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Author: Halloweenman33 (talk)
Date Created: February 21 2017
Status: Finished, but open to improvement suggestions
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Canin, Toy[edit]

Canin look like an anthropromorphic version of a dog. The exact appearance will vary depending on what breed they are.


Canin are generally friendly. They are extremely loyal to their friends, often to a fault. Toy Canin feel that they have something to prove due to their size. They are often pushy, aggressive, overconfident, and obnoxious, but can be agreeable when they feel like it.

Canin are an extremely diverse race. In addition to the basic race, there are also several different breeds. When creating a Canin character, you can stick with the basic race or choose a breed and apply it like a mini template, changing a few abilities and other aspects. I left the names of the breeds the same as they really are (mostly for simplicity), so name changes may be required. Just use whatever name would be the best fit for your setting

Brussels Griffon|[1]: Brussels Griffons are known for their big hearts. They are alert, inquisitive, playful, and highly affectionate and love to snuggle (much to the discomfort of some of their companions). It is best to not reject a Brussels’ need for snuggling, because they are emotionally sensitive and won’t take the rejection well. However, they display a visible air of self-importance and are fairly impatient. They get along well with others, but have no concept of their own relative size and may attempt to dominate creatures much larger than themselves.

Chihuahua|[2]: Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of Canin, but they do not acknowledge their own small stature. In fact, they seem to have the biggest chip on their shoulders of all the Toy breeds. They are quick to anger and even quicker to attack. They are quite quick though, able to dog a lot of strikes. If properly befriended, this temper can be mitigated somewhat. Chihuahuas are born with a molera, a soft spot in the skull. Their skulls finish developing over time, with the molera filling in after their first six months. However, there is a 20% chance that the molera does not close completely (roll a percentile die at character creation to determine if this happens or not). If this happens, they are exceptionally vulnerable to head trauma. If a Chihuahua with an unclosed molera is subject to a critical hit, there is a 20% chance that the attack strikes them in their weak spot. If this happens, most of the time they take quadruple damage, but there is a 10% chance that the attack will kill them outright. Chihuahua Canin love to create private dens and safe spots, whether in a trash pile, pile of clothing, bed sheets, or in the dirt.

Chinese Crested|[3]|[4]: Chinese Cresteds actually come in 2 varieties: Hairless and Powderpuff. However, they are the same breed as both variations can be found in the same litters. Chinese Cresteds are naturally hairless, but when born, each individual has a 25% chance of having a long silky coat. Roll a percentile die at character creation to determine whether your Crested Canin is a Hairless or Powderpuff. Many consider the Hairless Crested to be rather ugly, but think the Powderpuff is quite cute. While they lack the pugnaciousness chip on their shoulder of many other Toys, they are known for having nervous and neurotic personalities. Cresteds tend to be a bit paranoid, jumping and shouting at almost every random sound. Many consider them to be completely nuts. Additionally, they are vulnerable to cold temperatures and neither variation does well in cold weather. Despite this, Chinese Crested Canin emit so much body heat that they are like living space heaters. While this does nothing for them, any companions who maintain physical contact with a Crested will be quite warm for the duration

English Toy Spaniel|[5]: The English Toy Spaniel, also known as the King Charles Spaniel, is a very friendly creature who lacks the issues of some of the other Toys. They love being around others, doesn’t like being left alone, and enjoys just staying in and conversing with company. They have an aristocratic bearing, but are not snobbish at all. Their bodies are squat and compact, slowing their reflexes slightly.

Havanese|[6]: The Havanese is a very friendly Canin and most consider them to be incredibly cute. They are cheerful, sociable, very gentle, and very affectionate with friends and family. They are somewhat squat in stature and their arms are slightly shorter than normal for most breeds of their size, which dampens their reflexes and slows them down. Unlike other Toy Canin, they completely lack the chip on their shoulder. They have no issues with their size, nor do they have anger problems related to it. They love the company of other creatures, especially humanoids and other Canin. Havanese are mainly companions, but also excellent performers, with many being circus performers by trade. They are brave, highly intelligent, and very observant. They greatly enjoy sitting on a platform or a really high chair and observe the things going on from that point of view.

