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(21 official and unofficial pantheons)

Pantheon Name Summary Author
Celtic Pantheon Celtic gods SRD5
Dragon Pantheon Dragon Gods Varied, PHB5
Dragonlance Pantheon Gods of Dragonlance Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen
Duergar Pantheon Duergar Varied, MToF
Dwarven Pantheon Elves Varied, MToF
Eberron Pantheon Gods of Eberron Varied, PHB5
Egyptian Pantheon Egyptian gods SRD5
Elemental Evil Pantheon Evil Elemental Powers Princes of the Apocalypse
Elemental Wolves Wolves that control the basic building blocks of nature and emotion. Dingobabee
Elven Pantheon Gods of the elves Varied, PHB5, MToF
Forgotten Realms Pantheon Gods of the Forgotten Realms "Varied"
Gnomish Pantheon Varied, SCAG, MToF
Greek Pantheon Greek gods SRD5
Greyhawk Pantheon Gods of Greyhawk "Varied"
Halfling Pantheon Varied, SCAG, MToF
Mordinsamman Varied, MToF
Norse Pantheon Norse gods SRD5
Orc Pantheon Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Serpent Gods Pantheon Primordial serpents and those raised to deific status. Varied, VGtM
The court of the Sun King The Gods of Apiron. Wildmage
Theran Pantheon Gods of Theros Mythic Odysseys of Theros


(311 official and unofficial deities)

SifDeityWarChaotic GoodWarYsgard (Asgard)Upraised swordNorseSRD5
AbbathorDeityGreedNeutral EvilTrickeryJeweled dagger, point downDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
AberroDeitythe Wandering Giver of LifeChaotic NeutralLife, TrickeryThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA cross splitting a grinning mask, with curved mischievous eyes. Gleaming with elegant rays.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
AegirDeitySea and stormsNeutral EvilTempestYsgard (Asgard)Rough ocean wavesNorseSRD5
Aerdrie FaenyaDeityAir, Sky, Rain, Fertility, BirthChaotic GoodLife, Tempest, TrickeryArborea, YsgardBird silhouetted against a cloudSeldarine, ElvenVaried, MM5, MToF
Alathrien DruannaDeityRunes, writing, spellcastingNeutralArcana, KnowledgeQuill or glyphElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Alobal LorfirilDeityRevelry, mirthChaotic GoodLife, TrickeryArborea (Arvandor)Wine GlassElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
AngharradhDeityWisdom, growth, protectionChaotic GoodKnowledge, Life, War, Peace, UnityThree interlocking circlesSeldarine, ElvenVaried, MToF, TCoE
AnoikhDeityReincarnation and the Order of LifeLawful NeutralLife, Grave, DeathThe Demiplane of the ForgottenAn upside down ankh with three crosses intersecting at the loops end, near the end of the shaft and inbetween the two.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
AnubisDeityJudgement and deathLawful NeutralDeath, GraveBlack jackalEgyptianSRD5
ApepDeityEvil, fire, and serpentsNeutral EvilTrickeryFlaming snakeEgyptianSRD5
AphroditeDeityLove and beautyChaotic GoodLightArboreaSea shellGreekSRD5
ApolloDeityLight, music, and healingChaotic GoodKnowledge, Life, LightArboreaLyreGreekSRD5
Araleth LetheranilDeityLight, stars, revelationsChaotic GoodKnowledge, LightShaft of LightElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
ArawaiDeityFertilityNeutral GoodLife, NatureSheaf of wheat tied with green ribbonThe Sovereign Host, EberronPlayer's Handbook (5e)
ArawnDeityLife, DeathNeutral EvilLife, DeathBlack star on gray backgroundCelticSRD5
AresDeityWar and strifeChaotic EvilWarArboreaSpearGreekSRD5
ArtemisDeityHunting and childbirthNeutral GoodLife, NatureArboreaBow and arrow on lunar diskGreekSRD5
ArvoreenDeityVigilance, warLawful GoodWarCrossed short swordsHalflingVaried, SCAG, MToF
AsienDeityThe SlaughterChaotic EvilGrave, DeathThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA horizontally split skull with a beating heart nestled through the gap.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
AthenaDeityWisdom and civilizationLawful GoodKnowledge, WarArboreaOwlGreekSRD5
AthreosDeitypassageLawful EvilDeath, GraveCrescent MoonTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
AureonDeityLaw and KnowledgeLawful GoodKnowledge, OrderOpen tomeEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
AurilDeityWinterNeutral EvilNature, TempestSix-pointed snowflakeForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
AzuthDeityWizardsLawful NeutralArcana, KnowledgeLeft hand pointing upward, outlined in fireForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Baervan WildwandererDeityWoodlandsNeutral GoodNatureBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Face of a racoonGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
BahamutDeityGood Dragons, Metallic Dragons, Justice CourageLawful GoodLife, WarMount CelestiaDragon head in profileDragonVaried
BahgtruDeityUnbridled StrengthWarBroken thigh boneOrcVaried, VGtM, SCAG
BalderDeityBeauty and poetryNeutral GoodLife, LightYsgard (Asgard)Gem-­encrusted silver chaliceNorseSRD5
