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Advanced Breaking Strikes [General] Prerequisites: BAB +8, Strength 13, Power Attack, Basic Breaking Strikes, Improved Breaking Strikes, Improved Bull Rush, Improved SunderBenefit: Advanced Breaking Strikes permits you to perform two special melee attacks: break weapon and break body. In order to perform a Breaking Strike, you must wield a weapon with which you are proficient. To perform a Breaking Strike while unarmed, you must have the Improved Unarmed Strike feat.
Break Item: Break Weapon is a melee attack that damages your enemy and sunders his weapon or shield. When you Break Weapon, make an attack roll at a -4 penalty. Resolve damage by the normal means and apply the damage to both your target and the item you selected to sunder. (You choose the item before you make the attack. You can select only a weapon or shield held by your enemy.) Improved Sunder provides no benefit when you Break Weapon.
Break Body: This powerful melee attack damages your opponent and shatters his bones, tendons, limbs, etc. Break Body imposes a -8 penalty to your attack roll. If the attack hits and inflicts at least 1 HP damage to your target, then your target must make a Fortitude saving throw against DC 10 + one-half your base attack bonus + your Strength modifier. If he fails the save, your victim suffers 1 point of temporary Strength and Constitution damage.

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Identifier3.5e Feat +
PrerequisiteBAB +8 +, Strength 13 +, Power Attack +, Basic Breaking Strikes +, Improved Breaking Strikes +, Improved Bull Rush + and Improved Sunder +
SummaryYou have mastered hard martial arts designed to shatter an opponent’s weapons, body, and spirit. These “breaking” strikes impose a penalty to your attack roll, but cause a special effect in addition to inflicting damage on your target. +
TitleAdvanced Breaking Strikes +
TypeGeneral +