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As the wiki is not always the best place for an in-depth chat, we have a chat room, called an IRC channel. To join us in chatting, just click here and put in your user name.

Many of the administrators frequent the channel (all are channel operators), and you are cordially invited to chat, discuss wiki issues, notify us of important developments and just generally make yourself at home and chat about anything really.

If you don't like the web interface, you can use your own IRC client. The server is "irc.mibbit.com", and the channel is #dnd.

For more info on how to use IRC channels, visit IRC on Wikibooks.

Channel rules[edit]

  1. English only.
  2. Don't spam the channel, and especially do not copy and paste reams of text. If you need to, please use a pasting service such as pastebin.
  3. An admin's word is final.
  4. Absolutely zero discussion of piracy.

Useful info[edit]

  • Most users idle on the channel. There is absolutely no requirement to be chatty or even respond to comments.
  • If you have a question, just ask it. If you don't get an answer straight away, you're probably not being ignored — other people are just busy!
  • Absolutely anyone is welcome to join — as with the wiki, the IRC channel is a neutral channel. (Admins, of course, still have final say.)
  • The IRC channel is not related in any way to Wizards of the Coast or their parent company, Hasbro. We cannot answer questions on their behalf, nor will we pretend to speak in any official capacity.

What the channel is not[edit]

The channel is not a place to play DnD, but rather to discuss it. You may find coordination to run a game happens in there, but the actual games either take place in real life, on a forum, or in a separate channel.