BalinorDeityBeasts and the huntNeutralLife, NaturePair of antlersEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Bane DeityDeityTyrannyLawful EvilWarUpright black right hand, thumb and fingers togetherForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Baravar CloakshadowDeityIllusion, deceptionNeutral GoodArcana, TrickeryBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Dagger against a hooded cloakGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
BastDeityCats and vengeanceChaotic GoodWarCatEgyptianSRD5
BelashyrraDaelkyrChaotic EvilUnstatedEberron (Xoriat, Khyber)EberronEberron Rising from the Last War
BelenusDeitySun, light, and warmthNeutral GoodLightSolar disk and standing stonesCelticSRD5
BeoryDeityNatureNeutralNatureGreen diskGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Berronar TruesilverDeityHearth, home, truthLawful GoodLife, LightIntertwined silver ringsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
BesDeityLuck and musicChaotic NeutralTrickeryImage of the misshapen deityEgyptianSRD5
BeshabaDeityMisfortuneChaotic EvilTrickeryBlack antlersForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
BhaalDeityMurderNeutral EvilDeath, GraveSkull surrounded by a ring of blood dropletsForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
BibdoolpoolpDeityKuo-toaNeutral EvilDeathLobster head or black pearlKuo-toaPlayer's Handbook (5e)
BlereddDeityLabor, craftNeutralForge, LightBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Iron MuleGnomishMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
The Blood of VolPhilosophyImmortality and undeathLawful NeutralDeath, LifeStylized dragon skull on red teardrop gemEberronVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
BoccobDeityMagicNeutralArcana, KnowledgeEye within a pentagramGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
BoldreiDeityCommunity and homeLawful GoodLife, Peace, Twilight, UnityFire in a stone hearthEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
BranchalaDeityMusicNeutral GoodLightBard's harpDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
BrandobarisDeityAdventure, thieveryNeutralTrickeryHalfling footprintHalflingVaried, SCAG, MToF
BrigantiaDeityRivers and livestockNeutral GoodLifeFootbridgeCelticSRD5
Callarduran SmoothhandsDeityMining, stone carvingNeutralKnowledge, NatureBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Golden signet ring with six-pointed starGnomish, SvirfneblinVaried, SCAG, MToF
The Cat LordDeityTrickeryTabaxiVolo's Guide to Monsters
CelestianDeityStars and wanderersNeutralKnowledge, TwilightArc of seven stars inside a circleGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
CharmalaineDeityKeen senses, luckNeutralTrickeryBurning boot printHalflingMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
ChaunteaDeityAgricultureNeutral GoodLifeSheaf of grain or a blooming rose over grainForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
ChemoshDeityUndeadLawful EvilDeathYellow skullDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
ChislevDeityNatureNeutralNatureFeatherDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
Clangeddin SilverbeardDeityWar, strategyLawful GoodWarCrossed silver ringsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
Corellon LarethianDeityElves, Art, and MagicChaotic GoodLight, Arcana, Life, WarQuarter moon or starburstElven, SeldarineVaried, PHB5, SCAG, MToF
Cults of the Dragon BelowOccult Powersdeities of madnessNeutral EvilTrickeryVariesEberronVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
CyricDeityLiesChaotic EvilTrickeryWhite jawless skull on black or purple sunburstForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
CyrrollaleeDeityHearth, homeLawful GoodLife, Peace, UnityAn open doorHalflingVaried, SCAG, MToF
DaghdhaDeityWeather and CropsChaotic GoodNature, TrickeryBubbling cauldron or shieldCelticSRD5
Darahl TilvenarDeityFire, earth, metalworkLawful NeutralForge, LightArvandorFlame between handsElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Deep DuerraDeityConquest, psionicsLawful EvilKnowledge, WarMind flayer skullDwarven, DuergarVaried, SCAG, MToF
Deep SashelasDeityElves, Sea, Creativity, KnowledgeChaotic GoodNature, Tempest, KnowledgeArborea (Arvandor)DolphinElven, Seldarine"Varied"
DemeterDeityAgricultureNeutral GoodLifeArboreaMare's headGreekSRD5
BaphometDemon LordChaotic EvilWar, NatureAbyssMazes and Complex KnotsOotA, MotM, Varied
DemogorgonDemon LordChaotic EvilUnstatedAbyss (Gaping Maw)Forked TailDemonicVaried, MM5, OotA, MotM
Fraz-Urb'luuDemon LordDeception and IllusionChaotic EvilUnstatedAbyssDemonVaried, OotA, MToF, MotM
YeenoghuDemon LordGnolls, Hunger, Slaughter, DestructionChaotic EvilDeath, WarAbyssTriple-headed flailOut of the Abyss
DendarDeityDreamsNeutral EvilUnstatedSerpent GodsVaried
DeneirDeityWritingNeutral GoodKnowledgeLit candle above an open eyeForgotten Realms
BaelArchdevilGreen, WarLawful EvilWarNine HellsDevilsVaried
GlasyaArchdevilLawful EvilUnstatedNine Hells (Maladomini)DevilsMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
