Dark Elf (5e)

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Disambiguation.png This article is about Drow
For other uses of Drow, see Drow (disambiguation).

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The Dark Elf is a subrace of Elf in 5th ed. described in the Player's Handbook (5e).

Dark Elf
a.k.a. Drow
Ability Score Increase: Charisma +1
Superior Darkvision
Sunlight Sensitivity
Drow Weapon Training
Drow Magic

Unofficial Description

These elves who come from the Underdark. They have dark skin. They are spellcasters, but are sensitive to sunlight.

Facts about "Dark Elf (5e)"
AuthorPlayer's Handbook (5e) +
Canontrue +
Charisma+1 +
PublicationPlayer's Handbook (5e) +
RaceElf +
SubraceDark Elf +
Subrace Ability ModsCha +1 +
Subrace FeaturesSuperior Darkvision +, Sunlight Sensitivity +, Drow Weapon Training + and Drow Magic +
SummaryDrow as playable subrace +