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Player's Handbook II
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: PHB2 
Author: David Noonan 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code: 953747200 
Publication Date: May 2006 
Format: Hardcover 
Page Count: 224 
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3918-4 
Price: $34.95 ; C$46.95
Product Blurb
A follow-up to the Player’s Handbook designed to aid players and provide more character options.

The Player’s Handbook II builds upon existing materials in the Player’s Handbook. This is the first direct followup to the best-selling and most used D&D rulebook. It is specifically designed to expand the options available for players by both providing new material and increasing the uses for existing rules. Included are chapters on character race, background, classes, feats, spells, character creation, and character advancement. New rules include racial affiliations that make race matter as a character advances in level, new character classes and alternate class features for existing classes, new feats, tools for rapid character creation, and additional organization and teamwork benefits -- an option first introduced in Dungeon Master’s Guide II and Heroes of Battle.

This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.


Name Page Description
Acrobatic Strike 71 Your dexterous maneuvers and skilled acrobatics allow you to slip past a foe's defenses and deliver an accurate strike against him.
Active Shield Defense 71 Your expert use of your shield allows you to strike at vulnerable foes even when you forgo your own attacks in favor of defense.
Adaptable Flanker 71 When you and an ally team up against a foe, you know how to maximize the threat your ally poses to ruin your target's defenses.
Agile Shield Fighter 74 You are skilled in combining your shield bash attack with an armed strike. When you use your shield in unison with a weapon, your training allows you to score telling blows with both.
Arcane Accompaniment 74 You infuse your performance with magical energy, allowing its effects to continue even as you attend to other tasks.
Arcane Consumption 74 You can sacrifice your physical health to strengthen a spell. This process leaves you wracked with pain, but the enhanced energy you draw from the spell might provide the margin between victory and defeat.
Arcane Flourish 74 You use your magical abilities to improve your performance talents.
Arcane Thesis 74 You have studied a single spell in-depth.
Arcane Toughness 75 You draw upon the power of your magic to sustain yourself, allowing you to continue fighting long after your physical body has failed you.
Armor Specialization 75 Through long wear and hours of combat, you have trained your body to believe in its armor.
Blood-Spiked Charger 92 You throw yourself into the fray, using your spiked armor and spiked shield to tear your opponents to pieces.
Battle Dancer 75 You strike at your foes in time with the music you sing or in cadence with an oration you deliver.
Blistering Spell 91 Your fire spells sear the flesh from your enemies' bones, leaving them wracked with pain.
Bonded Familiar 75 You enjoy a stronger than normal magical bond with your familiar, granting you access to two special abilities.
Bounding Assault 75 You can move and attack with superior speed and power.
Brutal Strike 76 You can batter foes senseless with your mace, morningstar, quarterstaff, or flail.
Celestial Sorcerer Aura 90 The power of your sorcerous heritage shines through, allowing you to infuse the area around you with a menacing aura.
Celestial Sorcerer Heritage 90 Your ancestry manifests in the form of several special abilities.
Celestial Sorcerer Lance 90 You can channel your arcane energy into a bolt of power that is baneful to evil creatures.
Celestial Sorcerer Lore 90 The power of your ancestry grants you access to a variety of new spells.
Celestial Sorcerer Wings 91 You channel your inborn magical abilities to spawn a pair of spectral, magical wings that glow with majestic power.
Combat Acrobat 76 Your acrobatics and agility in combat allow you to maneuver across the battlefield with ease.
Combat Awareness 86 When you maintain your combat focus, you have an uncanny ability to sense the ebb and flow of your opponents' vitality.
Combat Cloak Expert 93 You are adept at turning your cloak into a vital part of your combat repertoire.
Combat Defense 87 The state of keen focus and mental discipline you attain in combat allows you to shift the focus of yoru defense from one opponent to another with careful, precise maneuvers.
Combat Familiar 76 Your familiar is skilled in delivering attack spells againstyour foes.
Combat Focus 87 The way of the warrior requires more than simple, brute strength.
Combat Panache 93 Your glowing personality and sharp performance abilities allow you to navigate the battlefield on sheer chutzpah alone.
Combat Stability 87 When you maintain your combat focus, you become difficult to dislodge.