Italian Greyhound|[7]: Italian Greyhounds are friendly creatures with a gentle personality. They are very affectionate with friends and family, but can be reserved or shy around strangers. They are somewhat stubborn and tend to have a “what’s in it for me?” attitude when it comes to trying new things, although this can be overcome if the activity in question is made out to be fun. They are athletic and agile, athletic, graceful, and quick, creatures. They have two levels of energy. They will either be going full speed, flying around the house or any other area they happen to be or sitting still to nap and snuggle with companions. They are somewhat cat-like in that they love love high places and can often be found perching on the backs of larger chairs, in windowsills, on shelves, or any other high spot they can reach. They dislike the cold or even getting wet, but love warmth and greatly enjoy sunbathing during their downtime. They are fearless little creatures and seem to think they can fly at times, but are pretty fragile and have a tendency to break their legs attempting athletic feats that they shouldn’t do. They automatically apply the Canin Sighthound Template at character creation

Japanese Chin|[8]: The Japanese Chin Canin is a very friendly breed, lacking the aggressive need to prove themselves of the other Toys, and are also quite intelligent. Like their canine namesake, they are remarkably cat-like in that they are alert and independent creatures, but also in their preference for heights, remarkable balance, and tendency to hide in unexpected places. They are known for several health problems, though. They are natural entertainers and are well known for the Chin Spin, in which they turn around in rapid circles; dancing with their hands clasped together, in the air; and some even "sing", a noise that can range from a low trill to a higher, almost operatic noise.

Maltese|[9]: Maltese Canin are incredibly happy-go-lucky and exceptionally friendly. They do not posses the same chip on their shoulder, need to prove themselves attitude as other Toy Breeds. They have lively personalities are are natural hams, loving to show off. Maltese Canin absolutely adore humanoids, especially humans, and go out of their way to befriend and spend as much time with them as possible. Maltese Canin are pretty much fearless, assuming that everyone they meet (humanoid, animal, monster, dragon, etc) is a friend. Due to their sweet nature and humanoids finding them cute, they are very good at getting their way, even if the person in question had no intention of spoiling their little Canin friend.

Miniature Dachshund|[[10] (qualifies for the Canin Scent Hound Template if desired): Miniature Dachshunds are extremely loyal to their friends, but are wary of strangers and take time to warm up to others. They are stubborn and fearless, not afraid to take on larger foes. They are highly intelligent, but their short, stubby legs and long body slow their reflexes. This body structure does make them more maneuverable when digging through tunnels.

Miniature Pinscher|[11]: Miniature Pinschers are assertive, outgoing, active, and independent creatures. They possess a stately appearance and a self-assured attitude, earning them the nickname the “King of Toys”. They take the title very seriously, but crave attention and are willing to play class clown and make fools out of themselves to get it. They are highly suspicious of strangers and completely fearless when facing down a threat, real or imagined. They are highly energetic and love putting their athleticism to the test. Min Pins are highly curious creatures and love to investigate anything and everything.

Pekingese|[12]: The Pekingese has a self-important attitude and greets everyone with dignity and pride. Their ancestors were the companions and guardians of royalty, a fact that they are fully aware of and continue to demand the respect such a position holds today They may not be completely justified in their attitudes since the royal families they once served are long gone. This is mainly because the Pekingese is an ancient breed and is in fact one of the oldest breeds of Canin in existence. They are very intelligent, but they are also independent and incredibly stubborn, considering themselves to be in charge of any situation. Anybody who feels they are a better leader must persuade them that doing what the new leader wants is to their advantage. This is a difficult task as the person who wants to be or is actually in charge must prove their worth before the Pekingese will defer to any other authority (royalty being the exception). Despite this they are loving creatures and very affectionate with those they care about. However, they are aloof, almost wary of strangers. Pekingese are exceptionally brave, sometimes to the point of being foolhardy, and will defend their friends and family to the death if needed. Pekingese don’t always get along well with other Canin. They have a somewhat elitist attitude and prefer the company of other Pekingese. However, once they warm up to others, they can become best friends with other Canin and various creatures and include them in their royal group. Because they originated in a mountainous and cold environment, Pekingese are quite tolerant of cold weather. This is mainly due to their hair, which is so long that they often look like they are just a bunch of flowing hair with a face and it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish where the limbs actually are.

