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Author: Foxwarrior (talk)
Date Created: 11/27/11
Status: Indeed.
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Plane of Pictures[edit]

The Plane of Pictures is composed of many individual "scenes" connected to each other by tunnels of formless void. No tunnel is more than 5 miles long, and no scene is more than three tunnels away from any other scene. Every picture has a corresponding and coterminous scene in the Plane of Pictures. At one side of any scene, there is a wall that allows those inside to view the world outside of their scene. Thus, a creature can travel from anywhere no more than 15 miles to spy on the king over the shoulders of his ancestors. A remove curse spell or other ability that can be used to remove curses, when used on a picture from outside the Plane of Pictures, forces all non-illustrated creatures and objects from that scene out into the place that the picture is in. An illustrated creature or object is one that exists because it was depicted in a picture. Non-illustrated creatures and objects still take on the artistic style of the picture they are in while they are in it.

Planar Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Gravity is as the location of the scene describes it. A picture of the Elemental Plane of Air would have subjective directional gravity, while a picture of the Material Plane would have normal gravity. Note that the location of the scene can be reinterpreted; see Movement and Combat.
  • Time: When time passes, it passes as it would in the world outside the scene. However, it only passes while a non-illustrated creature or object is in the scene. If a creature would use a time speed-altering effect, the relative rate of time of the scene is adjusted so that nothing in the scene moves faster than things outside the scene: for example, if a Wizard inside a picture of a waterfall casts time stop, viewers would see the waterfall stop, and the Wizard move about normally. Instantaneous time travel effects alter only the scene and nothing outside it: if a person gets into the time machine depicted in the picture of a futuristic city and uses it to travel back in time, the viewers could see this person sitting in their time machine, surrounded by dinosaurs.
  • Size: Each scene is as big as it looks, and 10 feet more. In a picture of a house, creatures can hide behind corners.

Elemental, Energy, Alignment and Magic Traits[edit]

Planar Connections[edit]

As noted before, every scene in the Plane of Pictures is coterminous with the place where the picture is drawn. However, while it is easy to see from the scene into the other place, and vice-versa, no other connections are that easy: spell effects do not travel through the barrier, illustrated creatures and objects cannot leave the Plane, and it is difficult for non-illustrated creatures and objects to pass through the barrier. Non-illustrated objects can only pass through the barrier when attended by a non-illustrated creature. In order for a non-illustrated creature to enter the Plane of Pictures, they must use either plane shift or other planar travel ability, a specially enchanted picture, or a DC 40 Autohypnosis check and 1 hour of meditation. In order for a non-illustrated creature to leave the Plane of Pictures, they must use either plane shift or other planar travel ability, a specially enchanted picture, have remove curse or similar effect cast on their picture, make a DC 50 Autohypnosis check with 1 hour of meditation, or clamber through the barrier with a full-round action and a DC 20 Fortitude save to avoid death by gradual artistic organ failure.

Tome of Prowess Variant: Instead of a DC 40 Autohypnosis check to enter and a DC 50 Autohypnosis check to leave, entering takes 1 hour as a DC 25, rank 10 Concentration check or 1 minute as a DC 25, rank 14 Concentration check, and leaving takes 1 hour as a DC 35, rank 10 Concentration check or 1 minute as a DC 35, rank 14 Concentration check.

If a picture is destroyed from outside, all non-illustrated creatures and objects are shunted to random scenes that were connected to this scene.


Illustrated creatures cannot have more Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, or Hit Dice than their creator. When a creature is reinterpreted by a new observer, its maximum Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and Hit Dice change to that of the new observer.

Movement and Combat[edit]

Is perfectly normal, except that non-illustrated creatures within or observing the Plane of Pictures gain a new ability:

Reinterpret: As a standard action, this creature may alter the location or an illustrated object or creature so that it becomes a different thing which it looks like. This requires a successful Will save, with a DC equal to the CR of the previous character to use this ability.

Reinterpret may be used to change a picture of the Elemental Fire into a picture of the inside of a volcano, or make a simple square that was a picture of a stone brick become a gelatinous cube, for example.

The artist of the picture defines what a location and its inhabitants' qualities are originally.


Any creature that can be drawn can be encountered.

Using Plane of Pictures[edit]

Due to the difficulty involved in entering the Plane of Pictures, it is entirely possible for it to exist and yet never be discovered. Thus, it can be inserted into a campaign at more or less any time.

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