Combat Strike 87 Your intense, focused state allows you to see the one critical moment in a battle when you hang suspended between victory and defeat.
Combat Tactician 77 You excel at approaching an opponent from an unexpected direction to deliver deadly attacks.
Combat Vigor 88 When you maintain your combat focus, your clarity of purpose and relentless drive allow you to overcome your body's frailties.
Cometary Collision 77 You are a thunderbolt of destruction on the battlefield.
Companion Spellbond 77 You form a special magical link with your animal companion, allowing you to share spells with it over a greater distance.
Crossbow Sniper 77 You are skilled in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your crossbow.
Crushing Strike 78 You wield a bludgeoning weapon with superior power, allowing you to batter aside an opponent's defenses.
Cunning Evasion 78 When an area attack detonates around you, you use the chaos and flash of energy to duck out of sight.
Dampen Spell 78 From the lowliest prestidigitator to the most august hierophant, spellcasters both arcane and divine recognize the power of counterspelling.
Deadeye Shot 78 You carefully line up a ranged attack, timing it precisely so that you hit your opponent when his guard is down.
Defensive Sweep 78 You sweep your weapon through the area you threaten, warding away opponents and forcing them to move away or suffer a fearsome blow.
Divine Armor 88 You call upon your deity to protect you in your hour of need by wreathing you in divine power that wards off your enemies' attacks.
Divine Fortune 88 With a quick prayer, you channel divine energy to help resist a spell, poison, or other deadly effect.
Divine Justice 88 You can channel divine energy to turn your foe's strength against him, striking him with the same force that he used against you.
Divine Ward 88 You create a channel of divine energy between yourself and a willing ally.
Driving Attack 78 When you strike an opponent with a piercing weapon, the brutal impact of your strike sends him sprawling.
Earthbound Spell 91 You bind a spell into the rock and soil, leaving it there until an opponent stumbles across it.
Einhander 94 You excel at wielding a one-handed weapon while carrying nothing in your off hand.
Elven Spell Lore 78 You have studied the mighty arcane traditions of the elven, granting you insight into the intricate workings of magic and the theoretical structures behind spells.
Fade into Violence 79 While the chaos of battle swirls around you, you rely on your ability to slip into the background to avoid your enemy's notice.
Fiery Fist 79 By channeling your kienergy, you sheathe your limbs in magical fire.
Fiery KiDefense 79 You channel your kienergy into a cloak of flame that injures any who attempt to strike you.
Flash Frost Spell 91 Your spells that use cold and ice to damage your foes leave behind a thin layer of slippery frost.
Flay 79 When fighting unarmored opponents, you excel at twisting your weapon just before impact.
Grenadier 79 You are skilled in using grenadelike weapons.
Hindering Opportunist 79 When you have a chance to strike a distracted foe, you instead use that opportunity to aid or protect an ally against him.
Imbued Summoning 92 Your summoning spells gain an element of surprise.
Infernal Sorcerer Eyes 91 Your eyes glow with infernal fire, allowing you to see through magical darkness.
Infernal Sorcerer Heritage 91 Your innate magic derives from infernal ancestors.
Infernal Sorcerer Howl 91 You channel the fury of your infernal ancesters into a thunderous roar that blasts your enemies with sonic power.
Infernal Sorcerer Resistance 91 You are as tough and resilient as an infernal monstrosity, allowing you to shrug off acid and cold damage.
Intimidating Strike 79 You make a display of your combat prowess designed to strike terror in your foe.
Indomitable Soul 80 Your physical toughness translates into greater mental resiliency.
Keen-Eared Scout 80 Your sharp sense of hearing allows you to determine much more about your surroundings.
KiBlast 80 You focus your kiinto a ball of energy that you can hurl at an opponent.
Leap of the Heavens 80 Your excellent athletic ability and superior conditioning allow you to make near-superhuman leaps.
Lunging Strike 80 You make a single attack against a foe who stands just beyond your reach.
Lurking Familiar 80 Your familiar hides within the folds of your robe or takes cover behind you as your opponents close in.
Mad Alchemist 94 You are an expert at using alchemical items.
Mad Foam Rager 80 You fight with the rage that only a rabid badger or a beer-addled dwarf can bring to bear.
