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Races of Stone
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: RoS 
Author: Jesse Decker, Michelle Lyons, David Noonan 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code: 965670000 
Publication Date: August 2004 
Format: Hardcover 
Page Count: 192 
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3278-3 
Price: $29.95 ; C$44.95
Product Blurb
Heroes Carved from the Earth

From underground caverns to rolling canyons to mountain crags, bold adventurers emerge from among the hardiest people -- folk who possess an affinity with the earth itself. Drawing strength and security from their surroundings, along with the skills needed to survive, the champions of these races of stone have etched their names in legend.

This supplement for the D&D game provides detailed information on the psychology, society, culture, behavior, religion, folklore, and other aspects of the races of stone: dwarves, gnomes, and goliaths -- a new race presented here. In addition to new subraces and monster races playable as characters, Races of Stone also provides new prestige classes, feats, spells, magic items, equipment, monsters, and rules for magic rune circles.

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Name Page Number Description
Ancestral Knowledge 136 You have a strong connection to the ancestors of your clan, giving you understanding and knowledge beyond the mortal realms.
Auspicious Marking 136 Your [goliath] skin patterns indicate that fate has marked you for greatness, and the patterns shift slowly to take new forms.
Axespike 137 You have mastered the art of fighting in spiked armor while wielding a greataxe. You blend greataxe blows and armor spike attacks into one constant, deadly attack form.
Battle Hardened 137 Your extensive battle experience has left you incredibly calm and composed, even in the heat of battle.
Burrow Friend 137 Your natural rapport with burrowing mammals improves.
Clan Prestige 137 Your actions have brought you some measure of fame and respect from your clan, whether from battle prowess or years of service to the clan.
Craft Rune Circle 137 You can create rune circles, stationary magic items that hold a variety of spells and effects.
Deep Vision 137 Your mental focus helps you see farther with darkvision.
Deflective Armor 137 Your armor shields you from touch attacks as well as regular blows.
Divine Damage Reduction 137 You can channel energy to give yourself a small amount of protection from weapons.
Divine Spellshield 137 You can channel energy to help your allies resist spells and spell-like effects.
Dwarven Armor Proficiency 138 You are familiar with exotic armor of dwarven manufacture and understand how to use it properly.
Earth Adept 138 You are in tune with the ground at your feet, making you more dangerous in the shifting conditions of combat.
Earth Fist 138 Your bond with the earth and martial training has imbued your fists with the qualities of cold iron.
Earth Master 138 You are in tune with the ground at your feet, helping you anticipate your opponent's movements in combat.
Earth Power 138 You draw psionic energy from raw stone.
Earth Sense 138 You are in tune with the earth beneath you.
Earth Spell 138 You draw magical power from the earth beneath your feet.
Earth's Warding 139 You can channel energy to infuse your skin with the strength of the earth.
Enchanting Song 139 You can channel the power of your bardic music to temporarily increase the power of your enchantment spells.
Energize Armor 139 You can charge your armor with psionic energy, making it resistant to energy damage.
Exotic Armor Proficiency 139 Choose a type of exotic armor. You understand how to wear that type of exotic armor properly.
Exotic Shield Proficiency 139 Choose an exotic shield. You are proficient with that type of exotic shield.
Extra Silence 139 You can generate a field of silence more often than other whisper gnomes can.
Fling Ally 139 You can launch your comrades into the air as if they were thrown weapons.
Fling Enemy 140 When you're wrestling a foe, you can lift him into the air and hurl him.
Focused Shield 140 Your mental focus makes you more adept at using your shield.
Gnome Foe Killer 140 Your battle techniques against your racial foes improve.
Goad 140 You are skilled at inducing opponents to attack you.
Greater Heavy Armor Optimization 141 You have mastered the use of heavy armor, maximizing its protective qualities while moving more easily in it.
Heavy Armor Optimization 141 You have trained extensively in heavy armor, and you have learned to take advantage of the protection it offers.
