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Dragon (magazine)/Dragon 239
System: Dungeons and Dragons 2e 
Abbreviation: DM239 
Author: Dave Gross 
Publisher: TSR Inc. 
Publication Date: September 1997 
Format: PDF 
Page Count: 120 
Price: $4.95

Dragon Magazine 239 was published by TSR, Inc. in September of 1997. It contained the following articles:

Table of Contents[edit]


  • Sneaky Devils by Skip Williams. Nefarious tricks of the ocean's most vile predators. (p.8)
  • 101 Dirty Orc Tricks by John Baichtal. Boring orcs? Here's how to liven any encounter with humanoid opponents. (p.14)
  • Aurora's Undermountain Sale by Paul F. Culotta. No underground explorer should be without a few tricks of his own. (p.20)
  • Magical Locks by Robert S. Mullin and Charles M. Andrulis. Keep your treasure safe from lockpicks and knock spells. (p.26)
  • A Sega of Your Own! by Stephen Kenson. Love the SAGA™ system but want to play Drizzt? No problem! (p.36)


  • Wyrms of the North: Galadaeros by Ed Greenwood. Here is a true ladies' dragon. (p.40)
  • Ecology of the Stirge by Tim Richardson. Bloodthirsty little horrors. (p.48)
  • Dragon's Bestiary: The Little People by Brian Corvello. Four tricky little fellows. (p.48)
  • Arcane Lore: Larcenous Legerdemain by Jeff Dancey. New spells for the criminally inclined. (p.57)
  • Dungeon Mastery: Mind Games by Ed Carmien. How to trick your players

into having more fun. (p.78)


  • And a Ship to Sail by Chris Pierson. Adventure comes with a most

unusual request in this sea-side tale of magic and romance. (p.62)


  • The Wyrm's Turn ™ "Fool me once, shame on you..." (p.3)
  • D-Mail ™ "After reading the issue, don't forget to write. (p.6)
  • RPGA ™ Network NewsWhy play a Network tournament? Here are a few good reasons. (p.74)
  • Bookwyrms ™ Recommended reading for gamer and bookworm alike. (p.84)
  • Sage Advice All about optional abilities, plus the lowdown on big humanoid weapons. (p.86)
  • Forum the saga of Stelgar the Supreme. (p.90)
  • Cons & Pros The summer convention season continues. (p.92)
  • Role-Playing Reviews Rick Swan’s take on some of last year’s horror

role-playing games and supplements (p.108)

  • The Current Clack ™ he secret identity of Thorarinn Gunnarson

revealed, and other fun news from the gaming industry. (p.120)

Other Material[edit]

  • Knights of the Dinner Table (p.99)
  • DragonMirth (p.100)
  • Gamer's Guide (p.102)
  • Floyd (p.104)
  • TSR Previews (p.116)

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AuthorDave Gross +
Media TypePDF +
Page Count120 +
Publication DateSeptember 1997 +
PublisherTSR Inc. +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 2e +
TitleDragon 239 +