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Prerequisites should be fully linked for maximum cross-wiki exposure. What this means is that unless the prerequisite is not from another source, it should be a link, and if it is from another source, it should be cited. So, let us say you have a feat that has a prerequisite of a high base attack bonus, Intelligence score, Wordcasting, and to be an Elf. Then you would write the following for the |prereqs= line:

|prereqs=[[SRD:Elves,_High_(Race)|Elf]], [[Int]] +15, [[BAB]] +6, [[[[Wordcasting (3.5e Variant Rule)|Wordcasting]]

Try to place prerequisites in the following order:

  1. Other Feats - Don't include the prerequisites of these feats. When this is a link, users may click it.
  2. Race - Unless your feat interacts with the ability a certain race gives, this is unnecessary. Don't include both the race and the ability, unless the race has choices on which abilities it gives.
  3. Ability Scores - Limit yourself to just one and make sure the number is odd.
  4. Base Attack Bonus
  5. Special Abilities - Usually class abilities.


This wiki makes usage of custom namespaces. What this means is that certain pages are named differently than others. The major namespaces on this wiki are the Canon, Publication, and SRD namespaces. For the most part, these are just ways of organizing information in ways that categories and semantic mediawiki would be too unwieldy for, and to make it easier to link to information.

Cross-Namespace Linking[edit]

When linking to a page in a namespace, such as the SRD or Canon namespace, if you want the visible part of the link to be the part after the namespace, just add a pipe key after it with nothing afterwards. For example, to link to SRD:Detect Magic, and have it show as Detect Magic, use [[SRD:Detect Magic|]].

Simple Links[edit]

Some of the SRD pages have redirects from non-SRD pages. What this means for you is that you can link to these simple pages without having to use a full [[SRD:Page Name|Page Name]] syntax and may instead use [[Page Name]].

The following pages follow this syntax:

Special Ability Templates[edit]

A few very simple templates, being {{Ex}}, {{Ps}}, {{Sp}}, and {{Su}}, exist for these types of abilities. They are optional to use, but they involve one less redirect and take up two less characters than writing ([[Ex]]).