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Magic Item Compendium
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: MIC 
Author: Andy Collins, Mike Mearls, Stephen Schubert 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code: 107627200 
Publication Date: March 2007 
Format: Hardcover 
Page Count: 224 
ISBN-10: 978-0-7869-3702-8 
Price: $39.95 ; C$54.95
Product Blurb
The ultimate collection of D&D magic items.

This supplement for the Dungeons & Dragons game presents over 500 new magic items, including affordable items that no adventurer should be without, as well as more than 750 of the best magic items from previously published D&D game supplements and campaign settings, Dragon magazine articles, and articles posted on the Wizards of the Coast website.

Each magic item is presented and catalogued in a new, easy-to-reference format that includes a read-aloud text description of the item.

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This book contains over 500 new and previously published Magic Items to enhance your D&D campaign. The information is very well presented; items are conveniently organized by type and include everything you need to start using them right away. The appendices contain categorized lists which are broken down by item level and type/body slot. New random treasure tables are also included which contain items not only from this book, but from the Dungeon Master's Guide as well.

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Facts about "Magic Item Compendium"
AbbreviationMIC +
AuthorAndy Collins +, Mike Mearls + and Stephen Schubert +
ISBN978-0-7869-3702-8 +
Item Code107627200 +
Media TypeHardcover +
Page Count224 +
Publication DateMarch 2007 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitleMagic Item Compendium +