The DevourerDeityNature's wrathNeutral EvilTempestBundle of five sharpened bonesEberron, The Dark SixPlayer's Handbook (5e)
DiancechtDeityMedicine and healingLawful GoodLifeCrossed oak and mistletoe branchesCelticSRD5
DionysusDeityMirth and wineChaotic NeutralLifeArboreaThyrsus (staff tipped with pine cone)GreekSRD5
Dol ArrahDeitySunlight and honorLawful GoodLight, War, TwilightRising sunEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Dol DornDeityStrength at armsChaotic GoodWarLongsword crossed over a shieldEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Dugmaren BrightmantleDeityDiscoveryChaotic GoodKnowledgeOpen bookDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
Duke BrakenDeityDimensional ChivalryNeutral GoodWar, Order, KnowledgeThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA stubborn ram in front of a sword stabbed into the ground.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
DumathoinDeityBuried secretsNeutralGrave, KnowledgeMountain silhouette with a central gemstoneDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
DunatisDeityMountains and peaksNeutralNatureRed sun-capped mountain peakCelticSRD5
EadroDeityElves, SeaNeutralNature, TempestSpiral designMerfolkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
EhlonnaDeityWoodlandsNeutral GoodLife, NatureUnicorn hornGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
EilistraeeDeityFreedom, moonlight, songChaotic GoodLife, Light, NatureSword-wielding, dancing female drow silhouetted against the full moonElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
EldathDeityPeaceNeutral GoodLife, NatureWaterfall plunging into still poolForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Elebrin LiothielDeityAbundance, gardens, the harvestChaotic GoodLife, NatureAcornElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
EpharaDeitythe polisLawful NeutralKnowledge, LightUrn pouring waterTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
ErebosDeitythe deadNeutral EvilDeath, TrickerySerene FaceTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
Erevan IlesereDeityMischief, changeChaotic NeutralTrickeryAsymmetrical starburstElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
ErythnulDeityEnvy and slaughterChaotic EvilWarBlood dropGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
FharlanghnDeityHorizons and travelNeutral GoodKnowledge, TrickeryCircle crossed by a curved horizonGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Flandal SteelskinDeityMetalworkNeutral GoodForge, KnowledgeBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Flaming hammerGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
ForsetiDeityJustice and lawNeutralLightYsgard (Asgard)Head of a bearded manNorseSRD5
FreyDeityFertility and the sunNeutral GoodLife, LightYsgard (Asgard)Ice-­blue greatswordNorseSRD5
FreyaDeityFertility and loveNeutral GoodLifeYsgard (Asgard)FalconNorseSRD5
FriggaDeityBirth and fertilityNeutralLife, LightYsgard (Asgard)CatNorseSRD5
The FuryDeityWrath and madnessNeutral EvilWarWinged wyrm with woman's head and upper bodyEberron, The Dark SixPlayer's Handbook (5e)
GadhelynDeityIndependence, outlawryChaotic NeutralNature, TrickeryTwo peering elven eyesElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Gaerdal IronhandDeityProtectionLawful GoodWarBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Iron bandGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
Garl GlittergoldDeityGnomes, Trickery, gems, wilesLawful GoodTrickeryBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Gold NuggetGnomishVaried, PHB5, SCAG, MToF
Gelf DarkhearthDeityFrustration, destructionChaotic NeutralWarBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Broken anvilGnomishMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
GhaunadaurDeityOozes, slimes, outcastsChaotic EvilWarPurple eyes with black scleraElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
GileanDeityKnowledgeNeutralForge, KnowledgeOpen bookDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
GoibhniuDeitySmiths and HealingNeutral GoodKnowledge, LifeGiant mallet over swordCelticSRD5
GondDeityCraftNeutralKnowledgeToothed cog with four spokesForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Gorm GulthynDeityVigilanceLawful GoodWarBronze half-maskDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
GrolantorDeityHill Giants, WarChaotic EvilWarWooden clubGiantPlayer's Handbook (5e)
GruumshDeityStorms and WarChaotic EvilTempest, WarAcheron (Avalas, Nishrek, Iron Fortress)Unblinking EyeOrcVaried, PHB5, MM5, VGtM
HabbakukDeityAnimal life and the seaNeutral GoodNature, TempestBlue birdDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
HadesDeityThe underworldLawful EvilDeath, GraveNine HellsBlack ramGreekSRD5
Haela BrightaxeDeityCombat prowess, luck in battleChaotic GoodWarUpright sword whose blade sheathed in flameDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
Hanali CelanilDeityLove, beauty, the artsChaotic GoodLifeArborea (Arvandor, Evergold)Golden heartSeldarine, ElvenMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
