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Dragon (magazine)/Dragon 328
DragonMagazine328 0000.jpg
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: DM328 
Author: Eric Mona 
Publisher: Paizo Publishing 
Publication Date: February 2005 
Format: PDF 
Page Count: 98 
Price: $6.99

Dragon Magazine 328 was published by Paizo Publishing in February of 2005. It contained the following articles:

Table of Contents[edit]

  • Dwarves at War: Why do dwarves always carry the best armor possible and fight in small tactical units? Why are they unafraid of spiders, orcs, and giants? Learn the ins and outs of dwarven warfare and learn how to fight like a dwarf.
  • The Ecology of the Will-o'-wisp: A scholarly treatise on the Will-o'-Wisp.
  • Bazaar of the Bizarre: Treasures of the Elven Empire: Discover the magic of the ancient elven empires.

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AbbreviationDM328 +
AuthorEric Mona +
Media TypePDF +
Page Count98 +
Publication DateFebruary 2005 +
PublisherPaizo Publishing +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitleDragon 328 +