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Nature Domain[1] is a divine domain of the cleric class described in Player's Handbook (5e).


Nature Domain Spells
Acolyte of Nature
Bonus Proficiency
Channel Divinity: Charm Animals and Plants
Dampen Elements
Divine Strike
Master of Nature

Unofficial Description: Domain of nature

Nature Deities[edit]

Nature Deities
(47 official and unofficial deities)

ArawaiDeityFertilityNeutral GoodLife, NatureSheaf of wheat tied with green ribbonThe Sovereign Host, EberronPlayer's Handbook (5e)
ArtemisDeityHunting and childbirthNeutral GoodLife, NatureArboreaBow and arrow on lunar diskGreekSRD5
AurilDeityWinterNeutral EvilNature, TempestSix-pointed snowflakeForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Baervan WildwandererDeityWoodlandsNeutral GoodNatureBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Face of a racoonGnomishVaried, SCAG, MToF
BalinorDeityBeasts and the huntNeutralLife, NaturePair of antlersEberron, The Sovereign HostPlayer's Handbook (5e)
BeoryDeityNatureNeutralNatureGreen diskGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Callarduran SmoothhandsDeityMining, stone carvingNeutralKnowledge, NatureBytopia (Dothion, The Golden Hills)Golden signet ring with six-pointed starGnomish, SvirfneblinVaried, SCAG, MToF
ChislevDeityNatureNeutralNatureFeatherDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
DaghdhaDeityWeather and CropsChaotic GoodNature, TrickeryBubbling cauldron or shieldCelticSRD5
Deep SashelasDeityElves, Sea, Creativity, KnowledgeChaotic GoodNature, Tempest, KnowledgeArborea (Arvandor)DolphinElven, Seldarine"Varied"
BaphometDemon LordChaotic EvilWar, NatureAbyssMazes and Complex KnotsOotA, MotM, Varied
DunatisDeityMountains and peaksNeutralNatureRed sun-capped mountain peakCelticSRD5
EadroDeityElves, SeaNeutralNature, TempestSpiral designMerfolkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
EhlonnaDeityWoodlandsNeutral GoodLife, NatureUnicorn hornGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
EilistraeeDeityFreedom, moonlight, songChaotic GoodLife, Light, NatureSword-wielding, dancing female drow silhouetted against the full moonElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
EldathDeityPeaceNeutral GoodLife, NatureWaterfall plunging into still poolForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Elebrin LiothielDeityAbundance, gardens, the harvestChaotic GoodLife, NatureAcornElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
GadhelynDeityIndependence, outlawryChaotic NeutralNature, TrickeryTwo peering elven eyesElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
HabbakukDeityAnimal life and the seaNeutral GoodNature, TempestBlue birdDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
KarametraDeityharvestsNeutral GoodLife, NatureCornucopiaTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
KeptoloDeityBeauty, hedonism, fertilityChaotic EvilNature, TrickeryAbyss (Demonweb Pits)MushroomElven, Dark SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Lu TunakiDeityThe HuntChaotic NeutralNature, Grave, WarThe Demiplane of the ForgottenA misty skull with an arrow slammed down into its temple from above with rays casting from the shaft of the arrow.The Forgotten PantheonGhostie
LuthicDeityFertilityLawful EvilLife, NatureOrcish rune meaning "cave entrance"OrcVaried, MM5
MalarDeityHuntChaotic EvilNatureClawed pawForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Manannan mac LirDeityoceans and sea creaturesLawful NeutralNature, TempestWave of white water on greenCelticSRD5
Marthammor DuinDeityExplorers, wanderers, the lostNeutral GoodNature, TrickeryUpright mace in front of a tall bootDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, SCAG, MToF
Fenmarel MestarineDeitySolitude, OutcastsChaotic NeutralNature, TrickeryTwo peering elven eyesElven, Seldarine"Varied"
MielikkiDeityForestsNeutral GoodNatureUnicorn's headForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
NjordDeitySea and windNeutral GoodNature, TempestYsgard (Asgard)Gold coinNorseSRD5
NyleaDeitythe huntNeutral GoodNatureFour arrowsTherosMythic Odysseys of Theros
Obad-HaiDeityNatureNeutralNatureOak leaf and acornGreyhawkPlayer's Handbook (5e)
OsirisDeityNature and the underworldLawful GoodLife, Nature, GraveCrook and flailEgyptianSRD5
PanDeityNatureChaotic NeutralNatureArboreaSyrinx (pan pipes)GreekSRD5
Rillifane RallathilDeityWood elves, nature, beasts, the seasonsChaotic GoodNatureArborea (Arvandor)OakElven, SeldarinePlayer's Handbook (5e)
SekolahDeityHunting, SahuaginLawful EvilNature, TempestNine Hells (Stygia)SharkSahuaginVaried, PHB5, DnDG
Sheela PeryroylDeityAgriculture, nature, weatherNeutral GoodNature, TempestA flowerHalflingVaried, SCAG, MToF
SilvanusDeityNature and forestsNeutralNatureSummer oak treeCelticSRD5
SilvanusDeityWild natureNeutralNatureOak LeafForgotten RealmsPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SirrionDeityFire and changeNeutralNatureMulti-colored fireDragonlancePlayer's Handbook (5e)
SkadiDeityEarth and mountainsNeutralNatureYsgard (Asgard)Mountain peakNorseSRD5
SkerritDeity, ArchfeyNatureNeutralNatureOak growing from acornCentaur, SatyrPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SobekDeityWater and crocodilesLawful EvilNature, TempestCrocodile head with horns and plumesEgyptianSRD5
Solonor ThelandiraDeityArchery, hunting, survivalChaotic GoodNature, WarArborea (Arvandor)Silver arrow with green fletchingElven, SeldarinePlayer's Handbook (5e)
The Spirits of the PastAncestral SpiritElven ancestorsChaotic GoodNature, WarVariesEberron, ElvenVaried, PHB5, ERftLW
Tarsellis MeunniduinDeityMountains, rivers, wild placesChaotic NeutralNature, WarArborea (Arvandor)Mountain with a riverElven, SeldarineMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Thard HarrDeityWilderness, huntingChaotic GoodNatureTwo clawed gauntletsDwarven, MordinsammanVaried, MToF
UllerDeityHunting and winterChaotic NeutralNatureYsgard (Asgard)LongbowNorseSRD5

Sources and Notes[edit]

  1. Wizards RPG Team (19 August 2014). Player's Handbook. (5e) Wizards of the Coast. ISBN 0786965606. p. 61. Licensed: © Wizards of the Coast (used under 'fair use' clause).

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