HanseathDeityFestivity, brewing, songChaotic NeutralTrickery, WarBeer steinDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
HathorDeityLove, music, and motherhoodNeutral GoodLife, LightHorned cow's head with lunar diskEgyptianSRD5
HecateDeityMagic and the moonChaotic EvilKnowledge, Trickery, ArcanaArboreaSetting moonGreekSRD5
HeimdallDeityWatchfulness and loyaltyLawful GoodLight, War, UnityYsgard (Asgard)Curling musical hornNorseSRD5
HeironeousDeityChivalry and valorLawful GoodWarLightning boltGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
HelDeityThe underworldNeutral EvilDeathHades (Niflheim)Woman's face, rotting on one sideNorseSRD5
HeliodDeitythe sunLawful GoodLightLaurel crownTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
HelmDeityProtectionLawful NeutralLife, LightStaring eye on upright left gauntletForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
HephaestusDeitySmithing and craftNeutral GoodKnowledgeArboreaHammer and anvilGreekSRD5
HeraDeityMarriage and intrigueChaotic NeutralTrickeryArboreaFan of peacock feathersGreekSRD5
HerculesDemigodStrength and adventureChaotic GoodTempest, WarArborea, Material PlaneLion's headGreekSRD5
HermesDeityTravel and commerceChaotic GoodTrickeryArboreaCaduceus (winged staff and serpents)GreekSRD5
HermodDeityLuckChaotic NeutralTrickeryYsgard (Asgard)Winged scrollNorseSRD5
HestiaDeityHome and familyNeutral GoodLifeArboreaHearthGreekSRD5
HextorDeityWar and discordLawful EvilWarSix arrows facing downward in a fanGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
HiddukelDeityLies and greedChaotic EvilTrickeryBroken merchant's scalesDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
HruggekDeityBugbears, ViolenceChaotic EvilWarMorningstarGoblinoidPlayer's Handbook (5e)
IlmaterDeityEnduranceLawful GoodLifeHands bound at the wrist with red cordForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
IlnevalDeityStrategy, hordesLawful EvilWarUpright blood-spattered swordOrcVaried, VGtM, SCAG
ImhotepDeityCrafts and medicineNeutral GoodKnowledgeStep pyramidEgyptianSRD5
ImixElemental Prince, Prince of Elemental EvilFireNeutral EvilUnstatedElemental Plane of FireBowl-like brazier with a burning flameElemental EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse
IncabulosDeityPlague and famineNeutral EvilDeathReptilian eye with a horizontal diamondGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
IroasDeityvictoryChaotic GoodWarFour-winged helmetTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
IsisDeityFertility and magicNeutral GoodArcana, Knowledge, LifeAnkh and starEgyptianSRD5
IstusDeityFate and destinyNeutralForge, KnowledgeWeaver's spindle with three strandsGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
IuzDeity, DemigodPain and oppressionChaotic EvilDeathGrinning human skullGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Jakoths the PC UserDeityVideo Games, Hardware and SoftwareChaotic NeutralCity, Arcana, Trickery, WarDemiplane of the ForgottenA skull with a gaming controller plugged into the skull.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
KarametraDeityharvestsNeutral GoodLife, NatureCornucopiaTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
The KeeperDeityGreed and deathNeutral EvilDeathDragonshard stone in the shape of a fangEberron, The Dark SixPlayer's Handbook (5e)
KelemvorDeityDeadLawful NeutralDeath, GraveUpright skeletal arm holding balanced scalesForgotten RealmsVaried, PHB5, XGtE
KeptoloDeityBeauty, hedonism, fertilityChaotic EvilNature, TrickeryAbyss (Demonweb Pits)MushroomElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
KeranosDeitystormsChaotic NeutralKnowledge, TempestBlue EyeTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
KiaransaleeDeityNecromancyChaotic EvilArcana, DeathAbyss (Demonweb Pits)Drow hand wearing many silver ringsElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Kiri-JolithDeityHonor and warLawful GoodWarBison's hornDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
Kirith SotherilDeityDivination, illusionNeutral GoodKnowledge, TrickeryArborea (Arvandor)Rainbow sphereElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
KlothysDeitydestinyNeutralKnowledge, WarDrop SpindleTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
Kol KorranDeityTrade and wealthNeutralTrickeryNine-sided gold coinEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
KordDeityAthletics and sportChaotic GoodTempest, WarFour spears and four maces radiating from a central pointGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
KruphixDeityhorizonsNeutralKnowledge, TrickeryEight-pointed starTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
KurtulmakDeityWar and MiningLawful EvilWarNine HellsGnome SkullKoboldVaried, PHB5, DnDG
Labelas EnorethDeityTime, history, memoryChaotic GoodArcana, Knowledge, LifeSetting sunElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
LaduguerDeityLabor, slaveryLawful EvilDeath, ForgeBroken arrowDwarven, DuergarVaried, SCAG, MToF
