a party of adventurers to be together. It acts as a guest-giver, lore dispenser and/or financier of adventures. [1]

End of the source material

List of Group Patrons[edit]

8 official and unofficial classes.

Group Patron Table
Academy Types Boarding School, Arcane Enclave, Secret Monastery, Elite Institute, Vault of Secrets, Museum
Perks Compensation, Documentation, Research, Resources, Training
Contacts Harried Functionary, Celebrated Instructor, Wizened Fixture, Infatuated Tourist, Spectral Fragment, Distant Observer
Factotums (Agent) Student, Groundskeeper, Professor, Researcher, Financier, Expert Speaker
Quests Aberrant Zoology, Arcanodynamics, Forbidden History, Cryptogeography, Restorative Antiquarianism, Evolutionary Divinity
Summary Schools, Institution of Knowledge, Training Academies
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Ancient Being Types Elder Dragon, Lich, Bound Fiend, Guardian Celestial, the Endless, Primal Manifestation
Perks Equipment, Research, Sanctuary, Strange Gifts
Contacts Employer, Back-Room Dealers, Magical Message Drop, Visions, Ephemeral Echo, The Mouthpiece
Operatives (Agent) Devotee, Infiltrator, Mouthpiece, Pupil, Guardian, Offspring
Quests Rescue, Sabotage, Artifice, Treachery, Culling, Astral Heist
Summary Undying, liches, fey lords, dragons, cosmic beings
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Aristocrat Types Local Lord, Merchant Mastermind, Nomadic Princeling, Double Dealer, Ambitious Entepeneur, Future Ruler
Perks Expenes, Immunity, Luxury, Salary
Contacts Common Contact, Professional, Family Peacemaker, Intimate Connection, Outside Insider, Outsider Inside
Retainers (Agent) Advisor, Bodyguard, Informant, House Staff, Messenger, Family Scion
Quests Noble Union, Business Breakthrough, Sabotage Rival, Lost Lineage, Origin of Nobility, The New Nobility
Summary Lesser nobility, high officials, powerful merchant houses
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Criminal Syndicate Types Thieves' Guild, Assassin Society, Magical Arms Dealer, Pirate Fleet, Body Snatchers, Thought Thieves
Perks Assignments, Contraband, Fences, Safe Houses, Syndicate-Owned Businesses
Contacts Personal Mentor, Clever Urchin, Former Law Enforcement, Bon Vivant, Traitor, Criminal Royalty
Members (Agent) Burglar, Muscle, Con Artist, Cleaner, Mastermind, Mole
Quests Acquisition and Retrieval, Heists, Gang Warfare, Enforcement, Assassination, Topple the Powerful
Summary Crime families, gangs, thieve/assassin guilds
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Guild Types Crafters' Guild, Merchant Consortium, Miracle Makers' Association, Moneychangers, Philosophical Faction, Idenity Traders
Perks Accommidations, Equipment, Resources, Training
Contacts The Perfectionist, Attentive Overseer, Hidden Benefactor, Discerning Mentor, Golem Guide, Fallen Muse
Representative (Agent) Researcher, Negotiator, Saboteur, Guard, Explorer, Expert
Quests Deliver Goods, Acquire Materials, Eliminate a Rival, The Masterpiece, The Collector, The Bill Comes Due
Summary Collection of craftsmen, artisans, merchants, masons, etc.
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Military Force Types Standing Army, Mercenary Company, Expeditionary Force, Horde, Planar Conscripts, Sky Warriors
Perks Armory, Chain of Command, Official Access, Orders, Salary
Contacts Tested Veteran, Taskmaster, Protective Officer, Bitter Soldier, Hopeful Commander, Devout Leader
Envoy (Agent) Combatant, Tactician, Medic, Scout, Provocateur, Spy
Quests Strike Force, Defensive Operations, Special Forces, Reconnaissance, Seek and Destroy, Siege
Summary Armies, Navies, Mercenary Companies, Knightly Order
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Religious Order Types Undead Hunters, Devout Scholars, Relic Collectors, Charitable Missionaries, Militant Inquisitors, Doomsaying Evangelists
Perks Divine Service, Equipment, Proficiencies
Contacts Shadow Tongue, Inspired Creator, Mysterious Test, Fierce Inquisitor, Beloved Healer, Divinity's Voice
Member (Agent) Councilor, Defender, Ascetic, Inquisitor, Emissary, Chosen One
Quests Safe Escape, Relic Recovery, Cult Hunt, Desperate Pilgrimage, Expunge Heresy, Prevent Prophecy
Summary Churches, Cults, Monastic Orders
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
Sovereign Types Village Elder, Young Noble, Shipwrecked Govenor, Ruler Returned, Hidden Power, True Regent
Perks Elite Access, Expenses, Immunity, Salary
Contacts Intimate Conficant, Spymaster, Administrator, Executive Assistant, Envoy, Spectral Assembly
Proxy (Agent) Advisor, Ambassador, Secret Agent, Champion, Jester, Confidant
Quests International Espionage, Undermine Rival, Expel Corruption, Subvert Blame, Test Heir, Desperate Diplomacy
Summary Government leader(s), from Emperor to tribal elder.
Sources Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

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Group Patron Preload[edit]

These simple preloads include templates for the class table and class feature sections, to standardize formatting and make entry more straightforward.

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. Unofficial description by user:Rlyehable.

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