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Hollow World
System: Dungeons and Dragons (Basic Rules) 
Abbreviation: HW 
Author: Aaron Allston, Karen S. Boomgarden 
Publisher: TSR 
Item Code: — 
Publication Date: 1990 
Format: Box Set 
Page Count: 128, 64, 32
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ISBN-10: 0-88038-864-5
Product Blurb
Within the sphere of the Known World is another world, the Hollow World. There your characters will meet ancient Nithians, long disappeared from the surface of the world and thought extinct: Blacklore Elves living in a magical valley and served by automatons - devices that take care of everything, from serving their food, to trimming their grass: Azcans, terrifying, war-mongering natives whose whose taste for battle extends even into their favorite game - the losers always die - and many more. Monsters abound as well, from dinosaurs to aurochs.

In the Hollow World, the sun never sets. Magic works differently than it does "outside" - some spells don't work at all. And quite often, getting in is much, much easier than getting out.

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This box set contains a 128 Dungeon Master's Sourcebook, 64 page Player's Book and a 32 page Adventure Book. There are also four fold-out poster maps.

The Dungeon Master's Sourcebook gives information on the history, locations, immortals, and campaigns on The Hollow World.

Hollow-World is a sub-setting for Mystara, the default campaign setting in the Basic Rules edition.

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Facts about "Hollow World"
AbbreviationHW +
AuthorAaron Allston + and Karen S. Boomgarden +
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ISBN0-88038-864-5 +
Item Code+
Media TypeBox Set +
Publication Date1990 +
PublisherTSR +
SystemDungeons and Dragons (Basic Rules) +
TitleHollow World +