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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: January 26, 2016
Status: Pending
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Cosmic Razor[edit]

Cosmic Razor
Price: 265,000 gp
Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong universal (DC 24)
Activation: Use activated (continuous)
Weight: 1 lb.

One of the great mystic theurge Motskalla Sarcus' 10 'divine treasures', the cosmic razor is an item that manipulates, severs, and dominates the spatial dimensions. In essence, the razor is a culmination of Motskalla's research into spatial manipulation, creating a three-dimensional space compressed into a two-dimensional plane. As such, the razor is a tool of impossible sharpness, and one of the most powerful creations of mortal magic and technology.

The cosmic razor appears innocuous, its blade 4 inches long, and yet the impossibly fine edge can split anything without resistance. The cosmic razor is an effective +3 cutting dagger of disaster that bypasses force effects and deals cosmic damage.

The wielder of the cosmic razor has a 30-foot-radius sphere of influence centered upon himself in which the razor's abilities can be used. The sphere exist only for as long as the razor is held. In the abilities below, the word sphere refers to this area. Within this sphere, the wielder can affect the space and any objects within it, allowing its wielder to use the following abilities. The cosmic razor is a 'mental weapon'; any saving throw DCs are based on the wielder's highest mental ability score, including the disintegration effect of its blade of disaster enhancement.

  • Anything that the edge of the cosmic razor touches is instantly disintegrated. Because of this, the razor will sink through the toughest of materials without the slightest effort. Against unattended objects and structures, the cosmic razor does an effectively infinite amount of damage. Because the disintegration effect is compressed completely within the edge of the blade, it does not affect creatures or objects entirely, only promoting its effective sharpness. A creature killed by the cosmic razor also isn't completely destroyed, unlike with regular disintegration. Only materials that require epic or divine means to craft resist the cosmic razor's edge, taking damage normally. Even these materials however have their effective hardness and damage reduction reduced by 50 points for the purpose of interacting with the razor. Only artifact-tier objects are completely impervious to the razor.
  • As an immediate action usable at will, the wielder of the cosmic razor may manipulate space within the boundaries of the sphere; he may surgically remove an ongoing effect, such as an area effect or a speeding projectile, from the space of his sphere. The effect is either absorbed within the knife or relocated to another area within the sphere. Any non-instantaneous effect absorbed within the knife may be placed back within the sphere as a standard action, provided it has duration remaining.
  • As an immediate action usable at will, the wielder of the cosmic razor may negate any attempt to manipulate space within the boundaries of the sphere, such as teleportation effects, dimension-altering effects like summoning spells or a dimensional anchor, and other effects that alter space in a similar fashion as the cosmic razor itself. Any non-instantaneous effect negated by this ability is instead suppressed for 1 round.
  • As a swift action usable at will, the wielder may teleport anywhere within the sphere.
  • As a swift action usable at will, the wielder may create a dimensional transference effect that is active throughout the entire sphere for 1 round, extending your and your allies' range in battle and redirecting enemies' attacks as per the spell. Fortitude saves as per the spell.
  • As a full-round action usable once per 10 minutes, the wielder may swipe the cosmic razor three times through the air to create a stationary portal through dimensional space. This functions as a precise plane shift effect that temporarily connects two coexistent planes. As such, the wielder can for example use this ability to pass from the material plane into the plane of shadow, but not from the material plane into the astral plane or one of the elemental planes, which are not coexistent. The portal remains only for 1d4+1 rounds before fading.
  • As a standard action usable at will, the wielder of the cosmic razor may duplicate the effects of benign transpositionSpC. If both creatures to exchange places are within the sphere, it may be done as a move action instead. This effect may be used as an immediate action at the cost of a 1 minute recharge period.
  • As a standard action usable at will, the wielder of the cosmic razor may use its powers to compress or expand the space of a creature or object, effectively allowing it to be enlarged or reduced. This space expansion/compression effect cannot increase a creature or object's size above Gargantuan, or below Fine. When the creature or object leaves the sphere, it immediately returns to its original size.
  • The cosmic razor functions as a bag of holding that can safely hold living creatures. Unlike slashing, stabbing with the cosmic razor deals no damage, and actually causes the stabbed target to be drawn within the razor's space. Unwilling creatures may make a Will save to avoid being drawn into the blade. Any creature or object absorbed within the blade may be called forth again as a swift action. The cosmic razor's blade can hold up to 5,000 cubic feet (5 10-foot cubes) worth of creatures and objects.

The cosmic razor is a 'transcendental' magic item. It is unique, and the secrets of its creation have been lost to time. It functions as a minor artifact, cannot easily be destroyed by mortal means and resists dispelling and disjoining like an artifact does. In an antimagic field, the cosmic razor's sphere is suppressed, but any effects caused by contact with the blade itself, like its supernatural sharpness or the storage ability, are still in effect. The cosmic razor can even withstand contact with a sphere of annihilation; stabbing the sphere will draw it into the blade like any other creature or object, though in doing so everything currently stored inside of the razor is affected as though the sphere came in contact with a singularity effect.

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