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Author: Aarnott (talk)
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A battleship is a 3-masted sailing boat that is usually built and operated by strong naval powers. This particular battleship is 115 ft. long and 45 ft. wide on the deck. It has crew quarters, a galley, a large area for the captain's quarters, and plenty of room for supplies. It can support a crew complement of 90 soldiers.

Craft DC 36 Woodworking; Price 55,000 gp.

Although the craft DC is high, using aid another rules, a competent construction crew of 25 workers can complete one of these ships in 305 days (given weekends off). This takes approximately 18,400 gp in raw materials.

Below is a detailed description and map for each area on the ship.

Upper Deck[edit]

The upper deck of a battleship is where the fun of fighting off boarding parties will happen. It contains entrances for cargo containers as well as crew entrances to the lower decks. Each stairway rises 5ft. making the actual ledges an easy hop down.

The deck of the ship is usually a little rough and worn, but that doesn't stop it from getting a little slippery when wet. When moving more than your base speed on a wet deck, you must make a balance check DC 10 (plus any modifiers such as heavy waves causing an incline).

1 & 2. These are crew entrance hatches to the lower decks. Generally, during operation, the crew will designate 1 as hatch for entering the lower decks and 2 for the hatch to exit the lower decks.

3. This is a heavy wooden door to the captains quarters. It is locked with a DC 40 lock, has 30 hitpoints, 5 hardness, and a break DC of 28. The captain and first officer are the only crew members to hold keys to these quarters, although the first officer frequently lends a spare key to the navigator so that he can use the navigation room to plot a course and make corrections.

4. These hatches/grates are used to bring larger items into the lower decks or cargo hold. Opening the hatches is usually a 2-man job and requires a Strength check DC 25 to do alone.

5. On the deck there are several cannons and often nearby cannonballs and barrels of gunpowder. If you don't have cannons in your setting, then just pretend they aren't there.

6. The wheel of the ship is located on the topmost area of the upper deck, with a wide view of the ocean.

7. The masts. They can be climbed on in normal conditions with a DC 8 climb skill check.

8. A small metal pipe slightly protrudes from the deck floor. This pipe is where the galley's furnace smoke is expelled when the cook is cooking. Touching the pipe when it is hot deals 2 fire damage and falling on the pipe, getting fully exposed to the burning hot smoke, deals 2d6 fire damage.

Battleship upperdeck.png

Captain's Quarters[edit]

The captain's quarters are luxurious and spacious. Upon opening the door to the quarters, you would see the captain's desk, littered with various letters for supply requests and crew reprimands written by the captain and behind it, big bay windows overlooking the sea behind the ship.

1. This room varies by captain, but most captains use it as a navigation room. They will stock it with all the supplies needed to navigate the seas effectively including star charts, regional maps, weather logs, and various implements such as compasses.

2. The captain's mess is a cozy dining room where the captain will invite guests or outstanding crew members to join his for a meal. The room is stocked with a small burner to boil water and various beverages of the captain's choice such as tea or his favorite sherry.

3. One of the few other locked areas on the ship, the captain's bedroom has a heavy wooden door. It is locked with a DC 40 lock, has 30 hitpoints, 5 hardness, and a break DC of 28. The captain keeps his valuables stored in here.

4. The "library" of the ship consists of a few bookshelves with a selection of books, scrolls, and other literature that the captain deems important to bring along. Often enough, there will be many lore books relevant to the region being traveled to and from, which can be used as a masterwork tool for knowledge skill checks.

5. The main viewing area has the captain's desk as well as other instruments and showy things the captain brings along. There might be astrolabes, specialty telescopes for stargazing, or even pelts of monsters defeated personally by the captain.

Battleship captains.png

Lower Level 1[edit]

The first lower level of the ship has the same amount of floor space as the upper deck and is the least cramped lower deck to move around in. It has several cannons like the upper deck and is used for crew recreation when time permits.

1. The cargo grate from the upper deck continues down through this deck. There is netting along the sides of the hole (the white lines in the picture) so that crew members can climb along the sides to help guide any cargo going up or down. The climb DC is 10.

2. The galley is where the cook makes all the meals for the crew. It contains a large stone furnace that uses metal piping to blast out hot smoke. In addition to what is shown, the galley usually contains food stocks the chef plans to use for the day.

3. The crew hatches from the upper deck form a shaft through the lower decks with a ladder to climb. There are two sides to enter/exit from through these shafts, each highlighted in grey.

4. TODO -- need to possibly add some netting

5. The mess hall is the recreation area for crew members that have spare time as well as where crew members get to eat. It is pretty dark in this interior section, so lanterns are lit when the crew is using this room.

Battleship L1.png

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