LaogzedDeityHungerChaotic EvilDeathAbyss (The Rotting Plain)A lizard/toad representing himselfTroglodyteVaried, MM5, PHB5
LathanderDeityBirth and renewalNeutral GoodLife, LightRoad traveling into a sunriseForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
LeiraDeityIllusionChaotic NeutralTrickeryPoint-down triangle containing a swirl of mistForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
LernaeaDeity (deceased)UnstatedDragonPlayer's Handbook (5e)
LliiraDeityJoyChaotic GoodLifeTriangle of three six-pointed starsForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
LokiDeityThieves and trickeryChaotic EvilTrickeryYsgard (Asgard)FlameNorseSRD5
LolthDeity, Demon LordDrow, SpidersChaotic EvilTrickery, WarAbyss (Demonweb)SpiderElves, Dark SeldarineVaried, PHB5, MToF
LoviatarDeityPainLawful EvilDeathNine-tailed barbed scourgeForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Lu TunakiDeityThe HuntChaotic NeutralNature, Grave, WarThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA misty skull with an arrow slammed down into its temple from above with rays casting from the shaft of the arrow.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
LughDeityArts, travel, and commerceChaotic NeutralKnowledge, LifePair of long handsCelticSRD5
LunitariDeityNeutral MagicNeutralArcanaRed circle or sphereDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
LuthicDeityFertilityLawful EvilLife, NatureOrcish rune meaning "cave entrance"OrcVaried, MM5
MaglubiyetDeityGoblinoids and WarLawful EvilWarBloody axeGoblinoidVaried, PHB5, VGtM
MajereDeityMeditation and orderLawful GoodKnowledge, OrderCooper spiderDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
MalarDeityHuntChaotic EvilNatureClawed pawForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
MalykDeityChaos, rebellion, wild magicChaotic EvilTempest, TrickeryAbyss (Demonweb Pits)A flame in a tear or a multihued vortexElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Manannan mac LirDeityoceans and sea creaturesLawful NeutralNature, TempestWave of white water on greenCelticSRD5
Marthammor DuinDeityExplorers, wanderers, the lostNeutral GoodNature, TrickeryUpright mace in front of a tall bootDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
MaskDeityThievesChaotic NeutralTrickeryBlack maskForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Math MathonwyDeityMagicNeutral EvilArcana, KnowledgeStaffCelticSRD5
Melira TaralenDeityPoetry, songsChaotic GoodKnowledge, Life, TrickeryArborea (Arvandor)LuteElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
MerrshaulkDeityPoison, DreamsChaotic EvilUnstatedAbyss (Smaragd)Cobra HeadSerpent GodsVaried
Fenmarel MestarineDeitySolitude, OutcastsChaotic NeutralNature, TrickeryTwo peering elven eyesElven, Seldarine"Varied"
MielikkiDeityForestsNeutral GoodNatureUnicorn's headForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
MililDeityPoetry and songNeutral GoodLightFive-stringed harp made of leavesForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
MishakalDeityHealingLawful GoodKnowledge, Life, TwilightBlue infinity signDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
The MockeryDeityViolence and treacheryNeutral EvilWarFire blood-spattered toolsEberron, The Dark SixPlayer's Handbook (5e)
MogisDeityslaughterChaotic EvilWarFour-horned bull's headTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
MoradinDeityDwarves and Creation, Primary deity of dwarvesLawful GoodKnowledge, ForgeSolania, Mount CelestiaHammer and anvilDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, PHB5, MToF
MorgionDeityDisease and secrecyNeutral EvilDeathHood with two red eyesDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
MorriganDeityBattleChaotic EvilWarTwo crossed spearsCelticSRD5
Muamman DuathalDeityStorms, travelNeutral GoodTempestMace held in gauntletsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
MyaDeityClan, family, wisdomNeutral GoodKnowledge, LifeA faceless mother figureDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
MyrkulDeityDeathNeutral EvilDeathWhite human skullForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
MystraDeityMagicNeutral GoodArcana, KnowledgeCircle of seven stars, or nine stars encircling a flowing red mist, or a single starForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Mythrien SarathDeityAbjuration, mythalsChaotic GoodArcana, Forge, KnowledgeRow of intertwined ringsElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Naralis AnalorDeityHealing, suffering, deathNeutral GoodGrave, LifeWhite doveElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
NebelunDeityInvention, luckChaotic GoodForge, Knowledge, TrickeryBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Bellows and lizard tailGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
NephthysDeityDeath and griefChaotic GoodDeath, GraveHorns around a lunar diskEgyptianSRD5
