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[  Five Shall Be One]
System: Dungeons and Dragons 2e
Levels: 7 – 9 
Author: Carl Sargent 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: 9317 
Publication Date: 1991 
Format: Paperback 
Page Count: 65 
ISBN-10: 1-56076-070-2
Product Blurb
Adventure in the world of Greyhawk!

Powerful forces are set in motion as your party searches for the legendary Blades of Corusk. Take them on the perilous journey from Rookroost to the Lair of the Shadow Dragon in the frozen northlands. Will they survive the ramifications of events that they have initiated? Those who hold the magical blades will not easily give them up. Plucking them from the grasp of a jealous dragon or stealing them from the center of the subterranean City of the Orc Horde wills train your adventurers to their limits!

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Plot Summary[edit]

The title of the module refers to the five Blades of Corusk, ancient magical swords which, according to the legends of Greyhawk's Suloise barbarians, can be brought together to be made even more powerful. The module also contains information regarding Garel Enkdal, an underground city of orcs in the Griff Mountains of the northeastern Flanaess.

Publication History[edit]

The adventure was written by Carl Sargent with cover art by Jeff Starlind and interior art by Ken Frank. It was originally intended as the first of three modules in the "World of Greyhawk Swords" (WGS) trilogy. It therefore precedes the second "Swords" module, WGS2 - Howl from the North. The third module in the series (which would have been coded WGS3) was never produced. Instead, the material originally intended for WGS3 was reworked and incorporated into the board game Greyhawk Wars.

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Facts about "Five Shall Be One"
AuthorCarl Sargent +
ISBN1-56076-070-2 +
Item Code9317 +
Maximum Level9 +
Media TypePaperback +
Minimum Level7 +
Module CodeWGS1 +
Page Count65 +
Publication Date1991 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 2e +
TitleFive Shall Be One +