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Dragon (magazine)/Dragon 099
System: Dungeons and Dragons 1e 
Abbreviation: — 
Publisher: TSR Inc. 
Publication Date: july 1985 
Format: PDF 
Price: $3.00

Table of Contents[edit]

The neutral point of view

By Stephen Inniss.

Examining the territory between good and evil.

Tables and tables of troops: Many factors affect followers for fighters

By James A. Yates.

An expanded system for determining followers for high-level fighters.

The Ecology of the Will-o-Wisp

By Nigel D. Findley.

A scholarly treatise on the Will-o-Wisp.

A Sharp System for Swords: Magic blades get more personality and purpose

By Pete Mohney.

More spellbooks and spells.

Treasure Trove II: Seventeen more treasures

By Ed Greenwood, Gregory Detwiler, John Uustal, Michael Persinger, Nick Kopsinis, Richard Lucas, Richard Webb, Roger E. Moore, Stephen Martin and Victor Selby.

Media TypePDF +
Publication DateJuly 1985 +
PublisherTSR Inc. +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 1e +
TitleDragon 099 +