NerullDeityDeathNeutral EvilDeathSkull with either a sickle or a scytheGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
NikeDeityVictoryLawful NeutralWarArboreaWinged womanGreekSRD5
NjordDeitySea and windNeutral GoodNature, TempestYsgard (Asgard)Gold coinNorseSRD5
NuadaDeityWar and warriorsNeutralWarSilver hand on black backgroundCelticSRD5
NuitariDeityEvil magicLawful EvilArcanaBlack circle or sphereDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
NyleaDeitythe huntNeutral GoodNatureFour arrowsTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
Obad-HaiDeityNatureNeutralNatureOak leaf and acornGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
OdinDeityKnowledge and warNeutral GoodKnowledge, WarYsgard (Asgard)Watching blue eyeNorseSRD5
OdurDeityLight and the sunChaotic GoodLightYsgard (Asgard)Solar diskNorseSRD5
OghmaDeitySpeech and writingNeutral GoodKnowledgeUnfurled scrollCelticSRD5
OghmaDeityKnowledgeNeutralKnowledgeBlank scrollForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
OlhydraElemental PrincessSeas, lakes, rivers, and great subterranean poolsNeutral EvilTempestElemental Plane of WaterElemental EvilPrinces of the Apocalypse
OlidammaraDeityRevelryChaotic NeutralTrickeryLaughing maskGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
OlladraDeityGood fortuneNeutral GoodLife, TrickeryDominoEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
OnatarDeityCraftNeutral GoodForge, KnowledgeCrossed hammer and tongsEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
OsirisDeityNature and the underworldLawful GoodLife, Nature, GraveCrook and flailEgyptianSRD5
PaladineDeityRulers and guardiansLawful NeutralPeace, Protection, War, UnitySilver triangleDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
PanDeityNatureChaotic NeutralNatureArboreaSyrinx (pan pipes)GreekSRD5
The Path of LightPhilosophyLight and self-improvementLawful NeutralLife, LightBrilliant crystalEberronVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
PelorDeitySun and healingNeutral GoodLife, LightSunGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
PharikaDeityafflictionNeutral EvilDeath, Knowledge, LifeSnakesTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
PhenaxDeitydeceptionChaotic NeutralTrickeryWinged golden maskTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
PholtusDeityLight and lawLawful GoodLight, OrderSilver sun or full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moonGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
PoseidonDeityThe sea and earthquakesChaotic NeutralTempestArboreaTridentGreekSRD5
PtahDeityCrafts, knowledge, and secretsLawful NeutralKnowledgeBullEgyptianSRD5
PurphorosDeitythe forgeChaotic NeutralForge, TempestDouble crestTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
RalishazDeityIll luck and insanityChaotic NeutralTrickeryThree bone fate-casting sticksGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
RaoDeityPeace and reasonLawful GoodKnowledgeWhite heartGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Raven QueenDeityDeath, MemoriesLawful NeutralLife, DeathShadowfellRaven's head, in profile, facing leftElvenVaried
RaxivortDemigod, Otherworldly PatronChaotic EvilUnstatedPandemonium (Pandesmos)XvartVolo's Guide to Monsters
Rellavar DeanuvienDeityWinter, harsh weatherChaotic GoodTempestArborea (Arvandor)Spear between two circlesElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
ReorxDeityCraftNeutralForge, KnowledgeForging hammerDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
Rill CleverthrushDeityLaw, thoughtLawful NeutralKnowledgeBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Interlocking gearsGnomishMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Rillifane RallathilDeityWood elves, nature, beasts, the seasonsChaotic GoodNatureArborea (Arvandor)OakElven, SeldarinePlayer's Handbook (5e)
RoknarDeityLies, intrigueNeutral EvilTrickeryHands filled with coinsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
Re-HorakhtyDeityThe sunLawful GoodLife, LightSolar disk encircled by serpentEgyptianSRD5
SargonnasDeityVengeance and fireLawful EvilWarStylized red condorDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
Sarula IlieneArchfeyLakes, streamsChaotic GoodTempest, TrickeryArborea (Arvandor)Three lines symbolizing wavesElven, Seldarine, Fey, Seelie CourtPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SavrasDeityDivination and fateLawful NeutralKnowledge, ForgeCrystal ball containing many kinds of eyesForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Segojan EarthcallerDeityEarth, the deadNeutral GoodGrave, LightBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Glowing gemstonesGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
Sehanine MoonbowDreams, death, travel, and the MoonChaotic GoodGrave, Knowledge, LightCrescent moon, Full moon under a moonbowElven, SeldarineVaried, PHB5, MToF
SekolahDeityHunting, SahuaginLawful EvilNature, TempestNine Hells (Stygia)SharkSahuaginVaried, PHB5, DnDG
