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Races of Eberron
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: RoE 
Author: Jesse Decker, Matthew Sernett, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, Keith Baker 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code: 177450000 
Publication Date: April 2005 
Format: Hardback 
Page Count: 192 
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3658-4
Product Blurb
Heroes Ready for Anything, Anywhere

Dauntless adventures arise from among the spirited races of the warforged, shifters, changelings, and kalashtar. Thse bold exploreres hurl themselves into the most dangerous quests with an unquenchable thirst for fortune and glory.

This supplment for the D&D® game provides detailed information on the psychology, society, culture, behavior, religion, folklore, and other aspects of the races originally presented in the EBERRONCampaign Setting. In addition, Races of Eberron also provides new substitution levels, prestige classes, feats, spells, magic items, equipment, and other options for creating exciting characters ready to explore any campaign world.

This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.

Table of Contents[edit]

Chapter Page
Introduction 6
Chapter 1: Warforged 7
Chapter 2: Shifters 25
Chapter 3: Changelings 41
Chapter 4: Kalashtar 55
Chapter 5: Other Races 71
Chapter 6: Character Options 103
Chapter 7: Prestige Classes 133
Chapter 8: Equipment 171
Chapter 9: Magic and Psionics 179
Name Page Description
Adamantine Body 118 Armor bonus +8, DR 2/adamantine
Aerenal Beastmaster 105 Gain baboon as animal companion, with increased ability or level
Ancestral Guidance 105 When spending an action point, reroll action point die
Battleshifter Training 116 See feat description
Bladebearer of the Valenar 107 Proficiency and bonuses with Valenar weapons
Boomerang Daze 108 Boomerang attack can daze target
Boomerang Ricochet 108 Boomerang attack can strike secondary target
Brute Fighting 116 See feat description
Call of the Undying 108 Recall previously cast spell in place of granted power
Cliffwalk Elite 113 Climb speed improves by 10 feet while shifting
Cold Iron Tracery 119 Natural weapons are treated as cold iron; +1 bonus on Will saves against spell effects
Construct Lock 119 +2 bonus on damage rolls, attacks can immobilize construct foes
Dancing With Shadows 117 See feat description
Darguun Mauler 108 Proficiency and bonuses with goblinoid weapons
Daylight Adaptation 108 Ignore vulnerability to sunlight or bright light
Dinosaur Hunter 108 +2 bonus on Listen, Spot, and Survival checks; +2 bonus on attack rolls against dinosaurs
Dinosaur Wrangler 108 +4 bonus on Bluff, Handle Animal, Sense Motive, and Ride checks involving dinosaurs
Disturbing Visage 117 See feat description
Dreamsight Elite 113 +5 bonus on Spot checks, see invisible while shifting
Drow Skirmisher 109 Proficiency and bonuses with drow weapons
Extra Shifter Trait 114 Select a second shifter trait
Gestalt Anchor 112 +2 bonus on initiative checks and Reflex saves to you and Kalashtar allies
Gorebrute Elite 114 Charge attack can knock foes prone while shifting
Heroic Metamagic 109 Spend action points to spontaneously apply metamagic effects
Improved Resiliency 119 Immune to nonlethal damage; no regeneration or fast healing
Ironwood Body 119 Armor bonus +3, DR 2/slashing
Jaws of Death 119 Bite attack deals 1d6 damage
Kalashtar Thoughtshifter 118 See feat description
Longstride Elite 114 Base land speed improves by 10 feet while shifting
Longtooth Elite 114 Attacks deal 1 point of Con damage while shifting
Master Linguist 109 Master a new language each level
Mithral Body 119 Armor bonus +5
Mror Stalwart 109 Bonuses with dwarf weapons
Mutable Body 110 Transmutation spells cast on you are at +1 caster level
Path of Shadows 110 +2 on Tumble checks, make Perform (dance) check instead of Concentration check
Persona Immersion 110 Control thoughts to avoid detection while disguised
Quick Change 110 Minor change shape as move action
Racial Emulation 110 Emulate humanoid subtypes to use specialized magic items and spells
Ragewild Fighting 118 See feat description
Razorclaw Elite 114 Make two claw attack after charge while shifting
Reactive Shifting 115 Shift as immediate action
Relic Hunter 111 +5 bonus on Appraise, Knowledge, and bardic knowledge checks involving Dhakaani and Xen'drik items
Second Slam 120 Gain second slam attack
Shadow Marches Warmonger 111 Proficiency and bonuses with orc weapons
Shaped Splash 111 Score direct hit on two targets with splash attack, prevent splash damage to selected targets
Shield of Thought 113 Generate shield of psychic energy
Shifter Agility 115 +1 dodge bonus to AC, +1 bonus on Reflex saves while shifting
Shifter Ferocity 115 Fight without penalty while disabled or dying
Shifter Instincts 115 +2 bonus on initiative checks; +1 bonus on Listen, Sense Motive, and Spot checks
Shifter Savagery 115 Threat range and damage of natural weapons increases while shifting
Shifter Stamina 115 Immune to nonlethal dmage, not subject to fatigue or exhaustion while shifting
Ship Savvy 112 +1 bonus to AC; +1 bonus on attack rolls on board any ship
Silver Tracery 120 Natural weapons are treated as silvered; +1 bonus on Fortitude saves against spell effects
Soulblade Warrior 112 Enhanced mind blade
Spiked Body 120 Body spikes deal piercing damage while grappling
Spiritual Force 113 Manifest mind blade as swift action, +2 effective level for mind blade enhancement
Stable Footing 112 +4 bonus when resisting bull rush and trip attempts; not slowed by difficult terrain
Strength of Two 113 +1 bonus on Will saves; +5 bonus for 1 round
Swiftwing Elite 116 Good maneuverability, base fly speed improves by 10 feet while shifting
Talenta Warrior 112 Proficiency and bonuses with Talenta weapons
Truedive Elite 116 Swim speed improves by 10 feet, make underwater melee attacks at no penalty while shifting
Unarmored Body 120 No armor bonus or fortification; able to wear armor; reduced change of spell failure
White Scorpion Strike 112 Unarmed strike has ghost touch ability, deals extra 1d6 damage to undead
Wildhunt Elite 116 Gain blindsense while shifitng

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AuthorJesse Decker +, Matthew Sernett +, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel + and Keith Baker +
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