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Author: ErasmusUzarond (talk)
Date Created: 31 Dec 2020
Status: Complete, needs play testing
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Race of Mixed elf, and Mul descent.


Singular and Plural: Dromani (ancient plural is Dromana, but usually only used among their own kind - with non-Dromani usually threatened for using it, if they do)

The chimeric appearances of Dromani are wild ones, they have sweeps and patches (not unlike a Black and white dairy cow) of the blue-grey to purple-grey skin from their Drow heritage, and all I've ever seen has a sweep that covers an eye, so they all have one Drow-looking eye, and the other is more elf or human looking. Everywhere on their body the patches and sweeps of Drow-colored skin are, the body hair matches the Drow's silver to white, and the human or elf-like skin matches more standard elf or human lineage. There's only one place on the world where the Dromani are common, and that's centered in the villages of Myllen-Mack Springs, and Nottamthorp in the Great Red Desert. Their own history matches the lore of the legendary Ranger's school of Ur Khul Nathorvín Etrío ed Kareptirah.
—Eritrius, Wanderer of the Desert, The History of the Great Red Desert, Vol. 1

A Dromani is an interesting mix of Human, Standard Elf, and Drow, and possibly something else. Their ears are less pronounced, more like a half-elf, but their splotchy coloring and single Drow-like eye set them apart in their appearance as truly unique. It is said that the Drow part of the Dromani are descended from the children of the Red Desert Underdark's Drow whose parents were being punished by having their children banished to the light. A practice, it would seem, that has largely been discontinued. Some say it was discontinued because of the emergence of the Dromani, and interbreeding with the surface folk.


They're slightly thicker (more muscular) than a normal half-elf, and range from about 5½ to 7 feet tall (outliers usually a little smaller), and strangely enough, the females height is on average, about the same as a males. Dromani seem prefer to find their mates either close to the same height, or wildly disparate for some unknown cultural reason. Tall females with a short male is just as common as the other way around.


In their home towns of Myllen-Mack Springs and Nottamthorp, they are typically farmers, herbalists, alchemists, and inventors. It is said that they were the first to be able to extract and smelt aluminum in the lands. Education is highly valued. All Dromani can are fluent in as well as read and write in Common, Dromanese (with a soft S, like "piece", not hard like "please"), and Drow Sign. Most can understand and speak one of the following: Elvish, Low Drowic, or Undercommon. At level 3 you may pick an additional language (from the list) for understanding if your character has been exposed to it, and fluency in the one already chosen.

They are welcoming to almost anyone who values education, but some times come across as cocky or arrogant to those who aren't educated.

Dromani Names[edit]

Male Names: Abzar, Albaz, Bahír, Chashíd, Djenan, Farzán, Javéd, Rezík, Shavash, Taimur
Female Names: Arshai, Azadi, Bakíta, Darjani, Grodai, Kispára, Kyra, Parvina, Roya, Shahadi, Suraya, Tahrai
Family Names: Akyush, Bayati, Bozir, Chevik, Demazil, Ekshir, Hakan, Kaban, Nizifa

Dromani Traits[edit]


Creature Type. Humanoid
Ability Score Increase. Dexterity +1, Intelligence +2
Age. Childhood to 15, adolescent 15-25 years, Adults live to be 300-350 years. Random: 4D6+25 years for a young adventurer.
Alignment. Good to Neutral, any variant, rarely evil.
Size. Start at 5' 2", and add 3D6 inches in height. 5'7" to 6'4" is most common. Females are generally more slenderly built, but more agile than males. Your size is Medium, like a human.
Speed. Your base speed is 40 feet.  
Darkvision: Due to their Drow heritage, the Dromani have strong Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 100 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 
Lesser Sunlight Sensitivity. Because of their partial Drow heritage, they do suffer some sunlight sensitivity, but not to the extent of full-blooded Drow. They have a -1 to any roll (perception, investigation, etc.) that requires sight in direct sunlight, and their passive perception of visual cues is reduced by 1 in direct sunlight. 
Fey Ancestry. The Dromani has advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put the Dromani to sleep. 
Poison Resistance. Dromani are resistant to poison, and roll saving throws against poisons with advantage
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Dromanese, Common, and Drow Sign. Choose One of the following for listen and speak understanding: Elvish, Low Drowic, Undercommon.
  • Dromanese is a conglomeration of Elvish, Low Drowic, Common, and even borrowed words from Druidic, often applying one languages rules to roots from another language, which makes it hard to understand for native speakers of any of its roots. Those fluent in Elvish and Low Drowic have the easiest time picking up Dromanese, because about two-thirds of the language comes from originally being a pidgin of those two, and then the other parts were added in as time passed. They are generally kinder to anyone who can speak Dromanese that's not Dromani

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