SeluneDeityMoonChaotic GoodKnowledge, Life, TwilightPair of eyes surrounded by seven starsForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SelvetarmDeityWarriors, slaughterChaotic EvilWarAbyss (Demonweb Pits)Spider over crossed sword and maceElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
SemuanyaDeitySurvivalNeutralLifeEggLizardfolkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Sess'inekDemon LordChaotic EvilUnstatedLizardfolkMonster Manual (5e)
SetDeityDarkness and desert stormsChaotic EvilDeath, Tempest, TrickeryCoiled cobraEgyptianSRD5
Sha'erDeityOf the nights, the roguish and the unsightlyChaotic NeutralTrickery, Death, GraveThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA black velvet mask tinged in hues of red with iridescent purple lines inscribed at a slant downwards and inwards passing through either eye hole and meeting at the bottom jaw.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
SharDeityDarkness and lossNeutral EvilDeath, TrickeryBlack disk encircled with a borderForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SharindlarDeityHealing, loveChaotic GoodLifeBurning needleDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
Sheela PeryroylDeityAgriculture, nature, weatherNeutral GoodNature, TempestA flowerHalflingVaried, SCAG, MToF
ShevarashDeityVengaeance, loss, hatredChaotic NeutralWarArborea (Arvandor)Broken Arrow over a tearElven, SeldarinePlayer's Handbook (5e)
Sheyanna FlaxenstrandDeityLove, beauty, passionChaotic GoodLightBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Two silver gobletsGnomishMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
ShinareDeityWealth and tradeNeutralKnowledge, TrickeryGriffon's wingDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
SilvanusDeityNature and forestsNeutralNatureSummer oak treeCelticSRD5
SilvanusDeityWild natureNeutralNatureOak LeafForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
The Silver FlameDeityProtection and goodLawful GoodLife, Light, WarFlame drawn on silver or molded from silverEberronVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
SirrionDeityFire and changeNeutralNatureMulti-colored fireDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
SkadiDeityEarth and mountainsNeutralNatureYsgard (Asgard)Mountain peakNorseSRD5
SkerritDeity, ArchfeyNatureNeutralNatureOak growing from acornCentaur, SatyrPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Skoraeus StonebonesDeityStone Giants, ArtNeutralKnowledgeStalactiteGiantPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SobekDeityWater and crocodilesLawful EvilNature, TempestCrocodile head with horns and plumesEgyptianSRD5
SolinariDeityMagicLawful GoodArcanaWhite circle or sphereDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
Solonor ThelandiraDeityArchery, hunting, survivalChaotic GoodNature, WarArborea (Arvandor)Silver arrow with green fletchingElven, SeldarinePlayer's Handbook (5e)
The Spirits of the PastAncestral SpiritElven ancestorsChaotic GoodNature, WarVariesEberron, ElvenVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
SsethDeityPoison, somnolenceChaotic EvilArcana, DarknessThe AbyssFlying snake with fangs baredSerpent GodsVaried
St. CuthbertDeityPeace and reasonLawful NeutralKnowledge, ProtectionCircle at the center of a starburstGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Sun KingDeitySun, Retribution, Teukros-Royalty, Law, Tekran-Fire, RevengeLawful Good (Teukros) Lawful Neutral (Tekran)LightCourt of the Sun KingGolden crown displaying a Sun disc (Teukros), A Burning Orb with a open maw (Tekran)Court of the Sun King
SuneDeityLove and beautyChaotic GoodLife, LightFace of a beautiful read-haired womanForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SurturDeityFire giants, craft, and warLawful EvilWar, KnowledgeYsgard (Muspelheim)Flaming swordGiant, NorseSRD5
TakhisisDeityEvil Dragons, Chromatic Dragons, Night, HatredLawful EvilTrickery, DeathBlack crescentDragon, DragonlanceVaried
TalonaDeityDisease and poisonChaotic EvilDeathThree teardrops on a triangleForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TalosDeityStormsChaotic EvilTempestThree lightning bolts radiating from a central pointForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Tarsellis MeunniduinDeityMountains, rivers, wild placesChaotic NeutralNature, WarArborea (Arvandor)Mountain with a riverElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
TempusDeityWarNeutralTempestUpright flaming swordForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Tethrin VeraldeDeityBattle, sword fightingNeutral GoodWarArborea (Arvandor)Crossed swords beneath a quarter moon and above a full moonElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Thard HarrDeityWilderness, huntingChaotic GoodNatureTwo clawed gauntletsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
TharizdunDeity, Elder EvilEternal darknessChaotic EvilTrickeryDark spiral or inverted zigguratGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TharmekhulDeityFire, forges, molten rockNeutralForge, LightFiery axeDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