Pomeranian|[13]: Pomeranians are friendly and intelligent creatures, but still possess the need to prove themselves that other Toys suffer from. They are fairly territorial and not afraid to defend their perceived territories from threats, real or imagined. Despite the aggressive tendencies, many people find them incredibly cute due to their fluffy coats and fox-like faces. Pomeranians are sociable and extroverted. They love being the center of attention.

Poodle (Toy)|[14]: Poodles are highly intelligent, loyal, and mischievous. Despite their regal appearance, Poodles have a goofy streak and love to play, being up for a game of any kind. They are loyal and affectionate with friends and family, but they take a while to warm up to new people. Poodles as a whole are the second smartest of all the Canin (second only to the Border Collie). They are amazingly clever, learn fast, and have great memories. Despite this, Toy Poodles still sometimes carry the same chip on their shoulder as other Toy Breeds.

Pug|[15]: Pugs lack the aggressive tendencies and need to prove themselves that other Toys posses. They are very friendly, charming, strong willed, and sociable creatures. They are fairly muscular, making them stronger than other Toys, but they have pretty squat bodies and are known to be lazy. They are also known to suffer from several health problems.

Shih Tzu|[16]: Shih Tzu’s are friendlier than many other Toys, mostly lacking their more aggressive tendencies. They are, however, incredibly stubborn and getting one to do something it doesn’t want to is incredibly difficult. They are also less agile than some others.

Toy Fox Terrier|[17]: Toy Fox Terriers are highly intelligent, athletic, loyal and protective. They seem to be unaware of their small stature and have no problems with challenging larger creatures, especially other Canin. They are extremely loyal and protective of those they care about, but aloof to strangers. Their protectiveness is incredibly persistent, often turning away challengers who feel that getting passed them is not worth the effort. They enjoy the company of humans so much that they seem to want to be human rather than a Canin.

Yorkshire Terrier|[18]: Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are not as aggressive as other Toys, lacking the need to prove themselves that some exhibit. However, they are very overprotective of those they care about and the aggressive tendencies come out when they are defending against a perceived threat. They are also intelligent and quick learners, picking up skills easily.

Physical Description[edit]

Canin can best be described as dogmen. They have the body of a human, but the head of a dog and are covered in fur from head to toe. Describing an average canin is difficult due to the wide variety of them. Canin come in many “breeds” (as many as dogs do in fact) and each breed can vary greatly in size. They can be as smaller than a gnome or larger than a troll and everywhere in between. Canin place great value in honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Like dogs, Canin are fiercely loyal to their friends. Some are loyal to a fault. However, if one betrays or severely violates a Canin’s moral code, it is possible to lose their loyalty, but only if the act was severe enough to destroy the friendship (something that Canin do not take well at all). Evil Canin are extremely rare. The few that exist (that aren’t undead or, in one extremely rare and tragically ironic case, a werewolf) are that way because of tragic circumstances in their past, usually multiple instances of abuse or betrayal by those they trusted. Most Canin are hard working and quite happy to do physically demanding jobs, although some of the larger breeds are known to be a bit lazy. Canin seem to have a readiness to fight inversely related to size. The smaller the Canin, the more feisty and ready for a fight they seem to be (although most will end up hiding behind a larger friend when the one they challenge seems to accept). Smaller breeds of Canin also seem to have more dominant personalities. It is not uncommon to see a group of troll sized Canin taking orders from a gnome sized one. Their senses of hearing and smell are extraordinary, making them excellent trackers and leading more than a few to pursue the career of a woodsman or a bounty hunter. There are too many breeds of Canin to stat each one individually, but they can be easily divided into five categories: Toy, Miniature, Standard, Large, and Giant. While they are all the same species, some of the racial features may differ between the different categories. Most will be the same, but attributes will differ. The Toy Canin are the smallest of the Canin subcategories. Breeds among Toy Canin include such small dog types as the Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Papillon, Pug, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, and any other breeds along those size ranges. When creating a Toy Canin character, you can choose a breed for your character to be at character creation or just stick with the basic race as is and call yourself a mutt. Some breeds may have additional abilities that are added onto the basic race.


