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[  Conan Against Darkness!]
CB2 Conan Against Darkness.jpg
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e
Levels: 10 – 14 
Author: Ken Rolston 
Publisher: TSR 
Publication Date: 1984 
Format: paperback 
Page Count: 40 

Plot Summary[edit]

Conan Against Darkness! is set during Conan's reign as King of Aquilonia, and features a battle against the Stygian arch-mage Thoth-Amon. The adventure leads to the forbidden city of Khemi, and the catacombs beneath the city's sacred pyramids.

The adventure requires the use of some variant rules specified in the publication. These include "Fear", a faster healing rate and "Heroism".

The publication includes four new monsters (Winged Gaunts, Crawler in the Dark, Serpent Folk, Fire Guardians), several new magical items and game statistics for the four suggested player characters - Conan, Pelias the Sorcerer, Nzinga the Amazon and Prospero the General.

Publication History[edit]

Conan Against Darkness! was written by Ken Rolston, with art by Jeffrey Butler and Jeff Easley, and was published by TSR in 1984 as a 32-page booklet with an outer folder.

Its module code is CB2 and its TSR product code is TSR 9124.

The module was edited by Anne C. Gray, with graphic design by Elizabeth Riedel and cartography by "Diesel".

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AuthorKen Rolston +
Maximum Level14 +
Media Typepaperback +
Minimum Level10 +
Module CodeCB2 +
Page Count40 +
Publication Date1984 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleConan Against Darkness! +