ThasssaDeitythe seaNeutralKnowledge, TempestWavesTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
ThautamDeityMystries, darkness, lost treasuresNeutralKnowledge, TrickeryBlindfoldDwarven, MordinsammanMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
The DestroyerDeityof Cataclysmic DestructionChaotic EvilDeath, GraveDemiplane of the ForgottenA circle with an arch at its center, shattered with the edges being more scattered than the center.Pantheon of the ForgottenGhostie
The ManaDeityDeath, Magic, Enlightenment, VirtueLawful GoodLife, Death, VirtueAn intricate tattooMax7238
ThorDeityStorms and thunderChaotic GoodTempest, WarYsgard (Asgard)HammerNorseSRD5
ThothDeityKnowledge and wisdomNeutralKnowledgeIbisEgyptianSRD5
ThrymDeityFrost giants, strength, and coldLawful EvilWar, KnowledgeYsgard (Jotunheim)White double-­bladed axeGiant, NorseSRD5
TiamatDeity, Dragon, DevilEvil, Evil DragonsLawful Evil, Chaotic EvilTrickeryNine Hells (Avernus)Dragon head with five claw marksDragon, DevilVaried, PHB5, TRoT
TormDeityCourage and self-sacrificeLawful GoodProtection, WarWhite right gauntletForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
The TravelerDeityChaos and changeChaotic NeutralKnowledge, TrickeryFour crossed, rune-inscribed bonesEberron, The Dark SixPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TrithereonDeityLiberty and retributionChaotic GoodWarTriskelionGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TycheDeityGood fortuneNeutralTrickeryArboreaRed pentagramGreekSRD5
TymoraDeityGood fortuneChaotic GoodTrickeryFace-up coinForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TyrDeityJusticeLawful GoodWarBalanced scales resting on a warhammerForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
TyrDeityCourage and strategyLawful NeutralKnowledge, WarYsgard (Asgard)SwordNorseSRD5
UlaaDeityHills, mountains, mining, quarringLawful GoodLife, War, ForgeMountain with a circle at its heart, A miner's pickGreyhawk, Dwarven, MordinsammanVaried, PHB5, MToF
UllerDeityHunting and winterChaotic NeutralNatureYsgard (Asgard)LongbowNorseSRD5
UmberleeDeitySeaChaotic EvilTempestWave curling left and rightForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
The Undying CourtAncestral Spirits (group)Elven ancestorsNeutral GoodGrave, Knowledge, LifeGolden mask, VariesEberron, ElvenVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
UrdlenDeityGreed, murderChaotic EvilDeath, WarAbyss (Worm Realm)White clawed mole emerging from groundGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
UrogalanDeityEarth, deathLawful NeutralDeath, Grave, KnowledgeSilhoutte of a dog's headHalflingVaried, SCAG, MToF
ValkaunaDeityOaths, birth, aging, deathLawful NeutralGrave, LifeA silver ewerDwarven, MordinsammanMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Vandria GilmadrithDeityWar, grief, justice, vigilanceLawful NeutralGrave, WarWeeping eyeElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
VecnaDeityEvil SecretsNeutral EvilKnowledge, ArcanaMaterial PlaneHand with eye in the palmGreyhawkVaried, PHB5, MM5, SCAG
VergadainDeityLuck and WealthNeutralTrickeryGold coin with the face of a dwarfDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
VhaeraunDeityArrogance, thievesChaotic EvilTrickery, WarAbyss (Demonweb Pits)Black mask with blue glass lenses inset over eyesElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Void TerminaDeityChaos, DestructionChaotic EvilWar, ArcanaAllA heart with horns and bat-like wingsNoneThenoobles
The WandererDeityTravel, Commerce, HospitalityNeutral GoodTravelA use-worn sandal.UniversalRlyehable
WaukeenDeityTradeNeutralKnowledge, TrickeryUpright coin with Waukeen's profile facing leftForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Wee JasDeityMagic and DeathLawful NeutralArcana, Death, KnowledgeRed skull in front of fireballGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Ye'CindDeityMusic, enchantmentChaotic GoodLife, TrickeryRecorderElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
YondallaDeityHalflings, Fertility, ProtectionLawful GoodLife, TwilightCornucopia, cornucopia on a shield, shieldHalflingVaried, PHB5, SCAG, MToF
ZandilarDeityRomance, lust, danceChaotic NeutralLifeArborea (Arvandor)LipsElven, Seldarine, YuirMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
ZeboimDeitySea and stormsChaotic EvilTempestTurtle shellDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
ZeusDeitySkyNeutralTempestArboreaFist full of lightning boltsGreekSRD5
ZinzerenaDeityAssassination, illusion, liesChaotic NeutralTrickeryAbyss (Demonweb Pits)Shortsword draped with clothElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
ZivilynDeityWisdomNeutralKnowledgeGreat green or gold treeDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
The ShadowDeityDark MagicChaotic EvilArcana, KnowledgeObsidian towerEberron, The Dark SixPlayer's Handbook (5e)

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