Canin get along with most of the other races. They are especially friendly with humans. Dwarves and elves find the Toy Canin annoying, but are willing to put up with them. Canin are a bit leery of half-orcs, but are more open minded than other races and are willing to give individuals a chance, often warming up to them and in the case of the Toy Canin, trying to dominate them. They dislike the drow, orcs, and other monstrous evil races for their cruel ways, but are sometimes willing to give individuals a chance to prove themselves. Either that or challenge them to a fight


Usually Chaotic Good


Similar to humans, canin are all over the place.


Canin are generally not particularly religious, but they tend to prefer to worship nature deities




Their names are as varied as those of humans and normal dogs

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -4 Strength, -2 Wisdom: Toy Canin are quick and tough, but are not particularly wise or strong.
  • Humanoid (Anthro) 
  • Tiny: As a Tiny creature, a canin, toy gains a +2 size bonus to Armor Class, a +2 size bonus on attack rolls, a –8 size penalty on special attack (bull rushes, grapples, overruns, and trips) checks, and a +8 size bonus on Hide checks, but it uses smaller weapons than humans use, and its lifting and carrying limits are one-half of those of a Medium character. Furthermore, as a tiny creature, a canin, toy has a default space of 2 and 1/2 feet and 0 feet of reach.
  • Canin, Toy base land speed is 15 feet.  
  • +2 Racial Bonus on Spot checks 
  • +4 Racial Bonus on Listen checks 
  • +4 Racial Bonus on Survival when tracking by scent 
  • Scent 
  • Natural Attack (Ex): Bite dealing 1d3+1.5x Strength Modifier Damage 
  • Chocolate Vulnerability (Ex): Chocolate is bad for Canin. If ingested, it is treated as a Poison, specifically Black Adder Venom with a DC of 20 
  • Intellectual Sensory (Ex): Canin use their Intelligence Modifier on Spot, Listen, and Survival checks instead their Wisdom Modifier. 
  • Smart Wits (Ex): Canin use their Intelligence Modifier instead of their Wisdom Modifier on Will Saves 
  • STUPID DOG! (Ex): Smart as they are, Canin are known for their lack of common sense. They have a tendency to do something without thinking things through, including things that most people would not do out of simple common sense. Examples include picking a fight with a creature significantly bigger and stronger than yourself (adventurers don’t count since that’s part of their job), tasting a strange looking food-like object in the middle of a dungeon, testing a trap discovered by the Rogue to see what it does, etc. Whenever a Canin has the urge to do something that is considered by most to be a bad idea by common sense, they must make a Will Save (DC 15 +1 per round that they remain in the area with the temptation still around) to resist. If the save fails, they must do whatever it is that they want to do. Only being physically restrained by their companions will prevent the action, allowing for another save to resist the urge. When STUPID DOG! comes into play, Smart Wits does not apply and they roll the Save using their Wisdom Modifier as normal
  • Automatic Languages: Common
  • Bonus Languages: Any (except for secret languages, such as Druidic)
  • Favored Class: Barbarian
  • Level Adjustment: +0
  • Effective Character Level: 1

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Canin, Toy Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
70 years +4d6 +6d6 +10d6
Table: Canin, Toy Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
135 years 223 years 310 years +3d% years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Canin, Toy Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 1' 3" +1d4 3 lb. × (1d4) lb.
Female 1' 1" +1d4 2 lb. × (1d4) lb.

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