Heavy Lithoderms 141 You have stony growths on your skin that afford you protection against attacks.
Improved Rock Hurling 141 Your accuracy and effectiveness with thrown rocks improves.
Improved Weapon Familiarity 141 You are familiar with all exotic weapons common to your people.
Inspire Spellpower 141 You can use your bardic music to increase the power of your allies' spells.
Invest Armor 141 You can charge your armor with additional protective qualities.
Knockback 142 By putting your bulk behind a blow, you can push your enemy backward.
Markings of the Blessed 142 Your skin markings shift into a pattern that resists a wide array of harmful effects in times of trouble.
Markings of the Hunter 142 Your skin markings shift into a pattern that makes you hard to get the drop on.
Markings of the Magi 142 Your skin markings shift into a pattern that denotes you as having strong magical talent.
Markings of the Maker 142 Your skin markings shift into a pattern that gives you fate's edge when using skills.
Markings of the Warrior 142 Your skin markings have shifted over time into a pattern that gives you fate's deathly accuracy in times of trouble.
Metamagic Song 142 You can channel the power of your bardic music into your magic, allowing you to pay the cost of metamagic feats by spending uses of your bardic music ability.
Misleading Song 142 You can channel the power of your bardic music to temporarily increase the power of your illusion spells.
Moradin's Smile 142 Through the favor of Moradin, you are skilled at interacting with others.
Mountain Warrior 142 You are adept at fighting on the uneven ground of mountainous terrain.
Natural Trickster 143 You have greater natural access to your race's powers of illusion.
Pierce the Darkness 143 You can channel positive energy to temporarily increase the range of your darkvision.
Piercing Sight 143 Your fundamental familiarity with illusion allows you to better recognize them.
Powerful Wild Shape 143 You retain your powerful build while in wild shape form.
Rampaging Bull Rush 143 You can use brute force to slam into and knock down your enemies.
Reckless Rage 143 You are considered extreme even among other barbaric warriors, and you enter a deeper state of rage than others.
Rock Hurling 143 You can throw rocks like a giant can.
Roots of the Mountain 143 You can channel energy to make yourself immovable.
Shielded Axe 144 You have mastered the style of fighting with a dwarven waraxe and a handaxe while keeping a buckler strapped to your offhand, and you have learned to use this unusual combination of weapons and buckler to protect yourself while wielding both axes effectively.
Shielded Casting 144 You are skilled at covering yourself with your shield when casting spells in combat.
Shielded Manifesting 144 You are skilled at covering yourself with your shield when manifesting psionic powers in combat.
Silencing Strike 144 You can infuse your sneak attacks with the magical essence of silence.
Spellrazor 144 You have mastered the style of combining a gnome quickrazor with spellcasting.
Steady Concentration 144 You are an expert at avoiding distractions and focusing your mind, and you can concentrate clearly even in the most stressful conditions.
Steady Mountaineer 144 You are so good at climbing cliffs and leaping across crevasses that distractions don't affect you.
Stone Form 144 You can use wild shape to assume a rocklike form.
Stone Rage 144 Your bond with the earth and tough hide makes it easier for you to shrug off blows while you are raging.
Stoneback 144 You have studied the techniques of fighting underground, and you can protect yourself from the dangers of multiple attackers whenever you can put your back to a solid wall.
Titan Fighting 145 You have been trained to fight larger creatures, and you are adept at dodging their attacks.
Trivial Knowledge 145 You have the ability to dredge up obscure knowledge in appropriate situations.
Tunnel Fighting 145 You are adept at maneuvering and fighting in tight spaces and underground passages.
Tunnel Riding 145 You are particularly adept at maneuvering mounts through tight spaces and underground passages.
Turtle Dart 145 You have mastered the style of fighting with a short sword while wearing extremely heavy armor and carrying a large shield.

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Facts about "Races of Stone"
AbbreviationRoS +
AuthorJesse Decker +, Michelle Lyons + and David Noonan +
ISBN0-7869-3278-3 +
Item Code965670000 +
Media TypeHardcover +
Page Count192 +
Publication DateAugust 2004 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitleRaces of Stone +