Apocalypse Tarrasque (3.5e Monster)

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Author: qwertyu63 (talk)
Date Created: 6/15/16
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Apocalypse Tarrasque[edit]

Apocalypse Tarrasque

CR 30

TN Colossal Dragon
Init/Senses +7/Listen +43, Spot +43
AC 44, touch 5, flat-footed 41
(+3 Dex, +39 natural, –8 size)
hp 597 (30 HD); DR 15/epic, Regeneration 40
Immune ability damage, ability drain, acid, bleed, cold, disease, energy drain, fire, mind-affecting effects, paralysis, permanent wounds, petrification, poison, polymorph, sleep
SR 36
Fort/Ref/Will +29/+20/+12
Speed 40 ft., fly 80 ft. (average)
Melee bite +37 (4d8+15/15–20/×3 plus grab), 2 claws +32 (1d12+15), 2 gores +32 (1d10+15), tail slap +32 (3d8+7)
Ranged 6 spines +25 (2d10+15/×3)
Space/Reach 30 ft./30 ft. (60 ft. with tail slap)
Base Atk/Grp +30/+65
Special Actions rush, spines, swallow whole (6d6+22 plus 6d6 acid, AC 27, hp 52), breath weapon (30-foot cone of cold or fire, 18d8 damage), earth shaker, frightful presence (300 ft., DC 27)
Abilities Str 49, Dex 16, Con 36, Int 5, Wis 15, Cha 16
SQ achilles' heel, hibernation, planar tie, enrage, total rend
Feats Awesome Blow, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Dire Charge, Epic Toughness, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Legendary Leaper, Power Attack, Spellcasting Harrier, Improved Initiative
Skills Jump +52, Spot +43 (+8 racial), Listen +43 (+8 racial)
Earth Shaker (Ex) Whenever the tarrasque lands from a fall or jump, the earth shakes. All creatures within 160 feet of the landing site must make a Reflex save (DC 20) or fall prone. All creatures and buildings within 80 feet of the landing site take 3d8 damage (Reflex DC 20 for half, this damage ignores hardness and deals full damage to objects). All creatures within 40 feet of the landing site are must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or be stunned for the round. All creatures within 20 feet of the landing site are must make a Fortitude save (DC 25) or be knocked back 10 feet directly from the tarrasque. These effects stack. All distances are measured from the edge of the tarrasque's space. This ability only affects creatures and buildings that are in contact with the ground, and the tarrasque is immune to all of these effects.
Rush (Ex) Once per minute for 1 round, the tarrasque can move at a speed of 150 feet. This affects its base land speed but not any other movement modes it may have.
Spines (Ex) The tarrasque can loose a volley of six spear-like spines from its body as a standard action with a toss of its head or a lash of its tail. Make an attack roll for each spine—all targets must be within 30 feet of each other. The spines have a range increment of 120 ft.
Total Rend (Ex) Being incorporeal or hiding on another plane won't save you from the tarrasque's wrath. The tarrasque can see and attack incorporeal or ethereal creatures as if they weren't incorporeal or ethereal.
Regeneration (Ex) No form of attack deals lethal damage to the tarrasque. The tarrasque regenerates even if it fails a saving throw against a disintegrate spell or a death effect. If the tarrasque fails its save against a spell or effect that would kill it instantly (such as those mentioned above), the spell or effect instead deals nonlethal damage equal to the creature’s full normal hit points +10 (607). The tarrasque is immune to effects that produce incurable or bleeding wounds.

If the tarrasque loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in 1d6 minutes (the detached piece dies and decays normally). The creature can reattach the severed member instantly by holding it to the stump.

Hibernation (Ex) The tarrasque can sleep for years, decades, or even centuries and do not need to eat or breathe during these periods of dormancy, though it breathes normally and eat ravenously and almost constantly once it has been awakened. If the tarrasque is forced into an environment where it cannot breathe and would suffocate, it goes into hibernation until conditions are right for it to reawaken.

While in hibernation, the tarrasque's damage reduction improves to 50/epic and it gains immunity to any spell or spell-like ability that allows spell resistance as well as all divination effects.

Achilles' Heel (Ex) While there is no way to kill the tarrasque, there is a way to return it to its hibernation. First you must knock it unconscious. Then, while it is still unconscious, you must deal any amount of piercing damage with an adamantine weapon (it doesn't matter if the tarrasque's DR negates the damage). The person making this attack must be within 30 feet of the tarrasque. Accomplishing this task removes all damage the tarrasque has taken, sunders the weapon that was used, and instantly causes the effect of the tarrasque's earth shaker ability as if it landed where you stabbed it. Accomplish this task 3 times within 1 hour to return the tarrasque to its hibernation for 10d100 years.
Enrage (Ex) The tarrasque grows more powerful when it is on the brink of defeat. If the task described in Achilles' Heel has been accomplished twice within the last hour, the tarrasque gains several powerful bonuses as listed here:
  • The tarrasque's DR increases to 25/epic and the tarrasque gains DR 10/-.
  • All of the tarrasque's attacks deal 1d20 extra points of damage.
  • The tarrasque gains an extra standard or move action (tarrasque's choice) each round.
The Earth Shall Rise (Sp) The tarrasque use Summon Monster IX at will as a spell-like ability, usable as a swift action. However, it can only summon Elder Earth Elementals.
Planar Tie (Ex) The tarrasque is greatly tied to its home plane. No effect can cause the tarrasque to leave its home plane, even briefly. As a side effect, it can not teleport in any way.
Unstoppable (Ex) The tarrasque is immune to any effect that would be be negated by a Freedom spell.

The end of the world incarnate; the Apocalypse Tarrasque is a being of pure destruction. While awake, the Apocalypse Tarrasque seeks to destroy anything and everything it can. However, the beast is prone to long periods of hibernation. It is believed the only way to kill it is to destroy the world itself.

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

As fits its low Intelligence score, the Tarrasque's tactics in battle are quite simple. All the tarrasque does is try and deal as much damage as it can. If facing many threats, the tarrasque will spread its damage around rather than clumping it on one target.

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