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Monster Manual (3e)
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3e 
Abbreviation: MM 
Author: Skip Williams, Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code:   
Publication Date: October 2000 
Format: Hardcover 
Page Count: 224 
ISBN-10: 0786915528 
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The third core rulebook presents over 200 creeps, critters, and creatures that can help the Dungeon Master to diversify the most classic threats to the Player Characters: monsters. All game mechanics, including complete statistics block, used spells and common strategies are presented on the pages of this book together with illustrations of each of the monsters.

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  • Origins Award for Best Graphic Design of a Roleplaying Game, Adventure, or Supplement 2000.
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AbbreviationMM +
AuthorSkip Williams +, Jonathan Tweet + and Monte Cook +
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ISBN0786915528 +
Identifier3e +
Item Code  +
Media TypeHardcover +
Page Count224 +
Publication DateOctober 2000 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3e +
TitleMonster Manual +