Master Manipulator 80 Your words are your weapons.
Melee Evasion 81 Your speed, agility, and talent for intelligent fighting allow you to avoid your opponent's blows.
Melee Weapon Mastery 81 You have mastered a wide range of weapons.
Overwhelming Assault 81 If you attack a foe who does nothing to turn aside your attack, you press forward with an indomitable strike.
Penetrating Shot 81 You send a powerful shot cleaving through your enemies.
Profane Aura 89 You call upon the dark powers you worship to fill the area around you with a dreadful mist that obscures sight.
Ranged Weapon Mastery 82 You have mastered a wide range of weapons.
Rapid Blitz 82 You charge across the battlefield, combining your speed and fighting ability to move and attack with unmatched skill.
Ritual Blessing 86 You call upon the powers of goodness and light to bless your allies.
Ritual Blood Bonds 86 You invest your allies with the mighty power of your toten, god, or similar divine entity.
Robilar's Gambit 82 By offering Robilar's Gambit, you absorb damage to place yourself in an advantageous position.
Sacred Healing 89 You can channel divine energy to aid in your efforts to tend to a comrade's injuries, sickness, or other conditions.
Sacred Purification 89 You serve as a conduit of divine energy, filling the area around you with power that aids the living and saps the undead.
Sacred Radiance 89 You channel divine energy to fill the area around you with a soothing, gentle radiance.
Shadow Striker 94 You melt into the shadows, hiding from your enemies until the time is right.
Shield Sling 82 You can hurl your shield as a deadly missile, turning it from a defensive item to a crushing, thrown weapon.
Shield Specialization 82 You are skilled in using a shield, allowing you to gain greater defensive benefits from it.
Shield Ward 82 You use your shield like a wall of steel and wood.
Short Haft 82 You have trained in polearm fighting alongside your comrades in arms, sometimes reaching past them while they shield you, and sometimes shielding them while they attack from behind you.
Slashing Flurry 82 You swing your weapon with uncanny speed, slicing apart a foe in the blink of an eye.
Smiting Spell 92 You can channel the energy of a touch spell into a weapon, causing the spell to discharge when you strike an opponent.
Spectral Skirmisher 83 You have trained extensively in the use of magic that renders you invisible.
Spell-Linked Familiar 83 You and your familiar can share spell energy, allowing your familir to cast a limited number of spells each day.
Stalwart Defense 83 You excel at aiding your allies in battle. When an opponent attempts to strike one of them, you make a quick, distracting motion to ruin the foe's efforts.
Steadfast Determination 83 Your physical durability allows you to shrug off attacks that would cripple a lesser person.
Telling Blow 83 When you strike an opponent's vital areas, you draw on your ability to land crippling blows to make the most of your attack.
Trophy Collector 83 A belt of minotaur fur, a hood of cloaker wing-skin, and an amulet fashioned from a petrified dragon's eye -- these are the intimidating symbols of your trade.
Tumbling Feint 84 When you move near an opponent, your acrobatic maneuvers leave him confused and unable to properly defend himself.
Two-Weapon Pounce 84 When you charge an opponent while wielding two weapons, you can make two quick attacks.
Two-Weapon Rend 84 You wield two weapons with an artisan's precision.
Vatic Gaze 85 Your arcane studies have brought forth your nascent talent to sense magical auras and the power that others are capable of wielding.
Versatile Unarmed Strike 85 You employ a variety of unarmed fighting styles, allowing you to alter the type of damage your attacks deal.
Vexing Flanker 85 You excel at picking apart an opponent's defenses when your allies also threaten them.
Wanderer's Diplomacy 85 Many halflings journey far and wide across the world, spending no more than a few months in one place.
Water Splitting Stone 85 You channel your kienergy to splinter the defenses of creatures whose tough hides or magical natures normally allow them to shrug off your blows.
Weapon Supremacy 85 You are a grandmaster in the use of your chosen weapon.

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Facts about "Player's Handbook II"
AbbreviationPHB2 +
AuthorDavid Noonan +
ISBN0-7869-3918-4 +
Item Code953747200 +
Media TypeHardcover +
Page Count224 +
Publication DateMay 2006 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitlePlayer's Handbook II +