Ears (3.5e Suit)

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Author: Foxwarrior (talk)
Date Created: 5/6/2010
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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You ask for information about all sorts of stuff from all sorts of beings. As is the convention for Suits, the casting time is listed in parentheses.

Ace (low) (Standard): As comprehend languages, but no material component.

Two (Standard): As speak with animals.

Three (Standard): As speak with plants.

Four (1 Minute): As speak with dead.

Five (Standard): As alarm, but the area is up to one 20-foot cube per level, the alarm is always audible (and may be heard up to 60 feet per caster level from the area, or reduced when you cast this as desired), and you may choose to have the alarm detect ethereal and/or astral creatures, with separate sounds of alarm for each type. In addition, this has no focus.

Six (Standard): As divination, but no material component.

Seven (Standard): Summon an excellent hearing trumpet into your hand. When held against someone's ear, that person gets a +5 competence bonus to Listen checks. This bonus increases by 1 per two caster levels. The hearing trumpet lasts for 1 hour per level.

Eight (1 Round): As blindness/deafness, but always deafness.

Nine (1 Minute): As programmed image, but no material component, only includes auditory elements, and when the duration ends, it returns to being permanent, and can be triggered repeatedly.

Ten (Standard): As commune with nature.

Jack (1 Minute): As contact other plane.

Queen (1 Hour): As commune, but no material or experience component.

King (1 Minute): As stone tell, but you can also speak with magic items and doors.

Ace (high) (Standard): As tongues, but no material component, the target can also speak with creatures with an Intelligence of 1 or greater who don't have a language, can be heard in a silence effect, can speak more than one language at a time, and the effect lasts for 2 hours per caster level.

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