Energy Shield (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Jota (talk)
Date Created: 28 January, 2010
Status: Beta
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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An armor enchanted with this ability grants its bearer a given number (X) of temporary hits points every few (Y) rounds. These temporary hit points are lost before the wearer's actual hit points take damage.

A Note on Balance and Cost
The cost of this item was calculated using the Character Wealth by Level table given in the Dungeon Master's Guide and with secondary consideration to the suggestion that a character not be able to spend more than 1/3 of their wealth on a single item. Campaigns which do not adhere to these guidelines may have differing results upon incorporation of this item.


  • A shield may not take more than 5 rounds to recharge.
  • A shield recharges at the beginning of the user's turn if an appropriate number of rounds have passed.
  • A shield confers no special immunity to grappling or status effects, though it does protect the bearer from other types of damage, such as from energy sources.

The cost of this enhancement depends on the shield's deflective power and how quickly it regenerates once overwhelmed.

The formula for determining shield value is as follows: X * (1/Y). To determine price this figure is first divided by 5, then squared, then multiplied by 1000. A table is given below for quick consultation.

Energy Shield Costs
Shield Value Cost
5 1000
10 4000
15 9000
20 16000
25 25000
30 36000
35 49000
40 64000
45 81000
50 100000
55 121000
60 144000
65 169000
70 196000
75 225000
80 256000
85 289000
90 324000
95 361000
100 400000

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