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a.k.a. The World Eater
Polukranos (Individual) [1]
Lineage: Ironscale Hydra
CR: 19 (22,000)
Alignment: Unaligned

Polukranos, the Wold Eater, fell from Nyx. She was bound by Nylea and Heliod. She was later slain, but has since remanifested.[2]

Polukranos (Individual) (pointer) [3]
Gargantuan Monstrosity (Hydras), Unaligned
Armor Class: 17 (natural armor)
Hit Points: 232
Speed: 50 ft., swim 50 ft.
Skills: Perception
Senses: darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 24
Challenge: 19 (22,000 xp)Proficiency Bonus (PB): +6


Acidic Blood. When the hydra takes piercing or slashing damage, each creature within 5 feet of the hydra takes 10 (3d6) acid damage.

Hold Breath. [4] The hydra can hold its breath for 1 hour.

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). [4] If the hydra fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead.

Multiple Heads. [4] The hydra has five heads. While it has more than one head, the hydra has advantage on saving throws against being blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, stunned, or knocked unconscious.

Whenever the hydra takes 40 or more damage in a single turn, one of its heads dies. If all its heads die, the hydra dies.

At the end of its turn, it grows two heads for each of its heads that died since its last turn, unless it has taken 40 or more fire damage since its last turn. The hydra regains 20 hit points for each head regrown in this way.

Reactive Heads. [4] For each head the hydra has beyond one, it gets an extra reaction that can be used only for opportunity attacks.

Siege Monster. [4] The hydra deals double damage to objects and structures.

Wakeful. [4] While the hydra sleeps, at least one of its heads is awake. 


Multiattack. [4] The hydra makes as many bite attacks as it has heads .

Bite. Melee Weapon Attack

Stomp. Melee Weapon Attack

Tail. Melee Weapon Attack

Legendary Actions

The monstrosity can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature’s turn. The monstrosity regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.


Tail Swipe.

Trampling Charge (Costs 3 Actions).

Unofficial Description: Legendary Ironscale Hydra

Sources and Notes[edit]

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Facts about "Polukranos (5e)"
AlignmentUnaligned +
AuthorMythic Odysseys of Theros +
CRval19 +
Canontrue +
Challenge Rating19 +
Creature NamePolukranos +
Experience Points22,000 +
FeaturesAcidic Blood +, Hold Breath +, Legendary Resistance +, Multiple Heads +, Reactive Heads +, Siege Monster +, Wakeful +, Multiattack +, Bite +, Stomp +, Tail +, Detect +, Tail Swipe + and Trampling Charge +
Hit Points232 +
Individualtrue +
Legendary Monstertrue +
LineageIronscale Hydra +
NamePolukranos +
PublicationMythic Odysseys of Theros +
SettingTheros +
SizeGargantuan +
SortTextPolukranos 5e +
SubtypeHydra +
SummaryLegendary Ironscale Hydra +
TypeMonstrosity +