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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: September 5, 2015
Status: Pending
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Guanyin's Tear[edit]

Once, in a time long forgotten by contemporary man, lived an old ascetic named Guanshiyin that strove to teach the virtues of mercy and communion and attain enlightenment and oneness under Heaven. She was said to be able to hear the hidden voice of all things, and when she ascended to Godhood at the end of her mortal life, her senses briefly encompassed the entire world. The countless cries of grief and despair Old Guanshiyin heard in that instant were solidified into tear-shaped gems of purest ivory. Scattered across the world, these precious stones left behind for those disparaged by war and strife were dubbed Guanyin's Tears.

The dull luster of these pure-white teardrop-shaped gems is often overlooked by men seeking riches in favour of more sparkly jewels, but the gentle waxings of spiritual energy within these stones is immediately apparent to the initiated. Guanyin's tears can be found all over the material world, though their rarity is often understated. They are roughly one inch long and half an inch wide, and if one focuses their senses, one may be able to perceive a soft, golden core running the length of the white stone. It is believed that Guanyin's tears continue to be formed under semi-natural conditions, as they often have a habit of appearing in or near wartorn lands.

Just carrying a Guanyin's tear on one's person is enough to confer the following minor benefits. These effects don't stack for multiple tears.

However, the greatest effects of the Guanyin's tears is released when the tear is crushed, ingested, used as a material component in a spell, or as an ingredient for crafting or alchemy.

Ingesting a Guanyin's Tear[edit]

Ingesting a Guanyin's tear purifies all poisons, diseases and curses from the body over the course of one minute, duplicating the effects of all of the following spells in unison: restoration, remove disease, neutralize poison, remove curse, remove blindness/deafness, remove paralysis, and a break enchantment at an effective caster level of 15. The ingested Guanyin's Tear dissolves in the body and remains in effect for 24 hours, during which no effect that can be cured by any of these spells can take root within the ingester's body.

If ingested by a dying person, it immediately stabilizes and returns to 0 hit points in addition to the above effects.

When used in conjunction with highly developed alchemical skills, a Guanyin's Tear can have even more powerful curative effects upon the body.

Guanyin's Tears and Spellcasting[edit]

A Guanyin's tear can be used as a focus or as a material component for casting spells of the healing subschool.

As a focus, a Guanyin's tear increases the effective caster level of the healer by 1.

As a material component that is lost upon casting, the Guanyin's tear maximizes and empowers the spell cast, and furthermore reproduces the effect of ingesting a Guanyin's tear in all creatures affected by the spell, though the lingering immunizing effect only lasts for 1 hour instead of 24.

Guanyin's Tears and Turning[edit]

A Guanyin's tear's merciful energies can aid a cleric's attempts to turn undead. By crushing a Guanyin's Tear in his hand while preparing to turn undead, his effective caster level for that particular turning increases by 2, and any undead successfully turned is instead destroyed. Furthermore, the area where the turning was performed is effectively the target of a widened consecrate effect, with the caster level equal to the cleric's caster level upon performing the turning.


Guanyin's tears can be used as a component in the crafting of magical items.

  • Guanyin's Mercy: A necklace that protects its wearer and empowers attacks made without killing intent..

Occurrence and Value[edit]

Being items created as a side effect of a divine ascension, Guanyin's tears can only be found, not made.

A Guanyin's tear can be identified with a successful DC 25 Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion) or Craft (alchemy) check. Since it is a magical material, it can be recognized as magical with detect magic, revealing a faint conjuration aura, as well as identified with an identify spell.

A Guanyin's tear is valued at 1,500 gp.

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